What is Exact Match Domain Names and How to choose this EMD?

Anybody who wants to create a new website or maintenance of a blog or maintenance of a site for a brand, has to, at first has to register a name compulsory. So that he has to select the name with utmost care and cautions, the site / blog has to be peculiar in a lacks of sites, the person has to concentrate on some important aspects. Domain name selection is very important aspect in the SEO. In this Exact Match Domain (EMD) is preferable choice. Just follow the rules and get better name

Important points on EMD:

1. There are two basic approaches to picking a name for your site.

  • You can either focus on branding
  • Focus on keywords
  • Exact Name Domain gives your site a boost in the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) for the keyword being matched.

 2. The EMD (Exact Match Domain) is depending on keyword following by the site name and title otherwise their impact will be more. For Example the site/blog is relating to “youth fashions”, searches will be more on the search engine of the keyword. In order to get domain in among the sites, if the site name should be “youthfashions.com” and it will give good results.

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3.Top level domain extension must be “.com”,  “.net” or “.org”:  Every domain names registered by anybody will give more than 20+ extensions per every domain registrant. But some of them are country specific, brand specific etc. in order to keep your domain as a top level domain the selection of “.com” is very important as well as “.net” and “.org” are also play vital role in this aspect. The remaining extensions that are “.edu”, “.info” and “.us” etc will not come into the list of EMD. These can be use but the results cannot be obtained satisfactorily through SEO juice.

4. No Hyphens in EMD:  “Hairtreatment.com” is the best example for EMD. But “Hair-treatment.com” cannot be said as the best EMD. The registering name without hyphens to domain name will give good results. In the sentence the words “and”, “of”, “best”, ”my”,”how to” if kept in the EMD, the Google will ignore them. And hence these words should not be used in the EMD selection. In order to get boosting to the EMD the domains may be as “Myhairtreatment.com”, “Hairtreatmentspot.com”, “Hairtreatment101.com”. These examples mentioned are given only to get an idea.

 5. The spelling and Word order must be identical in EMD: While registering a name to every domain the spelling and word order will play a vital role. There should be identity in the domain name. Please observe the following example, if the name selected for the keyword is “Car decors”, if the domain name can be “Cardecors.com” or “Decorsforcar.com” will yield good results in Google SEO.

6. Shorter URL shows better results: in the search pages it is not easy to remember long name if we click the URL. As the selected URL must be as shorter as possible to get good results and the shorter URLs can be remembered easily. And also good results can be achieved in the Google indexing.


While registering the domain name good results can be achieved in the EMD selection by above small taken precautions.

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