How to detect and Fix broken links with broken link checker

The internet never stops. Everyday websites open, others closed, some are attacked, content is removed or moved and after a while just to be the link to sites or pages that no longer exist. This is bad in terms of SEO and more importantly, it is a bad experience for users.

The solution for this problem is simple: check all links – internal and external, regularly. In this article, we will talk about some tools to detect and fix broken links on their websites.

How to detect and Fix broken links with broken link checker
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How to Find and fix Broken Links with Broken link checker:

1. Broken Link Checker Plugin :

If you are looking for offline links, first do a self-check on every page of your site. We suggest the following tool for  WordPress blogs- Broken Link Checker Plugin. First, install broken link checker plugin then configure it.

How to detect and Fix broken links with broken link checker
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This WordPress plugin checks all links on every page of your website. It is able to detect broken links (404), redirects, offline images, etc.

It works simply: you install, activate, go to the page of the plugin in the WordPress admin panel and search for broken links. After the plugin test all links (may take some time depending on the size of your site and housing), will be able to see the broken links, test them again and fix them quickly.

The only drawback of this plugin is resource-intensive. It may not work well in shared hosting. If you have problems, see the alternatives below.

2. Desktop Applications to fix broken links:

Xenu Link Sleuth for Windows Users :

If you do not use WordPress or if you cannot use the previous plugin, you can use Xenu, a program for Windows that checks the links on pages of a given site.

Xenu Link Sleuth
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How the test is done from your computer, the speed of your Internet connection and the number of links that the program will need to check will influence the time the test takes.

Integrity app for Mac Users :

If your operating system is OS X, Integrity is a good alternative suggestion we made for Windows.

3. Other tools to check and fix Broken links:

1. Detect 404 Errors

Unfortunately, some sites will link the wrong way to your site. Some have links to pages that no longer exist; others are incompetent and even create wrong links. Although you cannot control what other sites do, it is possible to detect and redirect links to relevant pages.

404 Redirected WordPress Plugin :

This is a plugin that keeps a log of 404 errors on your website. Although out-dated, continues to work well with the current version of WordPress (4.0+).

Get ready to see strange links to pages that have never existed on your site. Give more attention to the links that do not work because you have removed or moved the content of important site links or links that receive traffic. WordPress 404 Redirect is very helpful in this case.

Google Webmaster Tools :

Google webmaster tools also help to find broken links and other problems with your website or server.At this time, the information is available in the “Crawl” or “Crawl errors”, after choosing the site.

How to detect and Fix broken links with broken link checker
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2. Redirect Links to New Pages

To redirect broken links to new URL’s, we avoid the problems we talked about in point 1 and 2 of this article. Always 301 redirects to the new URL.

Redirect to…

  • Change the URL of a page;
  • Remove duplicate content;
  • Change of address;
  • Move files from one board to another;
  • Redirect whenever possible!

Redirects WordPress Plugin :

There are several plugins to do redirects in WordPress. Recommend Redirects to be simple to use and be sufficient for most WordPress users.


As the plugins for WordPress are very limited in terms of what can redirect, boards or redirects the addresses have to be done on the server / host.

In this article, you can find redirection rules and an explanation of how it all works. Simply the “htaccess Redirect 404 to Homepage”.

3. Error Pages 404 :

Even correcting the links you have on your site and trying to redirect visitors from other sites to the content they seek, any visitor will end up seeing a 404 error page.


It is important that the error page is able to help a person find what you need. A search box, a list of related content, a link to the homepage or even forward the visit to a related page can help minimize the problem. In WordPress, page content 404 can be changed in the active theme 404.php file. The broken links rectification is very important to overcome Google penalization.

How to detect and Fix broken links with broken link checker
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