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10 Best Websites to Check Your Blog Page Speed Performance

It is increasingly obvious that people have become more eager than ever when it comes to waiting for a blog page speed performance. Thus, the performance and capacity of your site load quickly is essential for its friendliness and, ultimately, its success. To help you build faster websites and identify issues that may slow down your site, consider incorporating some of the following tools in your web development process.

to Check Your Blog Page Speed Performance

Tip: It is a good idea to use several of these tools for evaluating site speed so you can get a better picture of the problems that slow down your site. Hmm, they are totally free, so why not utilize them?

Top 10 Websites to Check Your Blog  Performance in Page Speed:

1. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights :

Google PageSpeed online performance testing  – which is an adaptation of the popular web browser. Google Chrome web development extension Page Speed ​​analyzes the performance of your website based on best practices of Web performance RECOMMENDED from Google (a set rules for optimal performance). You can receive more information at hand from this web tool. It even includes a report on best practices for optimal performance for mobile devices. Google Page speed checker

2. Pingdom Tools :

This assessment Pingdom Page Speed site is provided by Pingdom (server, network and service monitoring website) offers a number of reports such as the distribution of the loading time of each object on the Web page (for example, images, style sheets and JavaScript libraries). Another useful report is an analysis of the page that provides information about the loading time, the page size and the different requests.

Pingdom tools to check blog page loading time

3. Free Website Performance Test (BrowserMob):

This service is a free speed test and Web Performance BrowserMob is offered by a company that provides load tests of web sites and service monitoring. This tool gives you a ton of information on the speed of your web page such as the average load time, total page weight and number of items. They’re sending pings to your website from four different locations around the world so you can get an overview of the operation of your website.

4. Which loads faster :

This interesting tool between two sites against others in terms of loading times each. For instance, you can tell if Google will load faster than Bing. With this simple tool you will be able to compare if your site works better or worse than competing sites. This open source tool (see the source on GitHub) was created to promote the importance of web performance.

Which loads faster to check blog page loading time5. WebPagetest :

This clever online tool tests the display speed of your webpage in real browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE) and gives you the option to perform the test from multiple locations worldwide. It also has advanced options to simulate with different Internet connection speeds (e.g. DSL and phone line 56k) parameters. It is also possible to test the blocking advertisements on your website, allowing you to measure their impact on speed.

WebPageTest to check blog page loading time

6. Web Page Analyzer :

This site speed analyzer is probably one of the oldest tools on the net. Its first version was published in 2003 provides data on the size of your web page, assets and loading time. It also provides tips on things you can do to increase the speed of your website .

WebsiteOptimization to check page load time7. Show Slow :

This is the Web version of the application server open source with the same name (Show Slow). It allows you to add a URL to be monitored (publicly) and regularly captures the results of three popular testing tools: YSlow, Page Speed ​​and dyna Trace. This tool requires registration.

10 Best Websites to Check Your Blog Page Speed Performance

8. Website-Perf :

This tool speed test website displays relevant data on the loading time of the page, such as the total time of downloading, the number of connections made and the number of applications submitted. It also has some extras like the ability to run the test, even if the web page is secure and requires HTTP authentication (just provide the password of the page) and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.

Update: This site is in Domain Parking page.

9. Load Impact :

Load Impact is a performance tool that provides you with a multitude of data on the ability of your website to handle the traffic. This assessment tool online web performance has the ability to display data using graphs such as the loading time of each user (simulated by an automated virtual machine) and requests per second (very useful for assessing the sustainability of your web server is and how fast it can process requests for web pages).

Load Impact Blog loading testing services10. OctaGate SiteTimer :

OctaGate SiteTimer is a fairly simple online tool: you add the URL you want to test, and in turn, it will generate a bar graph. This graph contains all the objects on the page containing information such as the start time of downloading, end time and duration of each. This tool is useful to quickly find objects that page is slow to load. You can optimize to improve site speed.

OctaGate site time loading services

Another evaluation of the site gear Online tools :

  • Website Performance Test (Gomez): an assessment tool for site performance in real time tells you, among other things, the DNS lookup time and connection time.
  • Webslug : Same as the tool above that of Which loads faster ? This web tool will compare the performance of two websites.
  • WebWait : This service uses a timer to measure the speed of the base site. You can specify the number of requests sent and the interval between requests (eg 5 requests in 10 seconds).
  • Website Speed ​​Test (Search metrics) provides more data on the speed of the page, including loading time estimated for different types of Internet connections.
  • GTmetrix : an online tool that uses YSlow and Page Speed ​​to evaluate the performance of your website. It generates easy to understand reports.
  • Website Speed ​​Test (WebToolHub): an online tool that provides rather basic data such as page size, load time, download speed and average speed in a tabular format.
  • Yottaa Site Speed ​​Optimizer : This analyzer Web performance issues superb reports. This tool requires account creation.
  • Zoompf Free Web Performance Scan : This tool scans a Web page and collection of data on the Web performance.You are required to provide and verify your email address in order to run the tests.
  • Site speed checker : a tool that allows you to run tests on 10 URLs at once.
  • Free website speed test (Self SEO): this simple tool speed test site gives you the opportunity to enter up to 10 URLs to run tests simultaneously.

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