How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Better Ranking in Google Search Engine?


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The use of images in the sites is a normal thing and even recommended because in many cases cause users to read more and explore the site. Images can also be used to improve the positions of some pages in the organic search results of search engines and also to receive traffic services such as Google Images. Why Optimize Images for Web ?

To make this possible images should be well optimized and so in this article we talk about optimize images, teach optimize images the SEO  of an image and also give some tips in order to receive more website traffic as Google, Google Images , Bing and Yahoo. There are plenty of Best Blog Hosting Sites are available at free of cos.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Good Ranking

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How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Better Ranking in Google?



The most popular, Google is the best site that can index images and what can bring more traffic, so these tips are aimed at Google, although also work on other search engines. It is important to note that excessive use of images can slow your site and this is bad for users who visit your site and also has negative consequences for the positioning of your site in the results of the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

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Proper Image Name and description


Always use a name for the image that is meaningful and relevant. Avoid using generic names as Picture 2.jpg or IMG003.jpg, since these names do not give you any benefit to SEO. The file named optimize-images.jpg helps you to gain a ranking in Google Images when someone searches for the phrase “Optimizing Images”.

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Always write a good Alt Text


The “alt” attribute is always very important. Matt Cutts made a video a while ago explaining its importance and how it should be used.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Good Ranking

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The importance of the descriptions and titles

For WP user is quite easy, since the system gives the option to include a title and a description, when it is uploaded an image. You currently have the option of providing descriptive information and allow Google has a sense of what the image is about.

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Coherence image in context


Just as the name of the image and alt text, Google also uses the page content to determine on what the image is. So try to make a connection between images and content for best results in the SERPs.

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Optimize Images Quality

The image quality is very important; always try to use clear images, colorful and visually rich to get better rankings and the SERP’s Google.

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Size and format of the images


If you do a quick search on Google Images will notice that this search engine gives more priority to well optimized images in the size and .jpg / .jpeg format. My personal recommendation is use “.PNG” format for easy loading. I think this is because this format can have a good quality and at the same time an acceptable size. Use any Image Optimizer for Web helps to reduce the size for easy download.

I recommend to use the .jpg or .png format, with an acceptable quality and size (“weight”) optimized.To optimize the image size can use tools like or the “save for web” in Photoshop 0r use TinyURL service on web.


Final Words:

Every blogger is working for good ranking in the blogosphere. This article on How to optimize images for good ranking in WordPress helps you to get good ranking for your blog. This image optimization method is practically gives very effective results for google images traffic for your blog. It gives the brand reputation also.

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