How to setup Professional Custom Email address with Zoho Mail

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Professional custom email address is very important for webmasters and bloggers. When you purchase a domain name you will get free email accounts from the Domain registrants. In 2012, Gmail stopped their support in custom domain email creation from the Google apps services. Recently Microsoft Hotmail also stopped their service in this custom domain email setup for new users. But they are continuing their services with existed users.

How to setup Professional Custom Email address with Zoho Mail

My professional custom email address are hosted on After receiving the message about future email hosting support. I started searching for new Email hosting service other than Gmail, One of my friends suggested about Zoho Email services. Started my new custom email setup in Zoho Email services with my new domain. It is very easy to setup and its completely free for one domain only. After successful setup of my new email, I started writing this article. Any one can follow my step by step guide to setup your professional Email for your domain.

What is Professional Email account?

To create a professional email account from your name you can, avoid using adjectives or nicknames. Remember, your work email account is not for personal use, use it for work or business use only, do not use social networking or subscribe to pages you find on the internet, unless job boards.

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There are mail services that allow you to re-send all the emails that come to you with that account to another email. That way you can control all your emails from one account.

Example of Custom domain Email:

Domain Name:
Profession Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] these are professional custom domain Email addresses.

How to Setup Zoho Mail With Custom Email address :

The Zoho mail service having Free and premium subscription in their Plans. The Free plan allows your users to create 10 custom domain email accounts with 5GB storage for User Mailbox Storage, 5GB Docs Storage (Shared), with antivirus and spam filtering, IMAP or POP3 access, SSL encrypted, desktop email sync and more features.

Step by Step Procedure of setup of Zoho mail for custom email address:

Step 1: Choose Plan:

  • Visit ZohoMail Pricing page and choose “Free” option.
  • You may also choose your preferred currency. The Free plan is called Lite Plan. Then click on Signup button to get started.

How to setup Professional Custom Email address with Zoho Mail

Step 2: Add your Domain:

  • After Visit Zoho and sign up free account.
  • Enter in your own domain name then click on “Add Domain” button.

How to setup Professional Custom Email address with Zoho Mail

Step 3: Signup an Account:

  • In the next page create your first account and verify your existing email address. This email is required to activate your zoho email account and it helps to reset your admin password in future if you forget your password.
  • Finally, Then click on “Proceed to Verify domain ownership”.

How to setup Professional Custom Email address with Zoho Mail

Step 4: Verify your Email ID:

  • After complete the signup form now it’s time to verify your domain. Zoho mail system will send the activation link to registered alternative email in the signup form. activation link in email to activate custom email address in zoho mail
  • Now you will see the Congratulation Page with your personal details to sign up a Zoho mail account.

registered email confirmation

Step 5: Verify your Domain:

  • This is the page, which have details to validate your domain by configuring the provided details CNAME, TXT, HTML. There are three methods available to validate your domain ownership.
    • Add CNAME method
    • Add TXT method
    • Upload an HTML method
  • First two methods take long time to activate. May be it takes one hour to 48 hours. The third option is very easy if you are using hosting. But you know how to upload the HTML file in the root directory of the domain.
  • In this method I used HTML method for my WordPress blog. If you are using Blogspot platform blog, use TXT or CNAME method.
  • Then finally click on “Verify” button.

Domain ownership Verification method in Zoho mail

Step 6:

  • After Successful verification of Domain ownership, you are the administrator of the email account.
  • Click on “NEXT”, and then finally click on “Proceed to Point MX”.
  • Your Professional domain Email is ready.

setup Professional Custom Email address

How to check and compose my Emails:

  • After finish your setup, you can login and check your mails and send your mails with paying money with this Zoho mail service.
  • Go to
  • Sign in with login details which is registered in the above setup process.
  • Then check the mails and send the mails.
  • Remember verify your email address to confirm your account registration.

zohomail layout in Professional Custom Email address

How to add New User Mail Account:

Zoho mail permits 10 user accounts. This is helpful. You can create more than one email with this verified domain email. To do this Go to Zoho panel > User Details > Add User. A free plan email service allows 10 group mailboxes; each group has a capacity of 5GB separate mailbox space.

POP and SMTP settings for Zoho mail
Incoming Server Settings:
Incoming Server Name:
Port: 995
Require SSL: Yes

Outgoing Server Settings:
Outgoing Server Name:
Port: 465
Require SSL: Yes
Require Authentication: Yes

That it. You’re done!

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Been using Google Apps for ages, but since it became a paid service, it has lost a lot of it’s allure. This seems like a great alternative. I would definitely give this a try. Thanks for the recommendation.


Thank you for introduction about registered email with zoho. It is really useful if people purchase a domain and hosting without Email Addresses


Hello Satish Bro, Thanks for your complete guideline. I never heard about Zoho Mail. By reading your this article, just learn a lot’s of important points. I am going to set up my Zoho Mail within short days .



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