SEO PowerSuite Review: How to boost your Blog Ranking and Traffic?

SEO tools are the most trending tools on the web. There are hundreds of SEO tools are available in the market to promote your site on a regular basis. After testing over 5 SEO tools, I found the best tool when I came across a rather decent tool-set SEO PowerSuite. In this article, I am writing my experience with this tool as in the name of SEO PowerSuite Review 2018.

SEO Powersuite Review 2018

This is not a new tool-set. It’s been on the market for 9 years now. Thousands of marketers and bloggers are using this tool to promote their business online. This software is a strong player in the SEO industry.

The results are amazing. This is the best SEO Software for every blogger to grow (or) promote their site (or) business online. It is a powerful and useful tool, so today I want to share some of their characteristics. This is a special SEO PowerSuite Review 2018.

If you work with this tool, it helps you to increase your blog ranking. Today I am discussing the review of SEO Powersuite.  And for any countries search engines and is available in different interface languages.


SEO PowerSuite Review

This SEO Powersuite review gives the basic idea of the working methods.  SEO Powersuite is a web analysis tool. You can download this SEO PowerSuite software and use it for free up to 15 days using no credit card information in this sign up. After 15 days there is a limitation, but it works without problem to you.  It has 4 excellent tools in SEO Powersuite to analyze your blog/website.

SEO Powersuite is the full tool-set for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The tool consists of four tools. They are Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant.


seo powersuite tools


1. Rank Tracker

This is my favorite tool to monitor my keywords status and to pick awesome useful keywords for my blog. It is a better Google Rank Tracking tool for your blog. This is a best keyword research and rank checking software.

Rank Tracker features:

  • Rank tracker helps you to do keyword research by using 19 advanced methods
  • You can check the rank of 571 search engines
  • You can get unlimited keywords and you can use for unlimited sites
  • It helps you to get local search rankings and also universal search results
  • It gives excellent reporting

Rank tracker uses a special metric like Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), it helps you to figure out to know the goodness of your keywords to rank the content in search engines. To track your keywords ranking on google, this is a great tool.

Along with the KEI data, you may get the organic visits and expected visits of the keyword data. It helps you to protect from blind organic SEO strategies.  Use this tool to pick the ranking and useful keywords for your blog posts and marketing campaigns before you start.


2. SEO Spyglass

SEO SpyGlass is a powerful link research and link analysis tool. SEO Spyglass scans your competitors. So you can learn the SEO competition strategies to succeed it. It covers most of the Off-Page strategy aspects.

SEO SpyGlass features:

    It helps you to get all the competitors backlinks

  • You may get all the data from external data sources and powerful link database
  • It gives the quality metrics for each link
  • This tool helps you to get dangerous links or Toxic links information
  • You will get the professional backlink reports

The site promotes are using this tool to spy on their competitors for their best SEO moves. These tools simplify the strategies of spying on competitors blog footprints. I am applying these strategies in my blogging journey and should testify it works.

To keep your own sites links data, this SEO SpyGlass is useful. This tool helps you to recover from Panda and penguin effects recovery. The SEO SPyGlass tool gives the list of your website links and informs you which are toxic and which are non-toxic. You can take an action on the harmful links.


3. Website Auditor

Website Auditor is the best tool for on-page SEO and site audit. The auditor tool scans the website and suggests changes to improve your site are friendly to both users and search engines.

website auditor report

Website auditor features:

  • You can check whether your website is indexing and crawling
  • You can find the redirect issues and encoding problems
  • It helps you to find broken links and broken images list
  • can improve on-page ranking factors of your blog
  • can manage your sitemaps, robots.txt
  • can check the content of optimization score
  • can create site audit reports for your blog and client blogs as in PDF

If your blog is old or new or optimized or not optimized, you need to run health check with the website auditor. It provides the list of issues found on your site. When all these issues are fixed, your blog will be perfect. It helps you to improve your blog ranking on all search engines.


4. Link assistant

Link Assistant is a link building and link management tool. The tool is used to keep all your links and contacts in one place.

Link assistant features:

  • It gives link suggestions by using 6 powerful methods
  • Added email client system and contacts search system with more outreach abilities
  • Link stats, Link verification, and link building reports are another features.

This is the first tool developed by Link-assistant developers and created it 10 years ago with an established SEO strategy. Still, now this tool is using to keep track of all your link contacts at one place.


Additional features in SEO Powersuite


The design of SEO Powersuite is easy to use. It looks like button layout software.  The look of the software is attractive and providing the solutions to fix the issue in separate boxes.



SEO PowerSuite is a desktop tool and easy to install. It gives you more advantages:

  • You can store your data on your computer or Cloud storages like Dropbox. As per the security, there is no chance of losing valuable SEO data.
  • It comes with a bundle of tools in this desktop version when compared with online tools.
  • This tool is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux supportive.


This SEO PowerSuite review gives some basic idea on its importance in web health checkup and issues fixing. They offer 100% free plan to connect with their services with a free license for a long time. Really it is Superpower software. Once you understood the working process and satisfied with the product, you can go for the paid plans.

 SEO Powersuite pricing


As we discussed above, website ranking depends on hard work, perseverance, dedication, time, and patience. The SEO Powersuite is helping to get a higher ranking your blog in the search engines is:

The SEO Powersuite is a great tool to improve ranking in Search engines. I am using and recommending this tool for your blogging journey. So do not miss the 15 days full premium version software. This SEO PowerSuite Review 2018 helps you to get a basic idea and how to use for better ranking in search engines. Do not miss this software. Every Blogger and Marketer should have this tool.

SEO PowerSuite

Free / Premium

Easy to Use


Operating systems (Win/MAC/Linux) support


Export and Save reports




Software auto update feature



  • No Monthly Price. Only one time payment
  • Best for mini Projects
  • More tools at one pack
  • Better than online tools
  • Richest interface and responsive functionality
  • Updating regularly as per the Search engines latest algorithms


  • No single dashboard for overall reporting
  • To understand the resources, need some to know some additional technical knowledge
  • It is JAVA based application, so sometimes it slows the computer down
Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty is a full-time blogger since 2009. This blog is to support every blogger & Marketer. He helps 100+ new bloggers and 10,000+ readers by this blog. He writes on Blogging, SEO, SMO etc.

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Benito A

Very informative and It was an awesome post. I love reading your fantastic content. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are so greatful to your sharing.

Manidipa Bhaumik

Hi Satish,

That’s an in-depth review of the tool you have shared here.

SEO Powersuite is the market leader among the available SEO software and we can understand why. Without any doubt, this is the best tool for anyone who is serious about their online business. Thank you for the share.

Arafin Shaon

I have been working in the software industry for more than 5 years. Internet promotion has always been the key to our products’ popularity and success. That’s why we always strive to get into the Google top ten for “our” keywords. Unfortunately, we did not have any good SEO tools until we found SEO PowerSuite. It turns out we had been spending too much time and resources on this work. SEO PowerSuite does its job and it is very easy to use.


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