How to make money on YouTube by Uploading videos?

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Capture the nature videos and beautiful images in your camera and upload them on the YouTube. This is enough for you to earn. How to make money on YouTube by uploading videos. Google pays you for genuine videos. Money earning through YouTube has become popular nowadays. About How Much Do YouTubers Make? Most popular ‘Philip difference’ makes an average of 181,000$ per year form you tube. You need not learn photo editing or photography to earn through YouTube. You need not pay for this even. It is free of cost. Google displays ads on the uploaded videos. When the visitor clicks these ads you will be paid. Still now i am maintaining 4+ YouTube channels to upload my videos. This post i am explaining the basic strategies of YouTube account setup to make money on YouTube. The steps below will make you earn through YouTube.

How to make money on Youtube by uploading videosHow to make money on YouTube (Basic Setup Guide):

YouTube is the largest video upload and hosting site from Google Services. As a blogger YouTube has a significant part in my blogging journey. So i can’t leave this for my blogging life.Here i am going to discuss about How to make money on YouTube account and its setup in step by step process.

  1. Create a YouTube account
  2. Upload the video content
  3. Increase your visitors on YouTube
  4. How can my videos make money

1. Create a YouTube account:

To Create YouTube Account, these are the basic steps. Gmail account is compulsory for you to create a YouTube account. If you have a Gmail account then you can create a YouTube account. I suggest you to create a new Gmail account for your YouTube account. With this you can track the YouTube activities very easily from the account dashboard. To Create a  YouTube Channel to promote your Videos first of all create Gmail, then login with the same detail in YouTube also in another tab and Get a YouTube Channel. You can create more than one YouTube channel from one YouTube account.


  • Select your account type according to your profession
  • Don’t Change your account. Stick to one account and this will help you in future in account tracking
  • Be cautious in choosing your username. This should be small, easy, and understandable and eye catchy. This may turn as your brand name in the future.

2. Upload your content:

First you need to select the video you’re going to upload. Then plan about it. You can select YouTube niche music, Arts, science anything of your choice. Remember you should have a complete knowledge of it. CreaTo upload video, you must know few things. On my earlier post i have discussed on How to Upload Videos in YouTube.


  • The videos you upload should be of good quality. It should not be of high or low in quality. You can grab your subscribers by uploading your videos regularly. Weekly three videos attain your good results. Your YouTube earns increases simultaneously with maintaining regular frequency.
  • Don’t copy any videos
  • You can create a good will to your brand by using high quality cameras, and following simple techniques.
  • You need to concentrate on the title of your videos it should be simple and readable.

3. Increase your Viewers:

Your earnings are directly proportional to the number of views for all your videos. Promote the uploaded videos on the internet, preferably with social media. There are so many software available to increase YouTube video views. But the Best YouTube Video Promotional methods are depends on your video.


  • Setup your YouTube channel to Facebook, twitter and Google+. This option will be in your YouTube settings. Due to this when you upload a video it automatically goes into the social media also. You need not work on it again.
  • Create a new blog and post your videos.

4. How can my videos make money:

How to Get Paid on YouTube? This is the most important thing in YouTube account setup. Here i am discussing three methods. They are

a. Apply for a YouTube partner program:

Your video uploads should be of good quality (recommended format is HD). After you select those you need to make your account ready to earn money. Firstly you need to apply for ‘YouTube Partner program’ following the guidelines . After completion of this Google verification will be done and you will be provided with a Google Adsense account. Remember you need to be a major to earn a Google account.


  • If your application is rejected with a considerable reason you cannot apply for 2 months.
  • You need to be patient and wait for 2weeks for your Google verification.

b. Already have an Adsense account:

If you have an Adsense account then you can connect this to your YouTube channel and verify your ownership. Now you are ready for your revenue.

c. Earn with a single video:

If your video is selected as viral video among all other videos you posted, then you will get a mail “apply for revenue sharing” for your video ‘video title’ when you approve this your revenue will go for a hike.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View? The Earnings are depending on a number of factors related to your video. There are two key factors have major role they are a type of ads and the pricing of ads appearing on your videos. Follow the above steps carefully and create one YouTube channel for you then start uploading your videos. If you have Adsense monetized YouTube channel already, this tool is for you. Check your income with this YouTube Income Calculator.


The above mentioned basic steps helps you on How to make money on YouTube by uploading Videos. Earning money through website / blog is not an easy task. Patience and hard work are equally important for this. If you have either lost your patience or hard work online income goes in vain. If you succeed once it is enough. Don’t worry even if your revenue is low. It will increase slowly.

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