How To Publish And Write Posts Using WordPress

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WordPress is the leading blogging platform of today’s web. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg at the tender age of 19 and it has now become a raging success and the talk of every other internet forums. This web software allows you to create websites and blogs of your own choice and that too for free. This article explains how to publish and write posts using WordPress in  simple and easiest.

How to Write Blog Posts:

With thousands of themes and plugins available to choose from you can transform your website according to your whims and desires. WordPress now boasts of over 60 million users and has both a downloadable mobile phone app and a desktop version as well. Publishing blogs had never been as easy before and WordPress has acquired contracts from media giants such as The New York Times, Motley Crue and Blondie etc. The creating WordPress Post Types are major aspect.How to create a new post in wordpress

The success of WordPress however belongs to the hundreds of community volunteers which help in expanding it and cause it to reach new heights. A post is an entry that has comment fields underneath them and are included in any site’s RSS feed.

How to Post on WordPress:

Post are usually displayed in reverse order on the home page. This is the Simple tip on “How To Publish And Write Posts Using WordPress”.

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The process of write posts using WordPress and its publishing is fairly simple, here’s how it’s done:

  • You’ll first need to log in to the administration panel of WordPress i.e. Dashboard.
  • Now click on the ‘Posts’ tab in the menu displayed to you on the left side of the page.
  • Then click on the ‘Add new’ tab from the sub-tab menu that opens up.

How to create a new post in wordpress

  • Now you’re in the main editor. Just like when you’re writing an email this editor has a place at the top for your title. Make sure that you have a catchy title so that you can attract users to read it.
  • Beneath it there’s a blank for the main body of the post. Here you can write down all your thoughts and ideas here. Write the article in the body section and write posts using WordPress.
  • The numerous options for font styles and sizes allow you to tweak your text according to your liking. There are icons in the tool bar that allow you to insert various types of media including photos, videos and even music.

How To Publish And Write Posts Using WordPress

  • Once you are happy with your editing you can add additional tags to your post. Depending upon your need select the relevant category and add tags. You can also make other selections from the various selections given below the post.
  • It is not necessary to publish your post right away; you have the option of saving your draft. You can also preview your post and take a look at how it would look when you publish it to the web.
  • If you are using any WordPress SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast (check my Yoast SEO Guide), make it SEO friendly with this plugin.
  • Before you publish the post you can set the status of visibility of your post, whether you would like it to be Public i.e. viewable by anyone or Private, even Password Protected.
  • With advanced options you can even change the publish date and time of your post (Schedule the post publishing).
  • When you are satisfied with your post you can publish it to the web. After you’ve published it you can check out the live version of your post by visiting the blog. You can even re- edit the blog via the edit menu.

So there you go, think of invigorating new ideas for your blog and how to publish and write posts using WordPress easily using WordPress and its convenient publishing process. In WordPress SEO Keywords are very important to optimized the article.

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This Guide has been written to explain WordPress Blogging in detail using simple language.

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