How to optimize YouTube videos as SEO friendly

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The most popular online video website, is YouTube.  You can store many videos which are viewed by millions of people throughout the world.  You can earn more money through this method by using this guide on How to optimize YouTube videos from your account.  You just can’t sit uploading your videos in the YouTube videos account.  You require to do some SEO for this just like a blog/site.  Your SEO only, will promote your video to the viewers.  In this article we will know how to popularize the video in search engine through some SEO tips.

How to optimize YouTube videos as SEO friendly

How to optimize Youtube videos as SEO friendly:

Add an SEO optimized title: 

If you select good keywords to your title, your video turns not only SEO friendly, but also user friendly.

Add an SEO description with your website link: 

Keywords play a lively part in the SEO description.  Don’t insert too many keywords this may   bore the reader and he tends to close the video.  If you have a website/blog this link can be added to “http// or https://” and posted in the description at the beginning.  When the blog link is in the starting of the your description the viewer can enter your blog easily

Maximize your tags:

Tags are the keywords of your video.  Many neglect this, but remember keywords play a very crucial role.  Use keywords which are relevant to your subject.  Single word keywords fetch a lot.  Long-tail keywords can be converted into single phrase and posted. Search top YouTube Channel Keywords and add into as Tags.

Post your YouTube video on Pinterest:

Pinterest link is also present in the social links which you add to your you tube videos.  You can watch your video in the Pinterest directly.

Link your YouTube video:

the likes to your site count the popularity of your blog. Additionally, setup your video to play automatically.

Share your YouTube video on Facebook: 

if you maintain a Facebook page for your blog/site then you can post your YouTube video links with good description.  Then you can share this with the Facebook personal profile.

Share your YouTube video on twitter:  

Post your video link in twitter with a short description. But the addition of hash tags is very important. Due to adding of hash tags, twitter can handle your tweets effectively, which comes from product review. For more details, see the below example.       Example: If I upload the review about “WordPress Theme”. The posted tweet looks like this.

“WordPress users must have this theme to get better SEO – WordPress Theme

Share your YouTube videos on Google Plus:

YouTube became more popular it after merge with Google service. Sharing of Videos and viewers are increasing after addition of Google’s primary concept “Search Engine”. Connect your YouTube account with Google plus, when you upload a new video, it will automatically shares with your friends. Google plus hangout is another great way to share your videos with your friends.

Schedule your YouTube video with Hootsuite: 

Hootsuite is a good site to schedule your (or) updates to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Simply, set the time and date and post the link with the message before. A message will post at scheduled time. With this service, set up your video link in scheduler up to one year, one time per month. Your video link automatically posts at your scheduled time. You can keep good relation with your followers. That’s it.

Create a Video Response:

Search relevant video of your uploaded video in YouTube. Use the “Video Response” option in the comment section to get better traffic.

The above ten methods give better response and more views. These are most useful Tips for YouTube Videos optimization methods. Along with that “Embedded” video into your blog, adding into playlist gives good results.

Tip: Do not forget to backup your videos always on your computer.

Happy Blogging.

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