Three Ways to Make Money With Adsense Easily

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Google Adsense is one of the superb creations of Google. Google Adsense can be selected as a primary source for making money. Adsense gives you a good chance. Earning through Adsense is in your hands. Thousands of  people earn six  figure income from India. Google is the biggest website on Internet. This makes you work through online and bag huge amount. Google provides you Adsense account and sends your remuneration through your website. Google proves an opportunity to earn money with your Mobile content and Video content also through Adsense. The king of the Internet world “Google” provides ads in your website and videos which you upload on the Internet. Most of the online visitors question is “How to make money with Google adsense“.

Three Ways to Make Money With Adsense Easily

Three Ways to Make Money with Adsense:

There are three important points discussing to make money with adsense.

Way 1: Blog / Site Content – Make Money with Adsense :

you can generate passive income by following Google terms and conditions through your website / blog. Web site creation is very easy now a days. Anyone can create a blog / site with a few clicks. Website owners can generate money by placing the ads on your blog / site.  (Eg: Indian website ‘Naaptol’ earns $1000 per day from Google). You can also start blogging career by creating a blog / site without spending money. This is completely free. Blogspot blogs are also one of the Google services. Here you can create one blog free of cost. Best blogging platforms are WordPress and By using this blog, we can make Money from Google Adsense. 80% of the bloggers are Make Money with Adsense

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Way 2: Make Money with Adsense – Mobile content:

When you open some site in desktop computers, it loads very fast and shows complete website. When you open the same site in mobiles it won’t look like desktop view. It takes more time to load the page in mobiles. Now a days web designers design the blog / site with a mobile friendly along with the original site.  Because of the increasing Tablet PC and Smart phone usage. The best example is Facebook. Observe the site loading layout design in desktop computers and Smart phones. So here, I suggest you to convert your blog / sites as mobile optimized sites immediately. Google is ready to send passive and income through Adsense for your Mobile content. When visitors increase your revenue will also increase.  This way you can Make Money with Adsense.

Way 3: Earn with your uploaded Videos:

Uploading of videos takes time but the result is   tremendous. Google supplies ads on your uploaded videos to generate passive income for website owners. Porn (or) nudity videos uploading is against Google terms and conditions. You can upload videos like – Computer tutorials, PPT lessons, technical videos, rare videos, online teaching lessons, new updates explanation, your own created videos, etc. This is the very effective way to Make Money with Adsense.

Important Tips for YouTube video uploads:

  • Your videos must be unique and creative. Copyrighted videos uploading is against to Google Terms and conditions. It should be your own creation. Your video content must be effective, informative and attractive. Most important thing is your video should be enjoyable  for the visitor.
  • Do not upload Porn or nudity videos to your account.
  • Here I will share a small tip to create unique content. Read some articles from popular blogs and select topic. Collect additional points from other reference websites. Then start writing in your style by using the above content and references. It will be 100% unique. It won’t violate Google’s terms and conditions.
  • Your article should have minimum 300 characters. You can use one relevant picture with the article. You can apply for a Google Adsense account if your blog have minimum 50 unique articles. The Adsense team will verify your application and enables Adsense account  for your blog / site.


If your website, blog, videos gets a flood of visitors, you will Make Money with Adsense from Google. The above information is very useful to understand the Adsense account usage. if you have any query please use the below comment box. If it is useful please share this post with your friends on social media. Happy Blogging.

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