10 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start a New blog in 2018

Many people do not have the resources to create a blog. For these reasons; I have given the best free blogging platform list to start a new free blog. This guide helps to bring these people not just wander seeking solutions more efficient and able to provide a final settlement.

Maintaining a blog is not an easy task. Everything is based efforts have successes, but for this, it is necessary to have platforms and tools such as WordPress SEO plugins, to perform this task. However, blogs need for a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, among others. Without a presence in social networks, it is impossible to interact with people, which is essential in the world of marketing and SEO.

Top 10 best Free Blogging Platform in 2018

How to Create a free blog?

Can I create a free blog or a free website? Sure … But, speaking of this subject, I want to emphasize the competitive benefits of the things done in the most professional manner possible.

recommended hosting
  • It is primarily for this reason that always the best option should be to acquire a quality hosting and hire a professional web designer to create your blog to do that, rather than opt for free.
  • We must also recognize that not all people or businesses have an adequate budget to design a web page or a blog in his first professional investment forecasts.
  • There are some small entrepreneurs by the volume of your business does not have that initial budget, at least in the concise term.
  • These people are often those who seek more affordable options or any platform that allows them to create a free blog or make a free website.
  • Free Bet so it may not be the most competitive selection!
  • But despite that, these tools will allow them not to lose these valuable supplements to their profession or business.

Advantages with a Free Blog

In life, it happens that cheaply is expensive on The Internet this rule is also given. But one cannot always be negative, is it?

  • The most important and that we all like to benefit is to earn money. You do not have to give a dime on the dollar per blog.
  • You can have visibility on the web, without publicity (depending on the type of blog).
  • No need to know programming or web design.
  • In almost every free blogging tools, they teach you to ride one. Just drag and drop the modules.
  • You can increase package.

Note: You can make backups of your data if you want to change hosting. There are two free hosting that enables this functionality, Google Blogger, and WordPress.

Disadvantages with a Free Blog

As everything has its advantage, everything has its downside. This is that being free, you will notice that there are many features not available or you have to change hosting plan to unlock

  • Insufficient resources (E.g., bandwidth, and hard drive).
  • If you want to customize a plug or access the HTML or CSS code, are limited. These resources are limited to higher hosting plans. If you want to hire or have access to these services, you’ll have to utilize another type of plan.
  • The platform where you stay your blog or website is owned by the hosting.
  • You cannot optimize your blog, problems that at some point have.
  • When you have more than 200 visits, you have a very slow blog + very +
  • Google may well not position your blog, as it is a free hosting. Why Joseph? Because Google knows that what these platforms to choose a blog is usually for SPAM.
  • Therefore, I always recommend to all my readers, use the hosting service of HostGator. For me, one of the best!

Also, specifically in the case of WordPress.com or Blogger.com (from Google), you also get the option to back up your content to move or migrate to a more professional (or paid) platform when you can afford or need.  The hosted wordpress.org are more popular.

Where could I Find a best free blogging platforms to make a new blog?

At present, there are different hosting services (fee) that allow us to create a blog or web page with an extra service and free design customization.

Likewise, there are also a large number of platforms that allow us to create a free blog or an entirely free website and after a while, go climbing or payment plans to back our site and move to a web hosting payment.

Then, thinking mainly about all those small entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, today I want to see some online tools and best and excellent Blog Hosting Sites platforms that allow us to have an online presence for free.

10 best free blogging platform list


The given list helps to Create a Website for Free. These are 100% Free Blogging Sites.

1. WordPress.com

free WordPress blogging platform

WordPress is the most popular and best free blogging platform for blogging across the Internet. He is very secure, and all its services are of excellent quality. It has its advantages and disadvantages, as it was rising earlier. You have the option of going to expand the services or migrate to another accommodation easily.

You have the possibility to create a blog with an Automatic tool (WordPress itself) and also have access to the repository of plugins for WordPress SEO. If you opt for a blog, WordPress is your best choice.

What are the main advantages of WordPress to create a blog

WordPress.com is the best free blogging platform. If you upgrade to Self-hosted WordPress services, there are additional advantages.

  • Easy to use: WordPress is the leading blogs on the Internet. I think the 63% of blogs on the Internet are developed on WordPress. Also, having a large number of free themes and clip art for you to suit the user’s taste. These themes are responsive (may vary).
  • SEO Plugins: When installing WordPress, automatically installs the Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress, one of the best SEO plugins for a blog. You can customize the titles, metadata, description, etc.
  • SEO Friendly: Forget those ugly links with the date of publication. You can use the tool permalink WordPress URL to adapt to your taste.
  • Acceptance of HTML or CSS: WordPress is one of the two hosting accepting or modifying the HTML code CSS blog. You can improve the design with WordPress own tools.
  • Customer service: For me, it is the only one who can handle the client service quality.
  • It has a mobile application.

