What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works for bloggers?

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Internet Marketing , Affiliate Links and Affiliate Programs are the most popular words in digital marketing and Blogging. What is Affiliate marketing? This is a smart agreement between you and Affiliate Company that sells products or services on the web by which the company pays some commission for each sale done by you.

The Affiliate company will provide a new account with in their site for affiliates (who promote or sale the products on the web through their blogs or other channel). The affiliates account is having a special promotional links, banner and some other affiliation tools.

The Special affiliate links containing custom code, this code is recorded by cookies on the site that we bonded and if a visitor visits your website or blog and when click on that link, the user will be redirected to sales page directly. If the visitor or customer completes their purchases on the sales page you will get some commission. This commission is depends on the Affiliate company. The commission range between 5% to 70%.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that lets you earn a commission by promoting products that have been created by other companies or other bloggers, every time you refer a buyer to the seller.

In other words, if you have a hearing, you can to promote this product to your audience, your blog or in an email marketing campaign, and every time one of the people you refer to the website of the seller ends up buying this product, you’re going to earn a Highest Affiliate Commissions per sale.

Which Companies are giving Affiliate commissions :

Today almost all companies are promoting their product sales (digital or normal products) on internet by providing Affiliation program. With this system, they have a network of business at zero cost, which make them an extensive advertising and they provide great benefits.

The wonderful thing about affiliate marketing is that if you have no time to invest in creating products to neither sell nor have to support customers. Everything will make the company to sell their products.

This is very efficient system than advertising itself as it is clear that it is a system where only the successes are rewarded. That is, here click on an ad has no value, what really matters is that the customer end up making a purchase. It is performance marketing, not a traditional subject of branding or promotion.

For the seller, affiliate marketing allows you to grow at zero risk with an external sales force.

Advantages of being an Affiliate in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Do you sell the products you choose?
  • You do not have stock or store; you have no distribution costs, no need employees because you sell the products of another.
  • You can earn excellent affiliate commissions.
  • You need a minimum investment, computer with Internet access and the costs of doing a blog that are minimal.
  • You can create as many pages as you want to promote product.
  • Work as long as you decide to work.
  • You can promote this affiliate products by using Email marketing service providers

How to earn good Affiliate Commissions:

The fees vary by product. There are products that give you a 5% affiliate commission on the sale price, and others have up to 75% commission. There are also vendors that give a fixed amount per sale; the following is a real example of a U.S. website that pays very good commissions:

What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works?
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And the example of Amazon, where the fees are lower, but also depends on the product you are going to refer.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

The good thing about all this is that the customer does not have to buy at the same time passing on your website to the seller. In most cases, sellers let you receive the Amazon Affiliate Commissions if the customer returns within 30 days, (there are days that more and no less) and buy something during that period. This is achieved automatically through cookies.

What are Affiliate Links:

How to Get Affiliate Links? Hovering over the link with your mouse, you’ll see that the affiliate links you have something like this: “http://www.xxxxx.com/ bdcdi” The last part of the link is indicating personal affiliate code in this case “bdcdi”. This personal code, which represents the seller, the customer comes from your blog.

These links can be left exposed or typed applications can other trending WordPress Link Cloaking plugins. Just choose one of the good plugin from the link as per your requirement. With this plugin you can convert the long ugly link to short beautiful and easily rememberable link. Just place the link cloaked link with in your blog along with the affiliate product. If the visitors click the link, the user redirected to your affiliate product.

Final Words:

It takes only to you register for any of these sites and see and check the companies / products that you registered. Most of the sites are providing membership options at the bottom of the page to improve their online sales. Most of the Companies with Affiliate Programs are using.

So Choosing of Affiliate marketing is very good option for huge earnings on internet. The article gives the basic idea on what is affiliate marketing, Affiliate commissions.

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