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Online Part Time Jobs for Students Without Investment (Best Part Time Online Jobs)

We have been observing in many classified advertisements, SMS, and Emails in our mobile gadgets as “How to make money on the internet”, “Earn money from Home”.

Out of them about 70% to 80% publicity are fake, and though we know them as Fake, many of us used to pelt a stone to attempt them and there with confident hope, and we are losing our valuable time and money.

best part time jobs

Most of the data entry job providers will provide their jobs as per 30 days of agreement as probation.

After 30 days, in any way, they will show accuracy errors in our works and they will break the agreement without any information.

Almost all part time jobs online are possible without investments and it is more flexible work. If you invest a few dollars in a few places, your income will be double.

Nowadays, most of the housewives retired persons, and students are showing interest in work from home job.

The online jobs are more flexible jobs. These are comfort job by doing part-time work from home.


What are the basic Online Part time Jobs without investment?

At present, while causing searching for online jobs/part-time jobs/work from home/home based jobs, there are numerous websites, which are the search engines will be displayed with full of details.

Our entire lifetime will not be sufficient if we go on to read these search engines. Some of the best part time online jobs available for you.

The principal & primary object of this page is to give (or) explain the genuine methods which are described in the actual techniques essential and familiar.

These Home based jobs (HBJ) like Online part-time jobs, which are getting popularity in India.

In India the metropolitan cities, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad, etc. (or) sometimes those towns are calling as Destination cities.

There is total demand for the online part time jobs workers in the entire Global.

The online part time jobs are like Data Entry Jobs, content writing jobs (writing work) crowdsourcing work on sites (like Mturk, Fiverr) etc.

Besides those there are Social Media jobs, PTC work, Surveys, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging etc. can also be added.

To compensate for this demand in India, the government and some companies have to contribute their service.

The online job opportunity is available to all walks of life irrespective if they are literate, non-educated, and skilled (or) not. Chances are open to all persons.



What are the basic Qualifications for Online Part time Jobs?

Through they are hundreds of home based part time jobs for students are available on the web to make money. The person who wants to get a part-time job online should keep the following points in mind.

  • The person should know the basics/fundamental of online jobs before choosing to get an online job.
  • He can complete his task in a short period by implementing tips and tricks.
  • He should note down the entire subject and also preserve the data as ‘Backup’.

These are basic requirements to start online Part-time jobs from home


Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Within a short period by using small tips and tricks every person can get online part-time jobs and can work in their leisure periods at home, office (or) Cybercafe. Following are some online part-time jobs.


Green one

Earn with PTC Programs

PTC means Pay to Click. There are hundreds of PTC sites are running in the queue of Part-time jobs.

The task is simple here.

If you spend 30 min to 120 minutes, you can quickly earn $200 to $500 monthly by clicking, watching ads and doing simple–short tasks.

PTC Programs

The PTC works give constant income without any interruption. Here I am listing few right sites for your reference. I am recommending this list for testing personally.

Green two

Earnwith Online Surveys

Online Paid surveys are one of the best online jobs. Everyone can earn a good income daily by spending 2 to 3 hours either home (or) at Office by doing these surveys.

There are numerous free surveys sites available on the internet.

Online Surveys

After register in the survey company site, they are sending emails daily necessary by placing the survey link within the email.

You need to check your email on a regular basis and open the survey link in a new tab and complete the survey.

After complete your survey, the survey provider will add the specified amount to your account. The cost of the Survey is from $1 to $25.

Try these Online Surveys

Green three

Earn with Micro Job Works

Hundreds of data entry jobs are available on the internet. But most of the companies are cheating the people for providing fake employment in Data entry category.

Here Micro Jobs are also known as “Data entry jobs”.

Micro Job Works

What are the primary data to join in data entry jobs? They want registration amount.

Once you pay them for membership, they won’t respond to you.

But I won’t say all data entry jobs providers are cheating their members.

Before choosing the Data entry jobs, you need to remember two things before accepting the work.

  • Do not pay any fee for data entry jobs or typing base jobs
  • You need to check the company reputation in all search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To test the status, use these keywords “Company name+Complaints” or “Company name + Review”. By using these keywords, you will get the complete details of that provider.