Every day, over 20,000 people are enlisted in WordPress to use the services. It is a great tool that I recommend to anyone to use and the best, it’s FREE. Just register and Start Your Own Blog for free.

Read more:

2. Weebly.com

free weebly platform

Weebly is one of the easiest Free Blog Host platforms to create a blog, which offers SEO and design templates. You can upload your achievements as Webmaster or potential audience.

You also have the possibility of using Weebly is the best free blogging platform for virtual stores.

It has several advantages:

  • Responsive design.
  • Templates HTML 5
  • SEO Optimization
  • Resources are not as limited as the others.
  • It is free but offers plans from $5.

3. LiveJournal

free livejournal platform

This platform to create a blog, function as a newspaper. The design promises to be warm for the visitor and can put together a set of everyday items for distribution in the different areas of online media. It has to retouch social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which will allow greater visibility.

You can count on a community that helps you develop your business, where you find interests in common. I recommend it for those looking to advertise online newspapers.

4. WIX.com

free Wix platform

It is one of the best blogging platforms that I use to enlist items that I want to position since the domain has a high DA, Wix. It can be used as a springboard to reach thousands of visitors. It has a very intuitive and efficient design; modern and adaptive to mobile. This is best blogging platform for small businesses. It is user-friendly.

It has pre-designed templates, but you can buy some made. Because it has a large collection of themes, any color, flavor and characteristic; and if you need help, you can receive customer service 24 hours.

In the free version of Wix, you can receive up to 500MB of space, with a bandwidth of 1GB. It works well with:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Webmaster

5. Tumblr.com

free tumblr plaform

Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform where you can create short length messages. It is best blogging platform if you want a personal or professional blog or not. Regarding another Tumblr is good if you want to use for fun. It is good for sharing small text messages, pictures or videos.

Tumblr Features:

  • Tumblr is very easy to use the platform of blogs. Just create your Tumblr account, and you’re ready to go.
  • You can manage your blog from a complete dashboard with an elegant interface.
  • If you’re new to Tumblr, so there is no need to fear because there are different numbers of free guides are available for Tumblr blogging.
  • Remember one thing; Tumblr cannot be used for commercial sites or blogs.

6. IMCreator.com

free IMCreator platform

This free blogging platform has a process best and intuitive and easy drag and drops to create a free blog or a website almost.

Like other tools to build free websites, IMCreator first package offers 50 MB of storage and an updated list of templates with simple, modern and creative designs collection. As with the previous option, IMCreator is also compatible with all browsers and perfectly visible on mobile devices.

7. Jimdo.com

free Jimdo platform

Jimdo lets you create a website with a lower storage capacity of 500 MB and a friendly interface with any type of mobile device or computer (also has a mobile application for Android and IOS).

This platform also provides us the opportunity to make a personal blog or an online store, but with some limitations that can improve on his two paid versions (from $ 6.50 per month).

It supports HTML. So if you have some basic knowledge about the subject, Jimdo you can make small changes in your design templates (or include custom widgets).

8. Websitebuilder.com

free WebsiteBuilder plaform

WebsiteBuilder allows us to create a free website or blog with a simple appearance, though quite professional. It has a free website builder to create good web layouts. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it has a large collection of hundreds of templates (with various popular categories). As in all cases, it offers a drag and drops editor that allows us not to have advanced knowledge of HTML or CSS to design our website. It is a good choice for business owners.

Blogging Den resources - bluehost

WordPress Recommended Hosting

  • Bluehost is one of the largest, most popular, and trusted web hosting services.
  • It hosted more than 2 million sites since they were started in 2003.
  • The shared hosting is using innovating CPU Throttling technology.
  • Grab the 66% discount and start your blog or online business.

9. Yola.comfree Yola platform

This platform offers one of the largest and most complete market free packages. With Yola, we can create a free blog or even three free websites with the same account, store and use up to 1 GB bandwidth of 1GB. It also offers free banners, customer service, statistics … And as in all cases, the free sub-domain and multiple extra services of their paid versions.

