Rank Math SEO plugin: The SEO Trend Changer for WordPress Users

Rank Math is a new generation SEO plugin for WordPress. All SEO Professionals are waiting for the most popular plugin Yoast SEO. Because of this multiple focus keyword optimization feature. So here is the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin.

So today I wish to write about Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin in this post. I have been testing this plugin for a few days.  It is an impressive plugin.

Rank Math SEO plugin review 2019
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Why you need this Rank Math SEO Plugin?

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) software. By using this CMS, you need to optimize your content as per SEO regulation. So you can rank the content on the first page of the search engines.

This is very difficult for non-techie guys to improve their SEO using no WordPress SEO Plugin. Even webmasters feel boring coding updates to perform all SEO activities on their blog/website by looking at their source code.

Here is the time to goodbye for code editing process about blog SEO purpose. Here it simplifies your SEO activities from one place.

For WordPress users, WordPress SEO plugins simplify your SEO activities. It helps you to optimize your content for better search visibility to advanced SEO activities by adding Schema Microdata and 404 error monitoring, etc. It is the best SEO plugin for WordPress users.

It comes with awesome features to manage your contents and website optimization features like in-built content optimization, keywords managing features, redirection manager and more.

Why it is Free? Here the team explained why this plugin is giving free of cost.


Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Every blogger and webmaster wants to check the perfect SEO plugin to perform all SEO activities from one place. It saves more time and for better results.

If you are searching for the same thing, here is the perfect WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math SEO Plugin.

The Rank Math SEO plugin is a perfect SEO plugin for on-page activities and for technical optimization.

Here are the awesome features of Rank Math SEO. After reading these features, you cannot leave this plugin without a grab.

  1. It is Light Weight and Full optimized for Speed
  2. Simple Modular Interface design
  3. Simple User-Friendly Interface
  4. Helpful Content In-depth SEO Analysis
  5. Advanced SEO settings
  6. Easy Rich Snippet setup
  7. XML Sitemap creation
  8. 404 Monitoring
  9. Redirection
  10. Social Media Sharing setup feature
  11. Easy Schema setting
  12. Robots.txt and .htaccess editor


How to install and Configure Rank Math SEO plugin?


Rank Math SEO plugin is free. It is available in the WordPress Plugin repository.

Here are the steps to install.

Step 1: First login into your WordPress blog and

Step 2: go for Plugins > New and type Rank Math in the plugin search box. 

Step 3: Install the Plugin and Activate it

After activation of the plugin, it will ask your MyThemeShop login to activate officially. It helps you to get regular updates and support. If you want to know how to install a WordPress plugin, here is the article, and it explains this.

Now the plugin is visible in their menu at the left side column as “Rank Math”.

Rank Math option in side bar
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How to set up Rank Math Plugin for the first time?

Once you install and activate the Rank Math SEO Plugin, you need to grant permission from MyThemeShop official site.

To do this, click on Rank Math from the left side column and enter the Rank Math account login and activate the plugin officially.

If you did not have an account in Rank Math official site. Create a new account from here.

It is free. Once authenticated, the plugin performs a compatibility check and shows the Setup Wizard button. Click the button.

Here are the 6 steps

1. Import:

  • The plugin has the inbuilt feature to import your existing SEO settings from current SEO plugin. Here the plugin will scan and detects your exited SEO plugin settings, and it allows the required settings to import.
  • If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, you will get the screen like below. Just choose and click on Start Import from SEO It takes a few seconds to import the data from Yoast SEO to Rank Math SEO.
  • Once the process is complete, click the Continue button.

Getting started start wizard
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2. Your Site:

In this step, enter the details of your blog like blog type, Logo upload, and default social share image details. Once you fill the details, just click on Save and Continue.

  • Setup for the general blog: Choose any of the given – Personal blog (or) Personal Portfolio (or) Other Personal Website forms the drop-down-list
  • Setup for Business: Choose any of the given – Small Business (or) WebShop (or) other Business Website form the drop-down-list

Your site details
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3. Search Console:

  • Connect your Google Search Console account here by clicking the Get Authorization Code
    google search console integration
    • Save
  • Enter Google Search Console login details
  • Grant the access of your account by clicking on Allow button 
    allow google search console
    • Save
  • Google will provide an authentication code. Just copy the code and paste it in the Search console settings and click on Allow
    copy the authorization code
    • Save
  • Choose your blog from the account and click on the save and continue button.

