PageWiz VS GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review

PageWiz VS GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review – Which offer best landing pages? Hello everyone, in this article we are going to review two popular tools to create cutting edge landing pages for any purpose. These two tools are GetResponse and PageWiz. Although, there are many tools which may be free as well as paid to build Landing Pages, yet there are only a few which have succeeded in their campaign to achieve more and more users.

That’s why the selection of the Best Landing Page Builder tool become necessary. In the end of this review, hope so you will be able to decide which among these two is perfect for you to create your own landing pages with full ease and flexibility.

PageWiz VS GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review
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GetResponse Landing Page Builder

GetResponse is one trusted name in the field of Email Marketing. It has all of the features which one require to succeed in all of their email related tasks of business. Here if we just talk about the Landing Page Builder feature of GetResponse, it is pretty awesome.

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Some of the major features of GetResponse Landing Page Builder are given below. Special Features of landing page builder is

  • Their package provides 100+ templates that let you edit themselves so that you can create a beautiful landing page on the go without spending any extra time. This is Free Landing Page Builder included in the same pricing.
  • They have ultimate Drag and Drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. You can create pretty much awesome Landing pages by including lots of small and big elements to add. You’ll experience like a hero building the landing Pages.
  • They have sub-domains to offer you for the Landing pages you built with them. You can also host the landing pages at no extra cost with the use of GetResponse Landing Page Builder. Many Landing Pages do not provide this kind of functionality.
  • Web forms are something that is truly a lot useful in the matter of capturing leads at faster rates. GetResponse Landing Page Builder provides you all necessary stuff to build amazing Web forms.
  • It is important that your Landing page should look awesomely beautiful. Images and visual graphics play a very important role in making the Landing page beautiful than ever. GetResponse Landing Page Builder has an inbuilt Image editor which lets you edit the images in an incredible way. They also have more than 1000 images to add you in the Landing pages.
  • You do not require to do any kind of code at all. This is the Best thing of GetResponse Landing Page Builder for the beginners. Generally, to create such amazing Landing pages coding is required. But GetResponse Landing Page Builder is giving you the same flexibility but with a new twist. You have to just move away from the things here and there and has to tell it what type of Landing page you require.
  • It offers Google Analytics Integration that lets you check how your Landing pages are performing and you can immediately make changes if any of the things is odd than your lead generation strategy.
  • You get ultimate A/B testing features which again are very important to achieve long term goals in this regard. You can check with A/B testing from your previous experiments and can make the things better next time.
  • You can embed YouTube and include Facebook within your landing easily. Social Media Icons have always been proven more successful to generate leads.

PageWiz Landing Page Builder

PageWiz is another great solution to build beautiful and creative Landing Page Builder. They have all of the advanced level features required to build quality Landing Pages. Some of the major features of PageWiz are enlisted below.

PageWiz landing page builder homepage
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  • They have professional Landing Page design tool which will let you do all of the things to create and edit the landing pages at one place on the go. It has the Drag and drops functionality and the WYSIWYG Editor.
  • They have built-in AB Testing features that are automated and will allow you to test what things works the best for you so that you can increase your leads as much as possible.
  • They offer pretty cool High Conversion templates that will surely help you to gain the leads at lightning fast speed.
  • You can send emails to several email address by the use of just a single landing page. It’s an incredibly unique feature PageWiz has.
  • It offers you the Real Time Analytics features so that you can track all of the things on the go when they are live. It simply helps you to take quick actions.
  • Their Lead management is completely secured and you don’t have to worry about it at all.
  • They offer a free trial of 30 days so that you can actually test the tool prior to taking it into the business.
  • It has the feature of Real-time Lead capture export to let you export the leads anytime you want.
  • You can integrate it with Google Analytics, SEO Plugins and with Webmaster tools.
  • They have widgets to help you get the exposure from the Social Media.
  • You can make use of their API and manage multiple user accounts as well.
  • They also provide Post protocol based lead export.


When it comes to pricing, here below we’ve given the screenshot of the pricing pages of both the tools. One thing to mention here is that GetResponse plans are for all of their email marketing features while PageWiz plans are just for their Landing Page Builder features.

PageWiz landing page builder pricing
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PageWiz pricing

Getresponse Pricing
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Which is the Best, GetResponse Landing Page Builder or PageWiz? When it comes to choosing one among the two, GetResponse Landing Page Builder and PageWiz, without any doubt GetResponse is the Best. Now, why? Both PageWiz, as well as GetResponse Landing Page Builder, are equally well in features but the main reason why we should go with GetResponse is that it’s a complete email marketing solution while PageWiz is just to build Landing Pages.

It’s always good to accept something more if we are getting along. So, this was our true review of the tool amazing Landing Page Builder. Hope it’ll help you to select the right Landing Page Builder for you. Do not forget to check out the review on GetResponse VS Constant Contact.

PageWiz VS GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review
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