3 Creative Ideas Guide for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress is a great blogging platform. 45% of the blogs / sites are designed with WordPress CMS (Content Management system). Today i am going to introduce three creative ideas for WordPress Bloggers. I have a great experience with WordPress like Video blogging creation, Health blog maintenance and blog for women. Before starting that I have started case study on the blogs. Today I am sharing my experience in this article “How to create a blog in WordPress with three creative ideas and its requirements”.

Three Creative Ideas for WordPress Bloggers :

Creative ideas for wordpress bloggers
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The three creative ideas for WordPress bloggers gives smart guide to create a Blog at WordPress.

1. How to Create Video Blog in WordPress:

WordPress is the perfect platform to start a video blog. This is very good and one of the creative ideas for WordPress Bloggers. Not only beautiful, friendly SEO practices, and light, but also has excellent video themes, many of which are free.

What are the requirements for Video Blogging:

  • Template should be designed especially for video blog, emphasizing the videos and not for the content of the text.
  • Minimalist UI that provides an excellent viewing experience
  • Easy navigation
  • Packed with HD Videos
  • Partly as social sharing buttons, continue for at least Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and YouTube

WordPress Themes for Video Blogging:

There are several WordPress themes to make a video blog in WordPress. Here are three of the most beautiful and functional free templates:

  • Selecta : It  comes with a unique design, with rounded edges and a fresh, modern overall look.The video section is in the center, and to its right is a list of the latest videos. The widgets and the rest are below the main page.
  • Video : It is extremely flexible, allowing you to create unlimited video categories, rate videos and share them quickly through social media. The home page is completely customizable.
  • WordPress Video Theme : It is not compiled template that displays videos in a column. Visitors can easily go and check all your older videos. Lightweight and easy to use.

Plugins for Video Blogging :

Two essential WordPress plugins you need to use:

  • WordPress Video Plugin : It allows you to embed videos from all major video websites, including YouTube, Yahoo! Video, and Bright cove. An alternative is
  • Embedded Video : This is very good alternative to WordPress Video Plugin, which also creates a link to the video.
  • Smart YouTube : It verifies that the insert YouTube videos in your blog displayed correctly and appear in your RSS feed. It also lets you embed videos in the comments.

If you create a video blog, you must remember that the blog having many HD videos on your pages will probably slow down your site. So Get a good web hosting !

2. How to make a Health blog :

If you have health tips and some useful physical activity to share with others, a blog could be the most effective way to reach many people in a short time. Health Blogging and physical activity with WordPress is very easy. Healthy Lifestyle Blogs for Women are most popular on the web. Most of the Health Care Blog Sites are designed in WordPress.

What are the need to Health blogging :

  • Many tips and advises from a real and reliable source
  • Template designed especially for blog or website health / fitness
  • Clean and polished design without any fault of navigation.
  • I like Share buttons to share on social media to make their content more popular.
  • Advertise well placed: if you place advertising, place it in a visible position, but without being annoying to visitors.

WordPress Themes for Health Blogs:

There are several free templates available health and physical activity. Here is some of the best:

  • iFitness : It is a clear and practical SEO friendly theme with a right sidebar widget list. Features include in this theme they are support for Gravatar, 125 × 125 posters, bookmarks bar and social media.
  • Farewell to Doctors : It is an elegant blog template suitable especially for diet / healthy living. SEO friendly practices and a right side bar where you can place buttons social media, advertising or other widgets.
  • World Health and Medical :  It is a simple template with three perfect columns for a blog that provides resources on common diseases and conditions. Comes with two right sidebars for widgets.

WordPress Plugins for Health Blogs :

We detail below a few plugins that are an excellent addition to your blog for health and physical activity:

  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin : The plugin displays a list of related posts at the bottom of your posts, encouraging readers to check your old content before leaving your blog.
  • SlideDeck : It is a smooth visual slider that works with any type of content. A great addition to your home page.
  • NextGEN Gallery  It is a powerful plugin for image gallery, widely regarded as one of the best plugins of its kind. To add a gallery to your blog for health and physical activity, this plugin  is indispensable.

In times where blogs growing on health and physical activity, you may want to invest in a premium themes. Worth it.

  • FAME THEMES Review: Best WordPress Premium Themes
  • Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for Bloggers
  • 30 Free Responsive WordPress Themes Ready to Download

3. How to Create a WordPress blog for Women :

A blog for women have to be smart, attractive and colorful. There are several excellent templates that can help you to create a beautiful website for women, whether you focus on fashion, culture, Creative Craft Ideas, beauty tips and lifestyle. You can write the content on Home Improvements That Increase Home Value and it is the very good idea.

What you need for Women Blogging :

  • A business that makes a clear statement: this blog is beautiful
  • Excellent navigation menus with visible
  • Full integration with social media: Sharing buttons, i like and bookmark for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and all other major social networks.

WordPress Themes for Women Blog :

The premium plugins are almost always the best solution. But when you used to create a blog for women, there are plenty of amazing free themes. Not all themes are designed especially for women blog, but elegant and well polished. Here are three of Blogger WordPress Themes :

  • Swatch : It is the template from WooThemes. In addition to a remarkable design, comes with a fully customizable main page, custom typography, an outstanding slider, and plenty of widgets. Especially suitable for a portfolio website for woman blogs.
  • Fungus : It is instantly appealing because of its clever use of color, supports thumbnail images, and has included social media buttons as default. A great elegant template for a stylish woman.
  • Big Square : It comes with a minimalistic design which makes it look good every type of content: text, images, videos, infographics. The diagram in black and white makes it look elegant and refined.

WordPress Plugins for Women Blog:

There are many great plugins for WordPress, most of them free, which makes it really difficult to decide which to install first. Two plugins that really will not want to miss

  • Jetpack comes with many great features: Email subscription to articles and comments, URL shortening, Easy incorporation of media, Publications shared via social media, Twitter widget, spell checker, style and grammar based on IA, Sitemaps creation (recently added feature) and lots more. If you know about this plugin you can check my Jetpack plugin Review.
  • Gallery : It allows you to add as many galleries to your blog for women as you want. You can switch between different modes for viewing images and add descriptions. Easy to set up, this plugin will make your blog much more attractive.

Final Words:

The three Creative ideas are very helpful for every WordPress blogger to create a blog. Around the online world there are lacks of bloggers are using this three creative ideas. You can also choose one ideas, which is fit for your taste and profession. Start Blogging.

Creative ideas for wordpress bloggers
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