4. Sitemaps:

  • Sitemaps are the search engine indexing files and it helps you to discover the blog content to index properly.
  • In this, you need to choose which files to be included in this file like Posts, Pages, Media (images, Videos and Audios), Products, categories, and tags.
  • Just select the options which you want to include in the sitemap of your blog. Finally, click the Save and Continue button to go for the next step.
    sitemaps creation
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5. Optimization:

This step helps you to optimize your site as per SEO instructions. It provides great SEO value and saves a lot of time. It has No-follow Image links, No-follow External links, redirect status, and Search engine validation zones. Just choose the options as per your SEO requirements.

optimization setup
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6. End of Setup:

This is the last step of Rank Math SEO Plugin. Just click the Allow button. Once the site is ready, scroll down and click the link “Return to Dashboard” link for an additional option.

Ready the final step
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Now Your site ready with Rank Math SEO plugin.


What are the basic options and it’s Rank Math Settings?

SEO by Rank Math Plugin settings:

  1. Dashboard
  2. General Settings
  3. Titles and Meta
  4. Sitemap settings
  5. 404 Monitor
  6. Redirections
  7. Search Console
  8. SEO Analysis
  9. Import & Export
  10. Help & Support


The Dashboard

After installation and activation of this plugin, it will redirect the page to the Plugin Dashboard. This dashboard is having the following options.

dashboard interface
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  • About: This tab gives information about initial guidance.
  • Modules: This is the place to Enable/Disable 404 Monitor, Redirections, Rich Snippets, Role Manager, Search Console, SEO Analysis, and Sitemap. You can activate any module as per your site requirements.
  • Help: This is a knowledge center. Here, you may get the product support by raising the ticket for technical support.
  • System Info: System info tab gives the complete details of WordPress Environment, Server environment, Client Environment, Theme Information, and Installed Plugin details. It is a helpful option.
  • Setup Wizard: It helps you to configure the plugin in 6 steps. The wizard designed in 6 steps–Getting Started, Import, Your Site, Search Console, Sitemaps, Optimization and Ready to use.
  • Import & Export: You can import and Export your plugin settings from one site to another.

Green one
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General Settings

To choose this option got for Rank Math > General Settings. You will reach the General options page. Here all the settings will be organized into tabs. Here is the list.

  • Links: This is the first tab. Here the settings are available that change the behavior of links of your blog/website.
  • Images: This is the tab for image SEO. Here it contains 2 settings. They are “Add missing ALT attributes” (helps you to add ALT text) and “Add missing TITLE attributes (helps you to create image ALT attribute).
  • Breadcrumbs: This is having only one setting. Just Enable it. (Recommended). Keep all default settings.
  • Webmaster tools: This is the place to verify the ownership of the site in the various search engine tools. You can verify your site by entering the verification code for various third-party webmaster tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools, Pinterest Verification ID, Norton Safe Web verification ID.
  • Edit robots.txt: You can edit your Robots.txt file from here virtually. Keep this file’s default settings with no change if you are a newbie. If you have an idea about this file, use it. This file gives the direction of crawling and indexing access to index in the search engines.
  • Edit .htaccess: It is a configuration file that helps in users and a search engine to navigate your site. Better to leave this default setting.
  • 404 Monitor: Every website has 404 errors. This option rectifies 404 error problems. Rank Math’s 404 monitor helps you to resolve this issue.
  • Redirections: This is a built-in redirection manager feature helps you get rid of 404 errors.
  • Search Console: This option helps you to connect your Google Search console to analyze the data from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Others: This tab has some additional options like Usage Tracking, RSS content setup.

general settings
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Green two
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Titles & Meta

In this page, give the details like Global Metadata, Social Media details, Home Page details, Author details, Miscellaneous Pages, Post–Page – media set up as per Google guidelines and Taxonomies configuration like categories–tags details.

SEO titles and Meta settings
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Green three
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Sitemap Settings

A sitemap is a very important file, it sends the signal from your blog to Search engines after update your blog. It helps you to index your blog post content. In this section, you need to choose which one to include in the sitemap like Authors, Post types, and taxonomies. Just choose the options it to include which one in the sitemap.

They turn the sitemap feature ON by default. Keep the default settings with no change.

sitemap settings
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Green four
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404 Monitor

404 Errors are not a big problem with this plugin. This plugin monitors 404 errors and informs you. You can redirect the page to other pages. It protects from bad SEO.

404 monitor
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Green five
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You can set up temporary or permanent redirections by using this option. Combined with the 404 monitors, you can redirect fault URLs on your site, or add custom redirections.

If you are getting 404 errors, this option will help you. By using this, you can redirect the error page or broken link to similar or relevant pages without disturbing the reader.

If you want to redirect the broken link or an error page, this is the best option to protect the user bad experience by a redirection.

