SiteGround Web Hosting Review : Get a Free life time Domain Name

I started my blogging journey in 2013 seriously. I learned a few things on this journey about Blog data and security. Yes, the blog data security and support is very important for serious bloggers. First, my blog landed on Godaddy hosting services for up to 1 year. Because of low customer support, I feel terrible to travel in this hosting. After 1 year, shifted my domain and its data to Bluehost web hosting services. Bluehost is an excellent service, but I feel it is expensive in my budget. After 2 years, shifted to iPage web hosting. I feel very comfortable with this hosting – rates are in my budget, customer support is good and everything is good. Day by day my traffic is increasing. In the same hosting account already configured my other three domains here. So I moved another hosting. Started research, purchased A Small Orange web hosting in Cyber Monday offer. This is also great and feels too good here.

Recently one of my clients asked me about web hosting services to start their new blog. I suggested good hosting service providers with my experience. He is also having knowledge on the blogging, SEO, and hosting. So I read my experienced hosting reviews on my blog. After that, he asked me “Why cannot choose another hosting service other than your used hosting services”. Started research again for good hosting services other than my experienced web hosting services. Here I found a fantastic hosting that is “SiteGround web hosting service”.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

What about SiteGround?

What is SiteGround? SiteGround is an important and experienced web hosting company that has over 260 employees and has a technical infrastructure in Europe, America, and Asia.

It provided web hosting services in 2004, today managing over 225,000 customers and nearly 400,000 web pages. This company started group friends from the University Campus- Mr.Tenki Nikolov joined this company as a technical support employee in the company. Now he the person behind the SiteGround web hosting company success.


I recommend the SiteGround hosting for:

  • Host or create a website in WordPress
  • To Online Stores (eCommerce)
  • Company websites
  • Projects requiring high-performance web: Cloud Computing
  • Agencies and Resellers

Web hosting Features:

1. SuperCacher Technology:

One of the most important features of SiteGround hosting is SuperCacher Technology, it includes which in the standard hosting package. This is the own property tool, it can supercharge their customer’s website loading speed automatically.

Other hosting services don’t have this technology and if they are providing this technology, this is only available in only upgraded members with extra cost.

SuperCacher technology has four cache options

  • Static Cache
  • Memcached
  • Dynamic Cache
  • HHVM Cache

Static Cache:

  • Pages are stored, also cached on a different server and is updating every 24 hours;


  • Stores the results cache requests based data in RAM and if the same application is needed, will be taken instantly RAM;

Dynamic Cache:

  • Store cache web pages created with PHP and a database, you need to install a plugin to run this option;

Google Page Speed:

  • This option is a module-level server that makes your page more quickly by enabling mod_pagespeed on your Apache server;
  • We tested a page without SuperCacher activated and the SuperCacher on, this 2.3 seconds cut our load time.

HHVM Cache:

  • Now this cache option is available for Cloud Hosting customers only.
  • HHVM is a PHP execution engine, which is developed by Facebook.

HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is a process virtual machine based on a just-in-time (JIT) compilation that serves as an execution engine for the PHP and Hacks programming languages.

2. Free CDN services:

SiteGround hosting services are providing CloudFlare CDN services at free of cost for their customers. This service helps all its customers to improve the page load time other than its SuperCache technology. This is not an exclusive feature for SiteGround customers. The same feature enabled in Bluehost and A Small Orange web hosting services.

3. Great Uptime Uptime:

Siteground hosting services mentioned 99.99% uptime on their official page. I checked a few of the blogs who are landed on Siteground hosting and they mentioned their satisfied results.

4. Daily Backup facility:

This is a great feature from SiteGround hosting. Most of the hosting companies do this weekly or monthly but some companies charge a few dollars for your backup facility. At the time of blogging den initial stages, due to some plugin problem, I lost all my data like articles, Email subscribers list, and Images. Months of my hard work wasted. This problem happened when I used Godaddy hosting services.

So this is an exclusive feature for their customers. In my experience, it also enables the same feature in Bluehost and A Small Orange hosting (Present hosting).


