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What are the Highest Paying CPC keywords in 2019?

The first priority for earning money to every blogger is Google AdSense. Before knowing how high CPC keywords can make you earn better with Google AdSense you should know what Google AdSense is.


High CPC keywords


AdSense is a Google initiative that runs ads that are based on CPC that is Cost per Click in your blogs and websites. If your blog or website is completely obeyed to the rules and regulations of Adsense privacy policy, Google Adsense will give you permission to run its ads on your website.

Thus you can earn decent money. Once you place the Google ad code on your website your website will display Google ads. When your visitor clicks your ads, you will earn money. But low CPC keywords with high search volume will give good traffic with low earnings.

Low Competition + High CPC Keywords = Money

What does the term High CPC mean?

Before knowing the answer to this question you need to know how much money you can earn from Google Adsense. Google Adsense will give you money for every click you get on your website ad. This money for click varies from a few cents to a few Dollars.

Well now the tricky question can be answered, the high CPC keyword is one that will give you more Dollars for fewer clicks.

The Adsense earning also depends on the country you get visitors from. Traffic from some countries will provide less CPC for the keywords and some countries will pay high CPC for the same keywords.

What is CPC?

The CPC is abbreviated as Cost per Click. The CPC is the amount the advertiser pays you for the ad that runs in your website. This advertiser money is paid to you through Google.

The CPC varies with each different ad and also with each different click you get. As we discussed early this CPC also varies with the visitors from each country.

Other than CPC

The question is, Is there any other means than only CPC that is Cost Per ‘Click’. Yes, there is. The Adsense also pays you for impressions you get on your page that is CPM.

The standard CPM for every page is 1$ for 1000 impressions. That is you get 3$ every day if you have 1000 daily visitors and you put 3 ads in a single page. In this way, you can earn up to 100$ with daily traffic of 1000 visitors.


What are High CPC Keywords?

To earn with Adsense you need to do intense keyword research before writing the content.  Target high CPC keywords for your posts.

The only result will be if the clicks you get on such high CPC keywords are more then you will earn a high income.

Even though you can get high CPC keywords, it is tougher to rank these keywords on the first page of Google.  You need to do much back work to rank your pages.

In all of the Google Adsense advertisements, the below are the high CPC Keywords you can utilize to make a post or a niche site. These are high CPC keywords for Adsense.

Here is the list of high CPC keywords for Adsense and YouTube in 2019.

S.No.High CPC KeywordsCPC (in $)
8Conference Call$42


How to find High CPC Keywords?

The above-given keywords are very difficult to rank because of already heavy competition. You can go through this simple process to find high CPC keywords.

How to Find High Paying Keywords by using SEMRUSH? (High CPC Keywords)

SEMrush is an all-in-one internet marketing service. It provides the following professional services like SEO, PPC and Keyword Research. To know more details here is my SEMrush Review 2019. I explained how to use SEMrush for better ranking?

Now let’s start how to use SEMRush to find high CPC keywords of other sites.

Here I am explaining this process by taking Shoutmeloud owned by Harsh Agarwal (Award-winning blog in India).  Just Follow the steps by taking any other site in this research.

By Using SEMrush: You can find high CPC keywords from SEMrush by these steps. Firstly find your competitor and enter the domain in the SEMrush keyword tool. Next Click on the ‘full report’ button and click on ‘top organic Keywords’. Then the list will show the top indexed pages in Google for that site. Now click on the CPC section and order it to view from descending order. And finally, you will get the top High CPC keywords from that site.  In the same way, search all the competitor’s sites and make a list.


SEMrush is providing two types of accounts for its users. They are Free and Premium. You can use Free account for this analysis.

Step 1:

First signup for SEMrush Free account. After activation of the account, just enter the blog URL (chosen to analyze/ any of your competitors to get keywords data) and push the Start Now button.

enter competitor url in semrush

Here SEMrush analyzes the URL and gives all keywords which are driving more traffic from search.

Pro tip: First confirm the database of your target audience. If you need a US audience, you have to choose the US Database. Here the US database keywords give high CPC than any other country.

Step 2:

Now go for the Top Organic Keywords table and click the View Full Report. Here you will get the keywords list as per Traffic based.

semrush results page

Step 3:

Here go for the CPC (USD) column and click on the Upper and Down arrows (list out all) to arrange the high Paying CPC Keywords to the first.

organic search positions

The SEMrush is showing the high profitable keywords accurately. In a free account, you will get the first 10 results. This is enough to get the top ten highest CPC keywords in 2019.

Step 4:

Now export the keywords after compilation. Once you are done the first competitor keywords then go for next competitor domain keywords compilation.

export the keywords from semrush

Now you have a huge list of high Profitable keywords that you can use to increase your Adsense earnings and traffic. This research process is applicable to all niches.



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Sign up for SEMrush

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How to Find High Paying Keywords by using Long tail Pro? (High CPC Keywords)

Longtail pro is one of the best and more powerful Keyword research software to get a huge list of Long tail Keywords.

Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

The long tail pro is available in two versions. they are Free version (limited features) and Premium version (Monthly to Yearly plan).


Using Long Tail Pro: In long tail Pro, you can search through keywords. Select a keyword you are trying to write on. Now search the keyword in long tail pro. Now you will get a full list of top CPC bidded keyword in the panel. You can click on each keyword separately and find additional information like titles, page links, etc.


Step 1:

First create an account and login into your account. In the Keyword Research section click the “+” symbol to create a new project. 


Long tail pro interface


Step 2: 

Write the project name in Add Project box and click Add button.


add project


Step 3:

In this step, Add the keyword in the Seed Keywords section (or) Add the domain name in Competitor Keywords and add the value in the suggestions per keyword section (default – 20; you can add 100 to 150) then push the Retrieve button.


add domain to get keywords


Step 4:

After a few seconds, the longtail pro gives you a list of keyword ideas along with Keyword Competitiveness, Volume, Bid with CPC, Competition, Words, etc. Now click on the Bid column. the bid values in the column will be sort in descending order. Here you will get the highest CPC keywords in the first place. You can Export the keywords in an Excel sheet.


high paying cpc keywords from Long tail pro


You can check the keyword status and its competitive analysis from Google Organic Search results for further analysis. Here the Longtail pro will provide KC, Domain KC, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain TF, Domain CF, backlinks and more details. These are very useful. That’s it.


long tail pro image


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Highest paying Adsense CPC countries

Here is the list of the top 10 highest paying Adsense CPC countries.

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Marshal islands
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • Italy

The above is the list of top Highest paying high CPC countries. But to speak frankly, this information is not provided by Google. Google does not disclose this kind of information to anyone.

This list is sorted by various observations and earning summaries. So you can assume these sites to be the highest CPC paying countries as these are the results obtained for professional bloggers.

where does google make its money updated

Image Source: Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords


The Adsense earning purely depends only on the keywords you choose for writing your posts. The best idea for earning passive income from Google Adsense is finding the keywords with less competition and high CPC. Now start searching for the High CPC keywords and start earning more.

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