Which Web Design Trends Will have Bigger Impact in 2020?

Websites that are considered as modern and fresh today, will not be treated in the same manner tomorrow because Web design trends are changing constantly with time. Professionals associated with the industry are aware of the fact that every year brings new challenges and opportunities in the field of web design and development.

web design impacts
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Therefore, it is important to know how to make them flexible and adaptive towards the rapidly changing trends of website design. Here, we have put together a list of web design trends that will have a bigger impact in 2019.


Web design trends impacts in 2019

1. Card Design for Better User Engagement:

You are definitely not going to build your site with cards, but one of the most important things you should keep in your mind is that your site should look and act like Pinterest. The website has been developed on rectangles laid out and in a grid connected to a separate page. It is better to develop home pages that come with such cards instead of horizontally divided wide sections. Such websites help marketers in increasing user engagement.


2. Quality Images

Images play a great role in describing one’s interest and objectives to others. The fresh and new images can provide a new and energetic life to your website. No matter what industry you belong to and what you are selling, you will need a refreshing and updated website to increase the traffic and conversion rate. The fresh and relevant images will definitely gain confidence among the visitors, as such practices signify that you care about your impression and brand value.


3. Engaging an Audience with Inbound Videos

Marketers often find it difficult to take full advantage of video content. This happens because most of the marketers do not know how to integrate them into their marketing campaign. However, the task of integrating video into the marketing campaign has become easier today, as marketers can now include personalized videos for their target audiences and clients.


4. Hamburger Menu     

Such trends clearly insist that our society is ready to embrace the futuristic insignia. The icon at the top of an application or mobile site will direct users to ‘click here’ to open the menu. Users will be curious to know what is hanging there and that will lead them to pull up a menu with this one giant leap.

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5. Fullscreen Forms

A website’s form plays a great role in generating leads; thus developers and marketers should pay attention to the issue to draw more and more traffic to their site.

However, if the form is big then chances are high that the visitors will be bored and might consider leaving the page if they cannot find their fields. Getting the form within a pop-up that will emerge after clicking a CTA will be better than availing it on a separate landing page.


Final Words:

These web design trends will be there around 2019 and help the designers to create more attractive and engaging websites for a better response and conversion rate.

web design impacts
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