How to Install WordPress plugin from Dashboard

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WordPress plugins have been playing a vital role in maintaining a blog in our WordPress. This article helps you on How to Install WordPress plugin from Dashboard. These are main tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. There are about nearly 25,000+ plugins are available in the plugins directory. These plugins are very useful for all works in attractive options to the visitors by handing over from the blog to the internet in the SEO and site optimization and other purposes. There are WordPress Free Plugins in WordPress directory.

What is a WordPress plugin? The “Open Source Community” has prepared these thousands of plugins by the blog maintainers as these blogs Open source code. This is install WordPress plugin tutorial.

How to Install WordPress plugin from Dashboard

How to Install WordPress plugin from WP Dashboard:

There are 25,000+ plugins are present in the plugin directory. Along with this plugins there are other plugins are also available on the specified website. You must download the selected plugin from the specified site. Adding Plugins to WordPress is very easy. After that, follow the instructions to the given steps.

Method 1: Search the Plugin from Dashboard and Install it :

How to Install WordPress Plugins from Dashboard

This is WordPress Install Plugin Without FTP method.

  • Just go to “Plugins” option at left side of your WP Dashboard,
  • then Search for your Plugin in the “Search” box and you will get the Plugin.
  • Just click on the “Install Now” button to get the particular plugin functionality to your WP Site/Blog.
  • After installation has been completed, just activate the plugin.

Simply, Plugins > Add New > Search

Method 2: Install the Plugin from Downloaded zip file:

In the second method, Just Download the Plugin from the specified site to your system. This method is helpful to upload Premium WordPress Plugins from other than WordPress free plugin directory.

  • Go to “Plugins” option from the left side
  • Select the “Upload” to upload plugin from dashboard
  • Next, “Choose File” option from Install a plugin in “.zip formatadd plugin from upload
  • locate the downloaded zip file and click “Install Now”.
  • After this step Activate the plugin to get the functionality to your WordPress site/blog.


Every plugin useful for maintenance of the WordPress blog available in the directory. In order to keep prompt functionality WordPress blog by search and Install such functions and activate the same. These plugins should be used limited to the extent of requirement only. If these special features are installed more load will be fell down on the blog and it will be reflect on this blog also. This is simple tutorial of install WordPress plugin from  dashboard. Check my Best WordPress Security Plugin 2015 post

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