Best 5 Free Affiliate link cloaking WordPress Plugins

Affiliate marketing is the most popular earning source for blogger. In this marketing Affiliate, links are using to promote their products and they are getting some commission. Day to day the affiliate marketers are going to searching new methods to promote their sales successfully. The affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn huge money by choosing and promoting the correct product.

Since 3 years I am in Blogging, every day I am searching for new methods and including the trends on my regular blogging schedules. This year I have started Affiliate marketing. In my previous articles, I wrote few topics on what is affiliate marketing, How to choose right products and its Affiliate links and Affiliate site for bloggers. There is more Affiliate Link Cloaking Programs are available on WordPress directory as free plugins. These plugins using Cloaking Technology to mask the affiliate links.

best affiliate link cloaking wordpress plugins

Today I am going to share about Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins to simplify your marketing through your blog. By using this plugins, you can manage your affiliate links safely without affecting getting affected by any Google animal penalties.

What is Link Clocking?

Link cloaking is the special method is used by the affiliate marketers to hide the affiliate link or content as smart links. The link cloaking plugins are very good Affiliate Link Program managers.

Let us take one example to explain what this is,

If you are promoting any affiliate product to promote, the link will be like

It looks ugly and non-readable as well as search engines. The users are not showing the interest to click this type of links. After using any of this given links cloaking plugin your affiliate link will convert into

This link gives the security and trust to your loyal readers.

You can edit “referring” to an expression of your own. Some people use “go” or “track” or “recommend” or “suggest” etc. If you think your affiliate links are important to your income, then you must be protect your Affiliate links with some plugins.

You understand that the “URL Cloaking”  (or) “Link Cloaking”are actually easy links to remember. It is also possible to add to this practice a “click tracking” or analyzing clicks system, which will allow you to control the activity of clicks.

Why should we use this Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin?

By using this WordPress affiliate plugins, there are so many advantages. Few are discussed here:

  • The Links are looking good than long and ugly URLs
  • It providing complete statistical information
  • It is easy to remember
  • We can conduct Split test with different clocked links and knows and analyze the results.
  • Very easy to organize affiliate cloaked links

In this post I am going to share the list of top and best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins, Which are recommended by most of the Successful Affiliates. We have selected some plugins for you that will help you protect your links.

List of Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins:

WordPress Plugin 1:

1. ThirstyAffiliates :

Thirsty Affiliates manager

ThirstyAffiliates is an excellent free affiliate links manager from WordPress plugin directory. This plugin lets you easily add affiliate links on your WordPress blog, and manage them from your dashboard. This is very good plugin among all WordPress affiliate plugins.

You can easily insert the different affiliate links from the editor of articles and pages with different buttons added by the extension.

Another nice feature is that you can automatically replace the keywords selected by an affiliate link. There are some options that you can add links to how the “attribute nofollow” for search engines.

Important Features:

  • Coded with inbuilt affiliate link clocking (
  • 301 redirection with commission protection
  • Handy affiliate link picker tool
  • DoFollow / NoFollow options
  • Full backup compatibility with WordPress backup facility
  • Media adding facility
WordPress Plugin 2:

2. Pretty Link Lite :

Pretty link lite WordPress Plugin

Pretty Link Lite is another plugin which also manages well the affiliate links. Always this is my favorite plugin after Gocodes plugin (Recently removed from the WordPress plugin directory). It allows you to add specific attributes to links to better control the actions of search engines. In addition it also offers excellent redirection system.

Pretty Link also comes with an analytical table that allows monitoring activities on the links.

Special features of Pretty link lite:

  • Creates clean and Simple URLs
  • Creates random 3 to 4 character slugs for your URL
  • Gives normal and Unique Hits statistics including IP address, remote browser and many more
  • Gives the downloading feature in CSV format
  • Create nofollow / noindex links
WordPress Plugin 3:

3. Easy Affiliate Links :

Easy Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

Affiliates Easy Links is another plugin easier to handle. It allows you to protect your affiliate links from your dashboard. Basically, it has almost all the features you would find on a plugin that manages the affiliate links.

Special features:

  • It creates Short links for your affiliate links by Cloaking the links
  • Easy access with Visual and html editor
  • You can create different categories for your links
  • You can analyze monthly and life time clicks
WordPress Plugin 4:

4. WP Wizard Cloak :

WP Wizard Cloak is another plugin management affiliate links. It offers very similar functionality of the previous plugin and is equally easy to use. It is a tool that I recommend to those who started in the management of affiliate links.

Special features:

  • Create reports for anytime period with CSV exporting option
  • Auto linking feature with suggested keywords with in posts / pages
  • It have country target feature with specified link
  • Automatic adding of existing URLs within your Pages / Posts.(E.g.: If you have links to you can turn them all into links to
  • It supports for sub IDs also
WordPress Plugin 5:

5. Affiliate Butler Lite :

Affiliate Butler lite Plugin

Affiliate Butler Lite is a little different from others in the sense that, as the name suggest little, it automatically adds affiliate links to certain keywords. You can also manage your different affiliate links with it as you have done with others.

That’s all for this plugin list on the management of affiliate links. Feel free to share this list with your friends on your favorite social networks. It have significant upgrade if go for Pro version for additional features like internal, images, galleries, videos, maps and sharing tool tip and much more features.

Final Words:

Affiliate link cloaking is very important to skip from the Google penalties. The above list is the best affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress users. The WordPress blogger have the feature to skip these penalties by using any one of the above listed Affiliate link cloaking WordPress Plugins.

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