10 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start a New blog in 2019 (Updated)

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Are you searching for a free blogging platform to start a new blog? This is the toughest part of the initial stage. There are so many free platforms running on the web.

How to find the perfect blogging platform to fulfill your requirement? In this article, we will help you choose the best blogging platform by explaining their special features, pros, and cons.

How to create a blog? There are more top blogging platforms on the web. The Answer is simple. But the success of a blog needs more efforts and dedication.  In the sense, daily posting, active presence in social media and content promotion on different platforms.

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How to create a free blog?

 Can I create a free blog or a free website?

Yes, you can create a free blog with these platforms.

But, before discussing a topic, know the competition in the blogging industry. Nowadays technology is growing day to day.

Internet users are growing every day. Most of the techy persons are improving their online presence by using their personal blogs.

  • The creation of the website needs investment for quality hosting, hiring a web designer.
  • In the starting stages, not all people or businesses have enough money to invest in web designing and web maintenance.

So this is the best option to start and create a free blog and their active online presence. Here we listed a few of the useful blogging platforms to start your online career.

Advantages of Free Blog:

What are the Advantages of a Free Blog?

Nowadays, nothing is free. If anything is free, there are limitations. There are a few advantages to free blogs.

  • For these free blogging platforms, no need to pay anything
  • Free Online Presence
  • It does not require coding skills
  • Almost all free blogging tools, they are easy to handle. It designs them with just drag-and-drop builder
  • If you need more options, you can upgrade to high packages.


Note: You can make backups of your data if you want to change hosting. I strongly suggest two free hosting services that enable great functionalities. They are Google Blogger (Blogspot), and WordPress.

Disadvantages of Free Blog:

What are the Disadvantages of a Free Blog?

As everything has its advantage, everything has a downside. This is that being free, you notice that there are many features not available or change hosting a plan to unlock

  • Insufficient resources (E.g., bandwidth, and hard drive).
  • If you want to customize any HTML or CSS code, it limits them. They limit these resources to higher hosting plans. If you want to hire or have access to these services, you must use another type of plan.
  • The platform where you host your blog or website is owned by the hosting.
  • You cannot 100% optimize your blog, problems.
  • When you have over 200 visits, you have a very slow blog.
  • Google may well not position your blog as it is free hosting. Google may delete your blog without an intimation from their free hosting service if they detect any spam.
  • Therefore, I always recommend to all my readers, use the recommended web hosting services like A2Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostPapa.

If you want to migrate to self-hosted services, every free blogging platform has a simple backup option, you can use those feature to upgrade your blog to next secured levels.


The List of Best Free Blogging Platforms

If you are trying to create a personal blog to share your information like a journal/diary, the regular blogging platforms work well. If you are interested to make money, better to leave these liveblogging platforms. To make money online, I recommend better to go for Self-hosted WordPress platform for commercial purposes. The blogging platforms list helps to create a Website for Free. These are 100% Free Blogging Sites.


1. WordPress

free WordPress blogging platform
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WordPress.com is one of the most popular blog hosting services from Automattic Company. It is created by Matt Mullenweg (Cofounder of WordPress.org). It is offering a basic blog hosting service at free of cost. If you need additional customization features from this blog platform like custom domain name, additional storage, and more premium services, you can upgrade your plan easily.

WordPress.com is the best free blogging platform. If you upgrade to Self-hosted WordPress.org services, there are additional advantages.

  • Easy to use: WordPress is the leading blogs on the Internet. I think they develop 30% of blogs on the Internet on WordPress CMS. You can use thousands of Free WordPress Plugins and Free professional looking WordPress themes here.
  • SEO Plugins: After migration of your blog from a free to a premium, you can use an SEO plugin to optimize your blog as Search engine friendly. Here Yoast SEO plugin is more popular. Rank Math SEO plugin from Mythemeshop is coming at free of cost for better optimization at free of cost. It is another trending SEO plugin in 2019.
  • SEO Friendly Permalink system: You can set up your permalinks as per your blog type. The free version comes with an ugly URL system. It includes Month, Year and ‘.html’ after the domain name.
  • HTML or CSS adding: If you are familiar in HTML and CSS coding, you can use in this premium blogging platform paying nothing.
  • Mobile Friendly: You can customize the design for mobile users easily.

Every day, over 20,000 people are installing WordPress CMS in their free hosting servers. It is a great blog platform I recommend to anyone to use and the best, it’s FREE. Just register and Start Your Own Blog for free.

  • It does not require additional setup
  • You can start a new blog within 2 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • User-Friendly
  • You cannot run advertisements like AdSense and its Alternative services
  • Limited customization features
  • If you don’t follow their terms and conditions, WordPress.com will suspend blog anytime.

2. Weebly

free weebly platform
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Weebly is one of the easiest and free Blog Host platforms to create a blog, and it allows you to build your blog with their drag-and-drop builder. It comes with more pre-designed and ready-to-use themes. You can customize your free blog by using their web-based interface. Weebly is the best free blogging platform for virtual stores.

  • Comes with Responsive design.
  • They develop templates with advanced HTML 5
  • Easy SEO Optimization
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder feature
  • Resources are not as limited as the others.
  • You can upgrade to premium plans for more additional features.
  • Limited built-in features
  • No way to add custom types
  • Only 40 templates are available in Free option

3. LiveJournal

free livejournal platform
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LiveJournal is a Russian Social networking service started on April 15, 1999. Brad Fitzpatrick developed the network script for activity updates with his friends in high school. In 2005, one of the American Blogging software company purchased this network. After a few years, this network community changed as Social Blogging Platform with the motto of “Wilfully”.