10. Blogger.com

free blogger platform

Blogger is the most famous and best free blogging platform to create free blogs. This is one of the best services from Google. At Blogger, you have many different templates to configure your blog very easily. This is an excellent and best blogging platform for beginners. If you prefer and possess some basic knowledge of programming, you can also make a blog that is totally original. This tool lets you edit CSS and HTML.

Also, if you’re using Blogger.com for a brand or business, you can change the sub-domain that offers default and put your own. Being owned by the big “G” is also SEO friendly. Although only so you do not think you get any extra or additional positioning of your log advantage. You can configure custom domain instead of sub-domain and host blogs at one account.

Other Popular services from Google

As a service of Google, Blogger connects perfectly with any of the other products of the brand as Google plus, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, etc. What you would both increase the dissemination of your content and performance of your blog. Also, you can display the comments of Google+. If you start a new blog on Blogger check the Blogger support guide here.

Advertising and Monetization:

As I said in the previous point, this is one finder service so he will give you the ability to monetize your platform thanks to another of its flagship products – Google AdSense (showing advertisements relevant to your readers or visitors). Blogspot blog from blogger services is the best blogging platform to make money, and it is excellent startup program for new bloggers by combining with Google Adsense.

While this platform is designed to make a blog, also I have seen some websites created with Blogger. This tool is not my favorite to use in a business project, but nevertheless, the option is available to anyone if they want to do.

Bonus list

11. Webnode.com

This tool is ideal to create a free website easily and quickly (you can buy and use your own domain name or a subdomain without charge). You have several tools to help you have a better presence. With a variety of editing content, your creativity is not limited. And nothing will be random, for accounts with a full panel of self-analytical.

Webnode also offers free versions of a personal blog and design an online store. All cases have similar constraints, such as 1GB bandwidth and storage space from 10 to 100 MB, which is a little lacking.

12. Webs.com

Anyone can create a free website with Webs.com easily. She has a free package that includes a blog and website adapted to mobile, 500 MB of bandwidth and storage space of 40 MB (which is very little, but enough to start). Over time, if we decide to proceed with this platform, it allows us to scale to different payment plans that will give us the opportunity to expand the services and features of our own.

Final Words

With any of these previous platforms, and many others I have not named today, we might be able to have a better presence on the Internet (simply and economically).

Remember: despite all the tools I have mentioned above say they have functions to improve search engine rankings, or that are Google friendly, the topic of SEO on-page and off-page goes through many other issues They need a good professional to the optimized correctly.

So if you are planning to start a business and do not want to stay out of the network due to lack of budget, you could try for a time any of these platforms. Also, if you like writing or want to have your own blog online without spending money for that, you can they will be of much use to create your free blog.

Do you know other best free blogging platform to create a free blog or a free website?

Bloggingden free ebook

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This Guide has been written to explain WordPress Blogging in detail using simple language.

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Vinayashree Jadhav

Hey Satish,
The list of Free Blogging platforms is impressive. My choice, the blogger platform is working good.
According to my opinion, No need to spend more money on web hosting services because this is a free hosting from Google services. So no need to worry about this. I am learning blogging strategies on this platform now. Thanks for sharing this information.

Vinayashree Jadhav


Thanks for the list Satish, I’ve been on the lookout for some more free blogging platforms to use and this is a good list to use for content syndication. A few there I’ve never used and will signup. 🙂


Awesome stuff man ! But i feel wordpress will still rule over most of them.Its functionality and cms cannot be replaced so easily.But then it also comes down to preferences.

Kumar Pavitra

Hello Satish Kumar,

This is a very helpful post for those who are thinking to start blogging. Personally, I like WordPress because easy to any customization. WordPress is the best blogging platform than others. It is SEO and user-friendly.

Really impressed! Your tutorial is very detailed. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more!.

Happy Blogging 🙂 Satish


most helpful topic for the newbies to start their carrier for blogging

Vijay panara

Great post brother… And beautiful your blog I like your blog design

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Hello Satish,
This is a very helpful post for those who are thinking to start blogging. Thank you for your list.

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This is an excellent article.
I have been posting on the internet for a decade and posting extensively. I am right here at the place, Thank you

Mounish Sai

Hi Satish Kumar Ithamsetty!
Thanks for writing such Ultimate Post. I prefer Blogger and WordPress than other blogging platforms.
Thanks for sharing such useful info.


Hi Satish Kumar Ithamsetty, thanks for the nice updated list, I found 3 sites in there I don’t have mini blogs at, very useful and unlike other lists, the sites actually work and are active, so good job!


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