How to Setup Blogspot Custom Domain with Bigrock?

Every new blogger starting their blogging career with blogger blog which can be hosted by Google. I am also started my blogging journey with blogger on 2009.

If you create a blog in blogger your domain name looks like “” or “” as your URL. Actually, this is Sub domain, make it Professional.

So personally I am suggesting to my followers, you have to spend some money to register your domain name at Domain registrant.

There are hundreds of domain registration services available. If you are going to register a domain name, you can choose best and reliable domain registrant. I recommend to my followers about and services.

How to Setup Blogspot Custom Domain with Bigrock?

I have registered my 2 domain on Bigrock. Bigrock is trusted network in Domain registration. If you are ready to register new domain, use this DISCOUNT COUPON CODE to get 10% on every new registrations.

Why to register New Domain?

  1. The custom domain is very important to take your blog to the next level.
  2. It looks as more professional and you can take your blog very seriously. People (Visitors) shows their interest on sharing the blog name easily if the blog looks professional and nice.
  3. It is very easy to remember and share with friends.
  4. You can setup Professional domain name with the domain to communicate with your clients and Blog visitors.

Useful Reading:

Why I am Suggesting Domain name from Bigrock?

There are 7 reasons to suggesting to register your new domain name in bigrock

  1. Multiple Email accounts – you can setup multiple email accounts. E.g.: [email protected] .com, [email protected] .com, etc.
  2. Privacy Protection – It is giving good privacy protection than other domain registration services.
  3. Inclusive of ICANNA fee – The price of domain registration showing, when you are searching domain availability is including ICANNA fee also. There are no additional charges.
  4. Domain Theft Protection
  5. Mail Forwarding
  6. Domain Forwarding
  7. Free Add-ons worth Rs.5000

7 reasons to choose and buy domain in bigrock

Complete Guide on Custom Domain Name setup with Blogger and Bigrock domain registration:

Step 1: How to register a domain name in Bigrock?

  1. Open
  2. Enter your domain name and click on Go
  3. The next screen shows the availability of your domain names. If it is available then proceed to next Signup by clicking on “Proceed to Payment” (to create new account in Bigrock). If it is not available, decide the extension (Like “.com”, “.in”, “.NET”, “.Org”) as you wish or Change the name and try again. (Hint: Try this tool “Instant Domain Search“. Just for checking the availability).
  4. Now click on “Create an Account in 10 seconds
  5. Then Complete the form and proceed to next “Payment Options”
  6. Choose the mode of payment like Credit card, Debit card, Net banking etc. and complete the steps.
  7. Your new custom domain registration will be end. The invoice details will be available in your registered Email. That’s it. It is just 10 minutes process.

Good News: Here is good news for new domain registrations, use this coupon code “” you will get 10% off on your domain or click on the banner below to grab the discount.

This link also helps domain name search. It helps to renew my domain also. So it is a Win-Win deal. You may use this link also – Register domain in Bigrock.

Register New domain in BigrockYou will get your domain name at Rs 99/- to 599/- only it’s the lowest price so why not to go for that but sometimes you will find difficult to configure your newly purchased domain name but not to worry this tutorial will explain you how can you add BigRock (or any other also) domain name to your blogger blog, so let’s start with the tutorials.

Step 2: Map the custom domain name in Blogger:

Now you are having new custom domain name. You are ready to convert your sub-domain to custom domain. These steps helps you map the blogger to connect with your domain name.

  1. Login into your Blogger account and click on “Settings > Basic settings“.
  2. Now click on “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog“.setup a third party URL
  3. Now enter your domain name in the box along with “www.”, which you want to map your blogger blog. Then click on SAVE button.
  4. After click on SAVE button, it gives an Error message. Copy the CNAME records. “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. ERROR 12” it means asking the ownership of the custom domain want to map to your blogger. So this is the time to configure the CNAME details and A-records in bigrock domain settings.Setup the custom domain name with these CNAME records
  5. Copy the two CNAME records codes in notepad. (Both Host name and destination code)

Step 3: Configure CNAME and A-records to Point Google Servers:

Learning Custom Domain Setup In Blogger Is Not Difficult
Go for Bigrock custom domain account

1. Login into your Bigrock domain panel and go for List/Search Orders and click on the domain name

2. Then click on DNS management > Manage DNS Setup the DNS in DNS management for new custom domain

3. Now click on the CNAME records and then click on the Add CNAME records to add the CNAME records.

  • Host name: www
  • Value:
  • TTL: 28800 (this is default value. Do not change this value)
    Add CNAME records carefully to redirect google server
    Add CNAME records carefully to redirect Google server

4. Add second CNAME record by clicking on Add CNAME Record

5. Click on “Add Record”.

6. After the CNAME configuration, click on A-records > Add A-record

  • Host name: leave it empty
  • Destination IPV4 Address:
  • TTL: 28800 (this is default value. Do not change this value)
    Add A-Records values to redirect to your Google server
    Add A-Records values to redirect to your Google server

7. After enter the above details click on Add records. Now we need to add the four A-records with 4 Destination IPV4 Addresses, so repeat the 5th and 6th step with the given IPs given above.


8.Once completed the adding all the A-records and CNAME records on your domain panel wait for few minutes to hours for the propagation.

9.Once completed and propagated your domain, go for Settings>Basic>Blog Address > Edit, then tick the check box to redirect the non-www version of the domain to the www version to the domain.

10. Now when you open your domain it’s redirecting to Blogger blog. Hardly it takes 15 minutes process to complete. That’s it.

What next after setup complete


This is a simple and step by step process on How to setup bigrock domain name with blogger. In this you will know how to you configure your custom domain name with blogger blog, domain Registration process. Now you can start Blogging by publishing your articles and share on social site. If you are facing any problem in the above setup process do not hesitate just use comment box below. Just drop the comment I will give the solution for your problem.

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