5 Crucial Elements of Highly Successful Email Template

An Email marketer has to be very creative in his or her work because of so contributes to the success of an email marketing campaign. Here Choosing of successful Email Template is one of the important factors.

However, the completed process can be automated by using email marketing solutions, but we need to care about few important things.

We cannot hit the subscribers’ inbox with tons of emails. They should be highly targeted, and the most important aspect is – they get opened each time.

Being an effective element of the email template, the catchy email subject can increase the click through rate. Several marketers use the creative title generator which helps writing compelling email headers.

5 Crucial Elements of Highly Successful Email Template
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Despite having compelling headers, you need to have all the elements highly optimized to keep the receiver engage and to trigger the desired call-to-action.

Elements of Highly Successful Email Template:

Let’s talk about those essential elements of an email template which are required for the success of an email campaign.

1. Personalized Email with Sub and Preview Text and Name

Sub line and preview text are the first two things an email receiver interact with.

Once you login to your email service, these are the first things that you will see. It happens in most of the email services like Gmail, yahoo, etc.

I assume you are using Gmail.

I am talking an example of Kulwant Nagi’s recent post that he sent via email. I have subscribed the email newsletter of Bloggingcage.

email in inbox
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This is the Email subject and pretext which we can see just after getting login into the email.

The email title and pretext are very attractive to motivate anyone opening this email newsletter.

I just went ahead and clicked on it.

email from bcage
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This is called a personalized email. He used my name in the email to add a personal touch.

He is a blogger then it’s an obvious thing that the newsletter will be related to blogging/entrepreneurship.

You must bring this into practice and do always write the personalize emails for better conversions.

2. Have a Call to Action Button:

Right placement of a call to action button increases the chances of conversion. Paytm uses it wisely. See the below screenshot of an email sent by the Paytm.

paytm app
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The Paytm included a clear call to action “BUY NOW”. It’s highly targeted due to the wedding season.

Do add the call to action at the right place in your email templates.

3. Use Animated Gif Images:

Gif images draw the attention of the viewer immediately. These pictures are way better than the general pictures.

When you need to quickly convey your message via email, you should use the Gif image to quickly grab the attention of the viewer.

4. Maintain the Healthy Ratio of Text to Image:

Sometimes, due to large images, the email might go into the spam folder. Many users have already disabled the images by default. If you are conveying message via the picture only then the situation might go worst.

So, it’s better to maintain the healthy ratio of text to images 60/40 to any avoid deliverability into the spam folder.

The better combination of visuals and the text will give you better results for your email campaign.

5. Optimize Emails For Mobile Version:

In the recent years, the numbers of mobile subscribers have increased dramatically.  If your email template isn’t mobile friendly and users are facing the issue in viewing the emails, there are fewer chances they will make additional efforts to see them into the additional devices.

You have to use the mobile friendly email templates to get the emails opened by the receivers.

You must choose an only mobile friendly template for email campaigns.

Expert Tip:

Testing is the key to success in email marketing. Test different emails templates with a variety of text, images, and call to action placement. Choose the templates that perform better for you.

There are many other elements that you can improve in an email template. Here I have included only a few important ones.

I hope you will include the above elements and will get able to improve the conversion through your email campaigns.

5 Crucial Elements of Highly Successful Email Template
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