Anyone can earn over 8,000 to 10,000 rupees per month by working 2 to 3 hours per day from your Home.

Mturk” is the best program in this category. This program is running the team on Amazon.

Other working examples are

  • (formerly

Green four

Earn with Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the reputed sites on the internet.  If you are looking for part-time jobs to sell something, whether you have it.

Fiverr is a site where you can sell your service at a fixed price of $5.

If you can do one task, you can earn $5 per Gig (one task) by passing the information, ebooks (Non-copy write), by knowing famous in the entire world.

Fiverr services

Here you can accept data entry works, ebooks writing tasks, video tasks, audio tasks and much more at minimum $5.

There are hundreds of people are earning their online income by using Fiverr services legally. Just you can receive $5 per task.

How to accept the gigs from Fiverr?

  • Create a free account
  • Fill the Profile details and activate your account by clicking the link from the email sent by Fiverr
  • Add the title like “I will do data entry job for you in just $5.”
  • Add the description of you and your work details.
  • That’s it


Green five

Earn with Blogging

Blogging is the hottest online job because it opens the doors to hundreds of income opportunities.

If your blog is popular, you have a chance to earn money from Adsense, Affiliate marketing, selling your ad space and other networks.

make money with Blogging

Here there are 3 necessary steps to start.

  1. Create a new Blog
  2. Write content and publish on the blog
  3. Promote your blog and Blog posts on Social media and Search engines


Blog creation and Content publishing on the blog is very simple. To monetize your blog, there are numerous ways to make money from the blog.

Personally, I am using Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing to monetize my blogs. Mainly Blogging is my full-time regular job.

I am making a steady income by using these monetization channels. Social media manager job more popular in this category.

Are you excited? Are you ready to start a new blog? Recently I wrote an ebook named “Ultimate WordPress Blogging Guide”.

It is $90 worth ebook. This is absolutely FREE & you can get it to sign up. I explained the step-by-step manner. Download this ebook and start your blogging journey.

Step by Step Blogging Guide 

Green six

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

This is another highest earning opportunity but its bit difficult online job if you are a beginner.

Affiliate marketing means becoming an affiliate with any online advertiser and promotes their product so that whenever someone makes a free sign-up (or) purchases from the advertiser’s website, then you will get the commission.

make money with Affiliate Marketing

Most popular affiliate programs in India are Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart. Amazon is the best choice even if you are living in USA, UK or India. If you use these programs customer service is more important. You should write a review on promoting a product.

Most of the shopping sites provide affiliate programs to promote their products. They are ready to pay 4% to 15% commission on their sales.

Green seven

Earn by uploading Videos in Video Hosting Sites

YouTube is one of the biggest video hosting sites. This is the biggest Google service.

make money with youtube

It is an excellent option to become an internet celebrity along with good money. First, you need to join as YouTube Partner. Then upload high-quality videos on your channel (either own video or created videos). After this, YouTube will pay you when the people watch your videos.

YouTube is very strict in copyrighted videos. There are two different videos are available in YouTube libraries—one is YouTube standard licensed videos and CC-attribution videos.

Thousands of people are already earning four digit salaries with their videos. This is the YouTube – Adsense combined work method.

You can try with other video hosting sites to earn money like

Green eight

Earn with Content Writing Jobs

If you are interested in Writing, Content writing job is good. These jobs are more demanding jobs now a day.  Every website needs content to update their site.

Content writing jobs

If you write one article, the blog admins or website owners will pay from $5 to $50 per article. The payment mainly depends on the content length of some words and quality.

If you are ready to start your career as an online content writer, you need to register for the work providing site. There are few good sites to find the content writer jobs; they are

If you do not have an idea of content writing, there are hundreds of sites are offering content writing tips and courses.

Follow their instructions to become a good content writer.

Once you are good writing section, register the above sites and apply for content writing jobs and receive instructions to write and start making money.

This is a very good option to do part-time work from home job.


There are hundreds of best online part time jobs from home without investment available.

The above-given methods are very famous and genuine methods.

Choose one method to learn basics and start your online job without investment.

Questions about work benefits interviews and hiring process are based on the interaction with the concerned job categories.

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