Cheap SSL Shop: The One Stop Shop for all SSL Certificate Needs

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Cheap SSL Shop The One Stop Shop for all SSL Certificate Needs
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Today I am going to share about Cheap SSL Shop Review for eCommerce blogs online security, which will help you to protect your business blogs from cyber criminals.

Online security is the prerequisite foundation on which every company’s success rests. Any compromise on this front is a direct invitation for a company’s downward spiral. The need for online security has been on the rise, thanks to active cyber criminals on the prowl. Following the rising demand, a lot of security measures have come up in the market from various sources to tackle this problem. Of all the tried and tested measures, what stands out as a trusted source of online security is the SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is the abbreviated form of Secure Sockets Layer. These are basically data files that are designed to bind a cryptographic key to a business’ confidential details.

To put it in layman’s words, when a company installs an SSL Certificate on its network, it makes all information moving from a web server to a browser secure.

This simple procedure keeps a company’s confidential information out of reach from cyber criminals.

Security vs High Price:

The need to install an SSL Certificate is on the rise with new online businesses mushrooming in the market. Installing an SSL Certificate is a costly affair.

This makes many business owners think twice before splurging on one. Some even abandon the whole idea of owning an SSL Certificate altogether. Given the fact that it is a need, many businesses end up compromising on their financial fronts to install an SSL certificate.

The Good News!

However, breaking this chain of ‘skyrocket prices for guaranteed security’ is the Cheap SSL Shop.

This online store offers Cheap SSL Certificates at pocket-friendly rates.

The record of pocket friendliness that it has set in the market has still not been broken by any other in the industry.

What’s more?

The Cheap SSL Shop understands that every business has a different structure. Depending on this structure the need for SSL Certificates also vary. Keeping in mind the need of different businesses, the offers the buyers a great variety of choices tailor made to suit their different needs.

The Choices Offered:

Buyers can choose from three basic kinds of cheap SSL Certificates when shopping from the Cheap SSL Shop

1. Single Domain SSL Certificate:

Businesses that require securing only a single domain can opt for the most basic SSL Certificate known as the Single Domain SSL Certificate. As the name suggests this certificate secures just a single domain. This one is a favorite with small organizations and individuals seeking online security.

The Perk:

  • Fast Issuance
  • Quick Installation
  • Cheap SSL Shop offers domain validated Comodo Positive SSL at just $4.95 per year only.

How it works?

On request for the installation of a single domain SSL Certificate, the validation team would send a confirmation email. One does not need to provide any information about the business while requesting for the single domain certificate.

This certificate requires only the domain name for which the certificate is issued.

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Brands of Single Domain SSL Certificates Available in the Cheap SSL Shop:

Comodo Positive SSL, RapidSSL Certificate, Comodo Essential SSL, Thawte SSL123, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, GlobalSign DomainSSL.

2. Wildcard SSL Certificates:

Businesses seeking to secure unlimited sub-domains with a single certificate can opt for the Wildcard SSL Certificate. This certificate allows a business to cost effectively secure its subdomains and save time while doing it.

How it Works?

This Wildcard allows both WWW and NON-WWW Domains. It offers a security of 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root encryption to all the sub-domains.

The Perk:

The Cheap SSL Shop offers Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate at a discounted rate of $51.33 per year.

Brands of Wildcard SSL Certificates Available in the Cheap SSL Shop:

  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard,
  • Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard,
  • RapidSSL Wildcard,
  • Thawte Wildcard SSL,
  • GeoTrust Wildcard SSL,
  • GlobalSign Wildcard SSL.

For businesses looking for a cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate, the Comodo brand is the correct choice.

UCC/SAN SSL Certificates:

Businesses that need to secure multiple domains can opt for the UCC SSL Certificate, which helps the user to secure the multiple business domains with one single certificate. A business that has the UCC/SAN Certificate installed can easily bid adieu to multiple domain management problems.

The Perk:

  • The Cheap SSL Shop gives the user the opportunity to renew this certificate when needed. This gives the user the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of this certificate without a time limit.
  • It comes with a 99% browser support.
  • It comes with a $1500k warranty

How it works?

This certificate allows a user to secure multiple domains, sub-domains on a single certificate. It requires only the domain CSR key. The remaining domains are enclosed under this key.

Brands of UCC/SAN SSL Certificates Available in the Cheap SSL Shop:

Comodo Multi Domain / SAN SSL, Comodo Exchange Server SSL, Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard + Multi-Domain, GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL, GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL with EV 

Why choose to shop with Cheap SSL Shop?

Some of the features that make the Cheap SSL Shop stand out are the following:

  • The SSL certificates available at this shop offers 2048 bit encryption.
  • Shopping at the Cheap SSL Shop gives the buyer a free ‘secured site’ seal.
  • It offers SSL certificates that have 99% browser compatibility.
  • Shopping at the Cheap SSL Shop gives the user the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of free unlimited reissue
  • This Shop offers the cheapest price for SSL certificates

This online shop works like a prism bringing in the best of brands to a buyer’s reach at an affordable price.

The Cheap SSL Shop has the support of a great knowledge bank on the website consulting which a confused buyer can exactly reach the product that is tailor-made for his/her business.

The extremely supportive customer care that works 24/7 makes the process of choosing, buying and configuring an SSL Certificate a piece of cake.

The comfort of buying from home and the various payment options available make the Cheap SSL shop the right choice.

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