9 Advantages to Install Jetpack plugin in WordPress Blog

One of the most important responsibilities that require us to administer a means of communication, such as a blog or web site content, it is not only keep you updated on its content but also with respect to the technology applied. This is a special jetpack WordPress plugin review.

What is Jetpack for WordPress? do i need jetpack for WordPress

Often occupy many hours trying to incorporate new tools and accessories in our websites to follow professionalization. Jetpack plugin is a huge added value offered by the platform , as it allows us to get multiple benefits for our site. From the beginning installation and connection is really simple and once available will avail yourself of the potential developer.

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Advantages of Jetpack Plugin installation in WordPress:

1. Enabling notification subscribers list:

From this functionality your followers will receive notifications every time you make an update in any of your articles or sections.

2. Social Share in Jetpack Plugin:

List of social buttons to share your updates with the major social networks. As we always say, it is very important to integrate our site to the major social networks, as these are a way of promoting powerful and very important today. From this function, we can do it without much effort.

3. Trace Tool WordPress official statistics:

While there are many tools like this, which offers Jetpack plugin has a graphical interface that allows to interpret important data for a blog with ease. The statistical analysis allows us to program and make improvements as we know which are the most read articles, the origin of visitors, peak traffic times, the most successful campaigns of advertisers, the most visited sections, etc.. Outlining, analyzing and presenting these data allow us also have better arguments to negotiate our ad guidelines.

4. Pre-Programmed contact form:

You can use your own graphic style giving. This is simple and easily usable contact form WordPress. This contact form helps you to communicate your customers. It have a good Jetpack Support.

5. Short URL’s creators:

Instead of typing or copy long URLs, your users can now access simple and shorter for all your articles and links sections. This functionality is possible from the platform wp.me

6. Embed videos on your site:

Simply pasting the URL of the video you want to publish, we can publish the video we please secure and simple way.

7. Extra Column RSS Widgets: 

The RSS widget is using multiple links in your blog.

8. Automatic leveling:

the platform will take the content of your website or blog and publish automatically on third party services like search engines. Thus the positioning and web site traffic is improved.

9. VaultPress:

With a monthly cost, this add will save a backup (backup) of your blog and in turn perform a security scan on a regular basis for any kind of dangerous malware folders hosted on your website.

Additional features included in Jetpack WordPress Plugin:

  • Customization: Make your site WordPress uniquely yours with custom CSS, Carousels, spam free Contact Forms, Sidebar Widgets, Infinite Scroll and tile paintings.
  • Mobile theme: Instant and custom designed light sensitive issue for phones and tablets.
  • Content tools: Create and publish richer content with e-mail, short Embed Code, Markdown, Beautiful Math, Spelling and VideoPress .
  • The participation of visitors: Increasing traffic and return with improved distribution, free of spam comments, Short links, Likes, Notifications, messages related, Introduce, social sharing, subscriptions and site verification tools.
  • Site performance: Accelerate the delivery of images with the photon CDN and access to visitors Statistics from WordPress Jetpack Stats Feature.
  • Security: Keep your WordPress site safe and secure with Single Sign On, Jetpack monitor, and Akismet spam.

New features are always improving Jetpack plugin basis of their comments and WordPress development. Subscribe to the WordPress mailing list to be notified of new developments.

These points mentioned are just some of the available that we can use to install the Jetpack plugin developed in our blog on WordPress. And the most interesting aspect is that most of these supplements are free and available to all users.

If you have your blog developed in WordPress you need to install the Jetpack WordPress plugin, and save a lot of time to professionalize your website. This jetpack WordPress review helps to improve your visibility on your WordPress blog.

9 Advantages to Install Jetpack plugin in Wordpress Blog
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