How to Backup Your Blog with WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin

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WordPress running PHP scripts and a database, simply copying FTP files in your accommodation is necessary but not sufficient. Some hosts offer automatic backups of your database. So remember to see if this feature is available from yours to activate it if necessary.

There are also many expansions available in the official gallery to help you in this operation to automate backups, online store, receive them by mail. Whatever the backup method chosen, make sure regularly that the generated files are not corrupt or empty and are perfectly readable and usable.

How to backup WordPress blog with WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin

Why are Backups so Important?

Data loss is a pain. An expensive pain. It is estimated that each year $18.2 billion worth of data is lost each year with the cost of each data loss episode to be nearly $4,000. Imagine losing months worth of work on your website, blog, or online store. Such a setback would be time consuming, and expensive.

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It is important to have a full backup of our blog and all its contents and not enough to be just in our servers, but it is always better to have more than one copy. Where do I store my extra support? While there are several alternatives, Dropbox is providing an excellent service that surely you know and use to store photos and files, which will now serve to store your WordPress backup.

How to install WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin?

To get started, you have to download and install WordPress Backup to Dropbox in our blog. The plugin helps to Backing Up Your WordPress Site to dropbox securely. To install the plugin follow this simple steps

  1. Login to your WordPress blog account
  2. Select Plugin > Add New from the left sidebar
  3. Search with the keyword with WordPress Backup to Dropbox in the plugin search barWordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin installation
  4. Then click on Install Now and Activate the plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin activation

How to connect your blog with Dropbox?

After installation and activation of the WP2BC plugin, you need to connect our wordpress blog with Dropbox with simple steps. Once installed, the set time comes. That you do in WordPress left sidebar, where at the end you will see WPB2D. Select the Backup Settings. Add your Dropbox credentials and delivery to plug permission to access your account.

  • Select WP2BC > Backup settings, then click on Authorize button.

    authorize WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin with your dropbox account

  • In new window Dropbox site will be load automatically. Now you need to login with your login details and click on Allow to authorize dropbox.authorize plugin with your dropbox allow
  • After 5 seconds, you will get the successful authentication message. authorize plugin with your dropbox success

Configure the Plugin settings:

The plugin name says it all. WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a free plugin that allows you to store a copy of your backup of your blog directly in the cloud using Dropbox service.

This works great if your blog is not extremely heavy, since Dropbox gives us a good amount of free space that can be expanded with some simple actions, so easily get more than ten gigabytes. I recommend creating an account exclusively for backup.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin configuration

You can also choose which folders are to support and configure automatic backups, though you can also do it manually. The amount of time it takes the support depends on the size there of. Finally click on Start backup.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin configuration

WordPress Backup to Dropbox never has access to your Dropbox password, delivering you extra security and can not modify the structure or your WordPress files, which is important.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is free, but you pay for premium features such as the support is within a Zip or other functions that do not change the purpose of the plugin, so it is not necessary.

I recommend using this WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. If you lack space in Dropbox, you can subscribe for extra gigs paying a monthly amount is not high, but if it is a common WordPress blog, free space should be sufficient.

Download the WordPress backup Plugin

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