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What are the Effects of Google Medic update on blogs and websites?

Google had released a major core update (Google Medic Update) this August that affected website ranking in SERP. After the release of this update, many websites and blog that were ranking in the first page lost it's position while the undermined blogs and websites gained positive ranking. This article will be helpful for you to learn about this update and how to take actions if [...]

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What are Search Engine Marketing and its Benefits?

The most cost-effective way to reach the targeted audience is through search engine marketing (SEM). Do you know SEM grabs the attention of the visitors at the right time? More than 90% of people online constantly search for products & services.This implies that you can reach the targeted audience with your content and ads in front of your visitors who actively partici [...]

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Complete Guide on Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a beginner to SEO? And hoping to polish your skills? This complete guide on search engine optimization would be beneficial since you want a comprehensive information on the path to professional quality search results. Or what we call SEO?Search engine optimization is put efforts in growing the visibility of organic search engine results. It comprises work on [...]

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7 Basic SEO tips to Optimize Your Blog (Beginners Guide)

Are you searching for basic SEO tips for your new blog? This Post gives the basic idea of Search Engine Optimization. When you are a beginner in the SEO industry, you should first understand that no magic is involved in the process of improving the ranking and making your site to come to the first page of Google. There are some rules that are required to be followed so that th [...]

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