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How to Install WordPress Locally Using WAMP Server in Windows?

Creating a blog using WordPress is a very easy task. We know that a few precautions are to be taken. The best example for this is “Brute-force attack” which happened recently.

try to post articles, images, and data with lots of effort. The effort gets ruined if the content goes into the hands of the hackers. When you install WordPress every theme and plugin should be checked properly.

SQL Injection” is one of the weapons used by the hacker to attack the blog. WordPress professionals suggest that is a very good process as they say instead of “1-click install” (or) “Auto Script installs” methods from WordPress hosting services.

how to install wordpress by using WAMPServer

Before this, you need to install WordPress with the help of local host server software.

Today I am presenting the how-to guide on How to Install WordPress Locally Using WAMP Server in Windows. This installation procedure is very easy.

Requirements to Install WordPress Locally on Windows

  • WAMP Server software <Link>
  • WordPress Latest CMS (Version 5.2.2) <Link>
  • Windows PC


Now let us discuss how to prepare your computer as your localhost by using “WAMP Server software”. This is localhost software.  The software helps to check and set up all the themes and plugins in localhost without any risk to your hosting servers. The important feature is that you can check your posting  Articles SEO effectively.


Learn how to install WordPress locally using WAMP Server

This is the step by step process of how to install WordPress locally by WAMP Server in Windows.

  1. Download the software WAMP Server and WordPress CMS.
  2. First, install WAMP server software in your Windows.
  3. Go for “C:\wamp\www“, and create a new folder as WORDPRESS
  4. Unzip the downloaded WordPress zip file in “C:\wamp\www\WordPress
  5. Now click the WAMP server icon from the Start menu. (Start > Programs > run WAMP)
  6. Select “Start all services” option from the “left click” on WAMP in the taskbar. How to Install WordPress Locally Using WAMP Server in Windows
  7. Now open Firefox then enters http://localhost  Check the screen.How to Install WordPress Locally Using WAMP Server in Windows
  8. Then click on “PhpMyAdmin” and create a database for your WordPress install. Enter the name as “Demo” and click on “Create database
  9. Again open the Firefox browser then enter http://localhost/wordpress. Now click on “Create a Configuration File” and enter the details given below. WordPress configuration in WAMP server
  10. Click on “Submit” and select “Run the Install” on the next screen.
  11. In the next welcome screen give your “Blog Title” and “Your Email”. Leave the tick mark as it is in “Allow my blog to appear in the search engines like Google” then click on “Install WordPress”.
  12. On the next screen save the “Username” and “Password” in the notepad for the new login. Then click “Log In”.
  13. Now a WordPress login screen will come on the screen. Enter the details collected from Step 11.
  14. Now your WordPress Dasshboarcd ready on your screen.
  15. Go to the link give the top side of the admin dashboard “Yes, take me to my Profile page” and change the password. Finish.
  16. That’s it! Your WordPress has been successfully installed on your computer.
  17. Now You can now login to this URL link http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin using your admin credentials create in the earlier steps.

Now you can do everything like online in your installed WordPress in offline. This is a chance for you to test everything before it goes online without any errors.

What are the advantages of using the Local WordPress installation Method?

  • This uses theme development and testing
  • Plugin creation and testing
  • Rectifying Coding errors, etc.

Alternatives to WordPress Installation in Windows

The above step by step guide on How to Install WordPress Locally Using WAMP Server in Windows is very popular and most of the webmasters are using. If you are a new blogger, do you want to test your themes without installing WAMP server in windows, just use the alternatives given below? They are the alternative installation setup file to test your WordPress themes and plugins in your windows.

1. Portable WP:  WordPress Portable is the package in Zip format. just download and extract the files on your local drive or flash drive and run it! Very simple.

Possible uses for a portable WordPress

  • You can Try new WordPress versions
  • You can Be Showcasing your work to clients
  • Helps to use in Theme development & testing
  • Helps to use in Plugin development & testing

2. Instant WP: Instant WordPress is a complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key.

If you face any problem, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment box. definitely we will solve your query.

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