  • It comes with easy posting format
  • Different blog templates with attractive designs
  • It is easy to customize
  • Great Communities.
  • User friendly and extensive commenting
  • Poor customer support since buyout by SUP
  • Low usage facility for paid accounts
  • They display posts in reverse chronological order.

4. Wix

free Wix platform
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Wix is a simple hosted blogging platform. It helps you to build attractive websites by using drag-and-drop tools. It is suitable for Small businesses. You can add the Blog feature with the designed site with a single click. In the free version of Wix, you can receive up to 500MB of space, with a bandwidth of 1GB. It works well with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

  • You can customize your site with simple apps
  • Dozens of attractive templates
  • You can use Drag and drop tool
  • It requires coding skills to start a new blog
  • You can set up your blog quickly and easily
  • The free account is limited
  • They will show Wix branding ads
  • Free third-party ads are very limited
  • You cannot change the template once you install
  • Limited features for E-commerce users in paid plans

5. Tumblr

free tumblr plaform
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Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform with an elegant interface. It comes with Social networking features like Re-Blogging, Built-in sharing tools, following other blogs and more features. It is very good if you want to use for fun.

If you’re new to Tumblr, there is no need to fear because there are several free guides available for Tumblr blogging.

  • Tumblr is a free blogging place, and it is easy to use
  • Built-in Social media Tools
  • You can post Blog videos, GIFs, Images and audio formats effectively
  • Comes with a limited set of features
  • More themes are available but less additional features
  • Migration from Tumblr to other platform is difficult

6. IMCreator
free IMCreator platform
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IMCreator is a responsive and Google friendly free website builder including e-commerce and blogging platform. It comes with two plans for the users. They are a free plan and Pro Plan. Over 17 Million sites built on this website builder.

  • Easy to use
  • More customization options than other platforms
  • Excellent designs with more templates
  • Ad-free design
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Features are very less

7. Blogger

free blogger platform
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Blogger is the most famous and best free blogging platform to create free blogs. This is one of the best services from Google acquired in 2003. This is an excellent and best blogging platform for beginners. It offers a simple platform and even non-tech savvy users can also create a simple blog. This is the best blogging platform to make money online.


  • The Blogger service is free
  • Easy to use and manage with no technical skills
  • Google Robust secure platform
  • Limited blogging tools
  • You cannot add new features when your blog grows
  • Limited designing features
  • Offers limited blogger templates
  • If Google detects any spamming activity in your blog, they will remove your blog without intimation. The result is Data loss.

8. Medium

medium platform
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Medium is one of the easy-to-use free blogging platforms with limited social networking features. They launched it in 2012. It is the best platform for Bloggers, Writers, Journalists, and Entrepreneurs.

The main advantage of the Medium is that your articles are visible to 60 million medium platform readers. Using Medium is simple. Just create an account and write.

  • Easy to use platform
  • No additional setup
  • No coding skills required
  • It helps you to attract relevant people easily
  • You can concentrate on writing instead of design
  • Limited features for brand building
  • If you lost your blog, it will lose all your followers
  • Ad monetization is not possible

9. Ghost – The Professional Publishing Platform

ghost blogging platform
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Ghost is a minimalist blogging platform. It comes with limited features. I concentrate the platform on Blog post writings. You can download this software for free. To run this, you need a paid hosting. Here my first recommendation is Bluehost and A2Hosting. DigitalOcean is another great web hosting service, and it supports this software.

The editor is simple. You can write the post in Ghost blogging platform. Ghost platform is easy once you set up the website.

This is suitable for who need simple layout than WordPress Ghost is perfect.

  • You can focus on Blogging and writing
  • Clutter-free with a clean interface
  • Coded with Super-fast Java scripts
  • For the hosted version, it does not require setup
  • Customization with Apps is difficult
  • Limited options in the user interface
  • Installation is hard

10. Joomla

joomla platform
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Joomla is one of the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. The CMS is free but you need hosting to install and run the script. Here, I strongly suggest SiteGround web hosting is perfect for better performance with Joomla. Because the hosting is cheap, reliable, and it comes with one free domain name. It saves nearly $10 to 15 per year by providing free domain.

Joomla is a very flexible CMS for website creation. It helps you to create not only for blogs, a suitable platform for more complex websites. Joomla! is the mobile-ready and user-friendly way to build your website. Choose from thousands of features and designs. Joomla! is free and open source.

  • You can create any a website with this powerful and flexible CMS.
  • Hundreds of customizable designs
  • More extensions for more visibility
  • Small community than WordPress community
  • Limited community support.
  • Paid support is a little costly
  • You must backup everything manually. No auto-back feature

Final Words:

Among all the above mentioned free blogging platforms, WordPress outperforms all other platforms. Over 30% of the websites are created with WordPress CMS on the internet. Because of their easy customization, flexibility, easy to use the feature and its community support, the usage of WordPress CMS are growing every day.

I hope this article helps you to choose a perfect free blogging platform as per your requirement. If you are really interested in a blog with WordPress, here is the step-by-step guide on How to Start a WordPress Blog.

Do you know other free and good blogging platforms to create a free blog or a free website? If Yes, Share the details by using the below commenting system. 

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