How to plan Your Online Presence for better Online venture

Making money through online, working from home is a very popular concepts on Online Venture. I see a lot of people going into this path, but very less people sticking to this path and tasting the online success. Many people lose money and falling prey to Home Jobs Scams and losing the trust on online programs. Personal Online Presence is very important.

Patience is very important up to few months for potential earnings. To be very clear, my experience tells that there is no shortcut to make money online. You need to be devoted, hard working and should be aware of what you are doing and what would be your next step. Building an Online Presence is very important for their branding.

How to plan Your Online Presence for better Online venture

How to plan Your Online Presence for better Online venture?

Before you start off, make sure of the following factors to Online Venture:

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  • That you are prepared for a long run
  • You are going to start a new venture
  • You need to have sufficient time
  • You are going to do what you are interested
  • You will enjoy working from home
  • You have the basic skills required to run your online venture
  • You are ready to work hard
  • You will not expect results very soon
  • You are Hard Working and not Hardly Working
  • You will be able to do the necessary investment if required in your plans

If you are comfortable with all the above factors, then you should start with your plans. You need to decide what you are planning to do online to make money. There are many ways that you can make money online working from home. You should make sure that your project or online venture should be ethical and should have some value. You should also have sufficient knowledge and experience in what you are going to do.

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Some of the methods to create online ventures are listed below, these are discussing in this course:

1. Earning through Blogging
2. Domain Parking
3. PTC Programmes
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Email Marketing
6. Advertising Programs (Eg: Adsense)
7. Link Referral Programmes
8. Make money Writing and Selling E-Books
9. Make money from your talent
10.Online Shopping Mall

Now you need to spend some time on deciding what you would like to do. I would suggest that you should go for something, which will be of your interest, and you have some professional experience. For example, you are a software expert; you could start a service online, so that people could hire you for their  projects.

I have done a good number of projects which I bagged online. All the work was done from my home and sold to the customer. There are many ways to get the payment like Paypal, Money bookers or a bank transfer.

It’s not mandatory that you should be a professional or you should have some professional qualification to start your online career.

For example, you have good cooking skills, you could start a Cooking / Recipe Forum and offer some cooking tips, post your recipes, answer to the queries of your readers, write a recipe e-book and sell it online, etc.

I will be posting more on making money from your blog / website in the coming chapters, so don’t worry about the money making part now.

Final Words:

Creation of Online Presence for better Online venture is very important for every branding.  Do not forget to follow regularly to get new updated info. Your comments and feedback are more appreciative to my work

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