Magento Store And Offline Business: Syncing Smoothly

There is a fast growing phenomenon you’d be interested to learn about: e-commerce websites go offline and go hard. It seems that people wish for an opportunity to have a physical experience with their beloved stores. Customers are eager to visit brick-and-mortar retail stores, and, luckily for them, businesses are happy to listen and seize the opportunity.

Magento Store And Offline Business Syncing Smoothly

Therefore, the question of a smooth transition from online to offline without losing service quality on the road is vital and quite popular among business consultants. Projecting corporate values developed for the online business on offline store is more complicated than vice-versa. I offer a small guide for those Magento store owners who are going through this process.

Magento Store And Offline Business:

Stuff The Staff:

The role of staff during syncing is actually more than just significant. You should make it 100% clear and spend some time on checking whether your employees know both online and offline stores as the back of their hand. Retail assistants must become a bridge for customers between both stores. For example, if goods are out-of-stock at the moment, it’s essential an employee makes sure a client is aware of an opportunity to make a purchase online. You should think the customer service policy through and provide staff with the certain instructions.

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Spread The Word:

Social media are not just for online businesses. If you’re launching a promotion campaign for your website, don’t forget about brick-and-mortar store. Don’t divide them, but unite in the eyes of customers. Embrace the newborn store and treat it like a family, like a part of your brand. So, customers won’t get confused whether your retail shop is different from what you offer online. There are dozens of helpful tools to define your loyal audience locally, and an online map is one of them. Loudly announce offline store’s opening: use Google map to pin your Magento store location. Reach out to people and get in touch.

Let me write for you a newsletter:

Having both offline and online groups of customers is more difficult than you may think. They have something in common, of course, but there are also features that distinguish them. Your best bet to build a relevant CRM is an e-mail base. The e-mail base is a key to understand and satisfy new flow of customers. Politely ask a client to leave his e-mail and offer to send him online store’s newsletters and updates – easy and effective way to get a customer to know your website.

Be mobile:

Probably the best way to sync your online and offline shops is a mobile app. If you already have one, give some thought to it, discuss with developers and marketers how to make it extremely useful. A friendly mobile helper is not just a modern marketing perk, but a main source of knowledge. A mobile app will become a permanent interviewer and original source of customer experience data.

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