How to get on the Deep Web? (Basic Guide)

Just like our universe, there are a number of things that are hidden on the internet. The internet is much bigger than your imagination. You can only see 5% of the internet, remaining 95% is visible only to the guys who really go through the deep roots. This invisible internet is often termed as Deep Web.

Now, you might be thinking that how to get on the deep web? The post below discusses about the deep web in details and let you know about various aspects of the hidden web or the dark web.

What is Deep Web – How to get on the Deep Web?

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The hidden or invisible web is one of the best mediums to find creepy things on the internet. You can search for just anything that you have ever imagined, but were unable to find it across the regular internet. A computer scientist, Mike Bergman prescribed the name ‘Deep Web’ to the hidden web.

The things & services like guns, drugs, live secret chat shows, porn, kidnapper, robber, and many other assets can be found across the Deep. If you are still unable to understand how to get on the deep web then the following piece of content will help you out in understanding this invisible web in a better way.

Advantages of Using the Deep Web

There is a big question about the legality of deep web, but still you can take several advantages while using the deep web effectively. Some of the advantages of using deep web have been listed below.

  • Deep web can make the searches for the information that the regular search engines like Yahoo, Google can’t. The invisible search results can be found easily on deep web.
  • You can easily get the large databases of offices, individuals, companies, and various other useful contacts that you could not find on regular search engines.
  • You can hire the services of kidnappers, hitmen, get drugs delivered to your location, and various other illegal activities can be done here.
  • You can keep your identity anonymous and do betting if it is illegal in your country.
  • The researchers and the scholars can easily write informative thesis and search for the most valuable information that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Ways to be Safe While Browsing on Deep Web

You might get into the trouble if you are browsing on the deep web. You need to adopt the safe methods to ensure that you stay safe during your browsing sessions. Here are some tips to stay safe while accessing the deep web.

  • Tor browser bundle is the tool that is preconfigured to protect you against several privacy threats unlike the normal web browsers.
  • You must not use your regular email id while registering on any site on the deep web. You should create a dump email id that you can destroy later on. Make sure you don’t mention your real name in the new email id.
  • You must choose a reputed and trusted website if you are doing the commercial transaction. Make sure that you are not using your credit card while doing the transactions. You can use the website providing escrow services or can pay using Bitcoins.
  • Do not click on the advertisements and don’t download just anything.
  • You should try connecting to Tor via bridge if you are facing any trouble while connecting through the Tor.
  • If you see something unusual do not proceed further.

To know more in depth read this guide How to access the deep web.

Deep Web – Legal or Illegal

Many who question how to get on the deep web should also know about its legality. It is you who have to decide whether you are using the deep web for right things or you have a wrong intention. Many government bodies have already made it clear that deep web is illegal to be used. Still, a number of people are using deep web to utilize it in the most efficient manner for their work.

The data on the deep web is not kept at single place. It is kept at discrete places in different locations. This is the reason behind its illegality and also the reason why regular search engines are unable to index this data. Moreover, the banned and illegal things can be easily found on the deep web. The drugs, killers, robbers, private sex chat rooms, guns, porn, and other things can be easily found here.

Though deep web is illegal, but the police, military, and various other governmental departments access the deep web for collecting the valuable information that aids their purpose.

Several Things you Might not Know about the Deep Web

You might have been clear about the deep web so far and would have developed a better understanding about it. Now, learn a few things about the deep web that you may not know about it.

  • No one can see the deep web completely as it is really huge. You cannot determine accurately that how much level deep these web pages are at a given instance.
  • Deep web is not used by the bad people, the good people also make its use for research betting, buying drugs, and for other purposes. You can only purchase the light drugs from here.
  • You can buy stolen web accounts, data, rare movies, video games, and more useful stuff from here.
  • You just name anything and the deep web will search it for you. There are several things that are not available on through the regular web search, but you can find these things on the deep web.
  • Deep web host the command-and-control-infrastructure for malware easily. You should use deep web with an extra protection.

The Last Words

The deep web is useful, but risky too. It is the warehouse for just everything. You will find some or the other thing here that will make your job done. But, there are also the chances that your information gets stolen from here and you might be robbed while making a transaction. So, be careful as you cannot complain to anyone while using it.

How to get on the Deep Web? (Basic Guide)
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