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Green six
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Search Console

You can connect the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin with your Google Search Console profile to see the most important information from Google in your WordPress dashboard.

First, you need to authorize your Google Search Console account with this plugin by entering the Authorization code. After authentication, the plugin will fetch the data from the search console and it displays as Overview, Search Analytics, Sitemaps, Crawl Errors, and Keyword Tracker.

search console dashboard in Rank math
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Green seven
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SEO Analysis

It is an awesome tool added in this plugin to analyze your site SEO from the WordPress Dashboard. This feature will start the Analysis of your site with a simple click.

On-Page optimization is very important for the article ranking in search engines. It depends on some other factors like caching, URL structure and Pagination. So you need to spend hours to rectify these issues. But this feature will save your valuable time. It scans your site within 5 to 10 seconds and will give complete details about your site SEO.

To start this Analysis, just go to Rank Math > SEO Analysis then click “Start Site Wide Analysis” button.

analyzing site
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The final Reports is here. by following the instructions, you can improve the site SEO.

SEO analysis report
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Green eight
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Import and Export

You can Import your previous backed up settings in this section. You can export the Rank Math Settings for further reuse on another blog. In this section, you will have Export settings, Import Settings, Plugin Importer and Backup section.

import and Export settings
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  • In Export Settings, you can export the panel settings by choosing which settings to export like General settings, Titles & Metas, Sitemap settings, and Role Manager Settings.
  • In Import Settings, You can import the plugin settings page from your desktop.
  • In Plugin Importer, You can import the existed SEO plugin settings with a simple single click.


How to Optimize Content with Rank Math SEO Plugin?

The Rank Math content SEO and Yoast Content SEO is almost the same. If you are having a great experience with Yoast SEO analysis tool, you can optimize the content with Rank Math easily.

Here are the 4 parts in Rank Math SEO analysis tool. This part appears below the post editor.

They are

  • General
  • Advance
  • Rich Snippet
  • Social


1. General

In the General tab, you will get the complete content analysis tool. Here you can see again 4 places

content analyzer GENERAL
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Focus Keyword:

  • This is the major part of Content Analysis. Just add your target keyword to optimize the content.
  • You can add multiple keywords (up to 3)
  • If you are optimizing your content with multiple keywords, just add those keywords here and select every keyword before optimization you start.
  • It shows a preview of the search engine snippet if someone searches with a specific keyword in search engines.

SEO Title:

  • Write the Title here with eye catchy lines.
  • When you add the title here, they will show it in the SERPs.

Permalink Structure:

  • Permalink means, blog post URL.
  • You can edit the blog post URL from here

Pro tip:

  • Add the focus keyword in the permalink structure.
  • Do not add more than 5 words.
  • Do not add numbers and special characters

Meta Description:

  • In Meta description, what you add they will show it in the SERP page.
  • Add 160 character description here.
  • Prepare the description by including focus keyword and some related keywords

Rank Math Post Editor Screen
  • Save

Here is the Analysing tool interface after optimization. It is optimizing with 4 different aspects like Basic SEO, Additional, Title Readability, and Content Readability.

2. Advance SEO Settings

content analyzer ADVANCED settings
  • Save

Under this tab, you can configure Advanced SEO settings. Here you can choose post indexing – deindexing feature, canonical URL addition, Sitemap adding a feature, and Custom redirection setup.

3. Rich Snippets

You can set up a rich snippet feature without messing with Schema and Microdata.

content analyzer RICH SNIPPET
  • Save


4. Social

You can use this place to configure Social data like Title, Description and featured Image for Facebook, and Twitter.

content analyzer SOCIAL
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Pros and Cons of Rank Math SEO Plugin

  • More Premium SEO features in a single plugin
  • Lightweight & Speed Optimized
  • Completely Free
  • Beginner Friendly User Interface
  • Modular Design
  • Easy to import all SEO settings from other Plugins
  • Content SEO Analysis need to improve
  • Switching to another plugin is a little harder

Final Words:

Rank Math SEO plugin stores none data within its own servers. It stores the data within your WordPress blog database only. So they protect your data. The team is giving more priority on web master’s data safety.

In the last step of Wizard setup, we are giving permission by clicking the button ALLOW. Here the developers are seeing your Rollbar data only.

The Rollbar is an error tracking and crash-reporting tool. By using this Rollbar data, the developers will suggest you the better options according to your site type for better performance and ranking in search engines.

Few Readings for You:

Note: Personally I recommend this best free SEO WordPress plugin for newly started blogs. because the plugin is in beta stage. If you want to know more details about this plugin, you can visit the official page.

So this is the best Yoast SEO alternative.

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