How to Verify Your Blog with Google Tag Manager at GWT

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Google Tag manager is one of the Google webmaster tools, this is free and most useful tool among the all available SEO tools on the web. It has a set of webmaster tools to rectify the issues with blog by using the google suggestions. Before going to use these useful tools, you should register and join in the google webmaster search console. After that verify your blog ownership by placing the tag given at GWT.

Today i am going to discuss on How to verify your blog with Google Tag Manager. This is the another best option to verify your owner ship.  On the July 2013 , Google introduced Google Tag Manager. The Verification method announced in Google’s Webmaster Central Blog. This feature gives more flexibility to Bloggers and Webmasters to verify the site / blog. Here GWT means Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).

google tag manager verification Method

Today i am going to write and discuss about Google Tag Manager Tutorial. I will explain in this post, how to verify blog with GTM.

How to verify site with Google Tag Manager:

  1. Go to “Google Tag Manager” and sign up for a new account. (If you have Gmail account already Sign in directly).         step 1: Google Tag Manager verification Method
  2. Now in Step 2-“Create a Container”. Fill the simple form by entering container name, time zone and Domain URL etc.step 2: Add a new container in GTM
  3. Copy the container code from (3)-Get some code” box. Now paste the code in blogger blog template by following sequence. Blogger Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML à below </head> tag, then “Save the Template” step 3: Get the code from GTM
  4. Now go back to “Google Tag Manager” account page and Follow the last step of filling some tags in container. You can skip this step. Click on “I’ll add tags later”.                                          step 4: Click on GTM to choose
  5. Now you have the permissions like View, Delete and Manage to verify your site easily.step 5: google tag manager verification Method
  6. Now Log in to your “Google Webmaster Tools” Account.
  7. Now choose that site which you want to verify and click on Manage site button and select verify this site.
  8. If you have not added any site yet, then click on Add a site button at the top right corner to add new site.step 8: Click on the Verify this site
  9. Now you’ll redirect to verification page. Select Google Tag Manager from the verification methods.step 9: Choose the verification method
  10. Click on Verify button. You are done!

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This is a simplest way to verify ownership of the blogger blog. Simply it is cool feature from Google Webmaster Central. If you get any problem, please use comment box and get the solution.  Please share this tutorial with your friends on Social Media. Happy Blogging.

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