Two Must Have WP Plugins for Social Engagement

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Social Engagement is major part in Blogging. Getting good amount of traffic from Search Engines is never easy for new blogs because of the competition out there. New blogs must do something else to kick start some early traffic towards their content. Social sharing is the most effective way after SEO to get traffic to any website. Need for SEO however, cannot be ruled out but for new websites it is not a source of quick traffic.

Social Engagement Definition is

Social Engagement (also social involvement, social participation) refers to one’s degree of participation in a community or society.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement? This is the first question for every marketer. With billions of people on social networking websites, with all the spare time available in the world and with an ever prevailing hunger for new and fresh content, it is not very difficult to reach right audience and present your content to them.

The best thing is that, you can ask your website visitors to do so. By showing them social sharing buttons at several positions on your posts and pages and by encouraging them to share your content with their friends, you can get some good quick traffic. If your content is really worth seeing and sharing, it may also go viral and bring in hundreds and thousands of visitors.

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Two Must Have WP Plugins for Social Engagement

A Quick Case Study:

Here is a little case study of how I was able to get 1000+ unique visits by sharing a post only once on a social networking website. Here is the snapshot of traffic stats:

Social engament plugin case study

On 1st July I published an infographic on my blog and shared its link on reddit with a catchy title in a targeted subreddit. Bamm! I got 600 unique visits on 2nd July and 499 on 3rd July. Just a single share on Reddit and it brought me 1000+ UVs. Never underestimate the power of any social network. While big social networking sites might be equally good for all niches, there are other social media sites that perform better in some specific niches like Pinterest in DIY, Home Decor, Beauty and other women related stuff.

Must Have Plugins For Social Engagement:

Every WordPress blogger who is starting out must install some Essential plugins right from the beginning. These plugins help take the blog to the next step. To see what all plugins are essential for WordPress bloggers read this WP Plugins List. Here in this post we are going to share Two Free plugins to increase the social engagement and Social Engagement Marketing of your blog. These plugins can easily be downloaded from WordPress plugin directory.

Cresta Social Share Counter:

Cresta social share counter WordPress plugin

Cresta social share counter is relatively new as compared with its old competitors in the market but it really is a nice plug-in and offers a lot of options without any cost. The plug-in gives you option to display floating sharing buttons on pages and posts. Different shapes and animations are available for buttons and they show the number of shares that the page or post has so far got.

Download Cresta Social Share Counter

It also has a paid version but I don’t see a reason why anybody would need anything more than the free version

OnePress Social Locker:

OnePress Social Locker WordPress plugin

Providing users with options to share your content is one way of getting social engagement while compelling them to do so is another. Social Locker by one press allows you to lock content behind a social locker which can only be unlocked by sharing the content on social networks.

Download Social Locker By One Press

Free version of Social Locker allows you to unlock the locker by Facebook like, Twitter tweet and Google plus one. Just share a good download, video or write an article that people crave for and lock it behind this social locker and see the magic. These are Best Plugins for WordPress 2015 and 2016.

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