Web hosting Advantages

1. Free Migration:

Free Migration is a special advantage here. There is no extra cost to migrate your data from another hosting service to your own web hosting. Most of the companies charge $50 to $200 for this backup feature.

2. Free Domain for Lifetime:

Siteground is offering a free domain up to life if you stick to the hosting. This feature saves another $10 to $20 every year.

Most of the hosting companies providing one free domain for new hosting purchases. This is valid up to 1 year only. After one year, you must renewal your domain with their fixed rates ($10 to $20) every year.

3. Customer Support:

The SiteGround Support is superb. The revert time is a maximum of 6 minutes. Most of the blogs and forums mentioned about this customer support with their positive reviews.



This hosting is not providing unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth to any of the packages. Most of the hosting service providers are providing unlimited disc space and bandwidth and unlimited domain configurations with their plans, but no need to take these unlimited features for blogging. These are useful for big social networking sites only.

Pricing and Plans:

siteground pricing and plans

Plan 1: StartUp:

This is a start-up package, useful for beginners. This plan suitable for who have 10,000 visits monthly visitors. There is an Essential hosting feature included in this plan.

This plan is designed for those who want to create a single website, 10GB of disk space and unlimited traffic, the number of visits is only a reference, since the limit on all shared hosting is using Ram and processor, which is limited, is how many people can browse your site at the same time. It is important to have an optimized website that uses few resources to have maximum visits without your provider penalizes you. This plan also includes Global CDN, a feature that many companies do not offer in their basic plans; this will make your web pages load quickly no matter where you visit.

Essential hosting features:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Application Installs
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited MySQL DB
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • 24/7 Support Chat/Phone/Ticket
  • 9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 30 Days Money Back

Plans 2: GrowBig

This is suitable for medium bloggers who have 25,000 monthly visitors. There is an Essential and Premium hosting features included.

This is definitely my favorite, because you start with one website but if you like and create this other plan allows you to host several websites, provides 20 GB of disk space, unlimited traffic and adds a premium as features Supercacher makes your web pages load faster, if they are scheduled with WordPress or Joomla, provides dynamic cache, even loading speed. Someone needs the SSL certificate for e-commerce, so if you want to sell something you should hire this plan.

Premium features:

  • Joomla Special Cache
  • Advanced Caching
  • Free Daily Backup Creation
  • Priority Support
  • Free SSL Certificate

Plan 3: GoGeek

This plan is suitable for Professional bloggers who have 100,000 monthly visitors. This plan includes advanced geeky features along with Essential hosting features and Premium features.

30 GB of space, multiple web pages and all the premium features of the previous plan, with other advanced features, one of the biggest advantages is that hosting fewer users per server so your traffic spikes or other users will affect both the performance of your website. 100,000 visits per month is a very significant number if switch to this plan because you think to reach that number I can only congratulate you.

Advanced geeky features:

  • MySQL on Different Disk
  • Free Backup Restore

siteground plans comaprision

How to make a new hosting account Purchase from Siteground?

Step 1: Choosing your hosting plan

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount. It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan to your audience:

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

hosting signup step1

Step 2: Choosing Domain

This is a good place to emphasize the free domain registration that will be included in the SiteGround hosting service.

hosting signup step 2

Step 3: Review and Complete

Unlike many other hosting providers our advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign-up process. Being able to get the low price for the one-year period is a fact that increases conversions greatly compared to other providers where the lowest monthly price applies only for the longest period. So highlighting this may strongly increase your conversions.

hosting signup step 3


This SiteGround web hosting review (SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review) helps you to choose a good hosting service to start your blogging career or migrate your existed blog here if your previous hosting is not supporting high traffic. If you have any doubts regarding this article, leave the comment in the comment box. Personally, I suggest this web hosting for your blogs. Also, Check out here best web hosting services.

I request senior bloggers kindly share your experience with the SiteGround if you are using their services which help other readers to understand better about the SiteGround services.

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