Wordfence Security: Free and Best Ultimate WordPress Security Plugin

You want to protect your WordPress site against piracy, but you do not know anything about computer security? Here is how to set up free protection at a good level in just 2 minutes with WordFence security Plugin. This is guide helps to WordPress security from Brute-Force Attack.

You are also concerned. Many of the professionals that I recommend security for their internet marketing neglect the risks of piracy. They think it only happens to sites more visible, where those that host sensitive data. This is completely false. For example, know that the last of my sites have been targeted by a hacker is not a giant web: it receives an average of 150 visits per day, and I do not sell anything directly.

This site just gets links from other sites that my prospects attend, and it is in the top 3 of Google for several keywords in the subject. This is the best way to attract maximum visitors over qualified, and unfortunately, it does not need more to spammers and hackers of all kinds come. I do not know your web strategy, but I’m pretty sure she means to publicize your site. In premium version, The most you will pay is $8.25 per month and we offer significant discounts for multi-year and multi-license purchases.

So you have any interest to take 5 minutes to prepare you to receive unwanted visitors. Are you convinced? Then discover the plugin that will business away from almost everything that hackers could try your website.  There hundreds of security option and plugins available but the best way is to install Wordfence plugin in your WordPress blog. The plugin is one of the Best WordPress Security Plugin 2016.

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Wordfence Security: Free and Best WordPress Security Plugin

What is Wordfence Security?

This plugin is Wordfence, and for me, it is the best security solution for WordPress at the moment.

  • This plugin will regularly scan the files in your site , your themes, and plugins, and detect malware (viruses, trojans, etc.). Better if your files have been modified it shows you exactly what changes compared to the original files and can recover any single infected files.
  • It can detect suspicious URLs in your pages in your articles in the comments and plugins (based on safe browsing list in which all registered Google it detects dangerous sites).
  • It analyzes your traffic and allows you to see real-time access to all your site, including robots (unlike tools like Google Analytics, for example, that show that human visitors).
  • You will have detailed information on all your pages to access information (location, IP address, browser and operating system used, etc.). Wordfence and will sort out the visitors and robots and identifies suspicious behavior.
  • Wordfence can also filter the IP addresses of your choice by prohibiting their access to the site or to connect.
  • It will also secure all passwords for your site . It checks the level of security, it stores all connection attempts and allows you to set a maximum number of attempts to connect. Hackers are launching programs to force password so can not access your site.
  • Wordfence will greatly enhance the security of your site. From experience, I can tell you that if you use your site will be better protected than many professional internet sites.

Yet establish Wordfence is very good choice. But this security is not enough for your blog. Believe me, I have knowledge of web marketing but computer security level I am a novice!

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Let’s see how to install and how to work with this plugin within 2 min.

How to install Plugin in 2 minutes:

First tyou need to install the plugin from the given link.

  1. Login to your self-hosted WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose Plugin > Add New
  3. type the word in the Search bar as “Wordfence security
  4. Then click on Install Now button in the Wordfence plugin box.
  5. Finally, click on Activate button. No, your plugin is active and Starts the protecting your blog.

Install WordPress security Plugin

  • Wordfence Once enabled, you must configure it.
  • Open the Administration menu (by clicking on the tab Wordfence that appeared in the left column) and click Options.
  • In the first window to complete, you will indicate which (s) address (es) Wordfence send e-mail alerts in case of attack.

Check the Plugin major options

  • The second window contains an activation code that was automatically assigned to you, you do not have to touch it.
  • Below is a drop down menu that allows you to choose the level of security you want. If you do not want to set any hand select Level 2 is the level of security that best fits.
  • Then click Save changes , just below.
  • This configuration step you take a minute to break everything.

WordPress Security is now ACTIVE:

  • Finally, you just throw a first full scan of your site by clicking on Scan in the left menu, then click the blue button has Wordfence Start Scan.
  • Wordfence will now scan all your files as I explained earlier, and it will alert you if some have been modified.

In this case, do not panic when you will see warning messages you can just click on See how Has Changed the file to see exactly what was changed in the file.

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Once you have verified that your files have been no dangerous modification, simply click on Ignore it up to exchange and Wordfence would consider them clean files during its daily scans.

There is a paid version of Wordfence is available, which offers more features and a higher level of service. But even the free version of this plugin is more than most paid tools that exist. So, Install Wordfence security plugin immediately to secure your WordPress blog.

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Happy Blogging.

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