How to increase Social shares of Your Blog articles? (This is for you)

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It is quite strange that articles from a few selected websites get shared widely and others with similar content fail at it. All contemporary writers aim for a few things in common. An ever increasing readership, a high traffic volume for their blogs and a good amount of social media shares for their articles is all that they want in reward for the effort and thought they put into their writings. In this article, we will see why social shares for articles are so important and how a writer can achieve it.

increase Social shares

The number of social shares you have shown how popular you are. In fact, it is the number of social shares that make you all the more popular. It not only provides the writer his share of fame, it also makes the website more talked about. Social shares also enable your articles to be read widely. There always is an audience which is very active on social media and not especially pays attention to blogs. Social shares are the best way to bring your articles into their notice. The more your article is shared, the more the numbers of visitors to your site. Also, don’t forget that an article will be shared only if it’s got some quality content in it.

Here’s how you can increase the social shares for your articles.

1. Be Interactive

Writing good stuff and taking a backseat does not work nowadays. It is important to be interactive with your readers. Your readers might comment on your posts. Make sure you have answers to their queries and be captivating enough to engage your readers in such a way that they become your fans. Communication is a very important key to fame and success. Building a rapport with your readers will help you in getting more shares and likes on social media too.

2. Offer Multiple Share Buttons

If you are looking for increased shares for your articles, offer your readers multiple share options. Instead of focusing on a few much in trend social sites, provide more share buttons, even the ones which are not so trendy and this way you can spread out your articles even further.

3.Be Informative and Entertaining

What gets shared widely is either very spicy or very informative. Your articles should either contain useful information that the reader should be compelled to share with his peers, or it should be dramatic and sizzling to be the talk of the town. Either way, what you get in return is more shares, more likes. No boring content ever gets shares.

4. Show Your Share Count

It can be a little stunt at times to display the number of shares at the end of each post. But yes, it helps. The number of shares displayed makes the reader curious about your content. He not only will make an effort to go ahead and read the entire article, he will also share it adding up to your share count. For a reader, a share is just a click on the screen. It is up to you how to persuade him to click.

5. Leave an Impact

It is a fact that quality can never be ignored. The quality of your content is one of the most decisive factors to whether or not your post will be shared socially. A good sumptuous literary art is bound to be shared. No other tricks required. Leave an impact on the mind of your reader and he surely will take your post forward. Write what people like. Write it in a way that it is a treat to their soul and social shares won’t stop.

6. Use Humor and Media Files

Social networking sites have two things in abundance, humor, and media. Social sites are full of images, videos and entertaining humorous elements. Use of humor and media files in your articles will give you an edge over regular content. And trust me, it definitely will add to the shares.

Final words

Social shares have become one of the best judges of a writer’s capabilities. It is important to keep an eye on how well you are doing socially and what are the areas to improve. The crowd likes it simple. Entertaining, quality posts from writers who are responsive are good to go a long way.

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Shantanu Sinha

Hello Vinil,

Great tips over here 🙂

Indeed social media is one of the major platform for getting our blogs and business rocket sky.

Human interaction is must. Its good to reflect that we are real person and not fake. People love to hang around them,
who take interest in their actions and interacts regularly.

Making the share count is one of the good tactics and it left behind a power packed emphasis to our readers.
Being informative and entertaining at the same time helps in the better results.

Thanks for the share.



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