9 Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue Upto Ten Times


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I have started my blogging career 3 years back. Thousands of visitors enjoy my blog. But when I opened my Adsense account, my initial earnings were 0.05, 0.10, 0.15 (or) sometimes 0.01 per day. I got frustrated on Google products like Adsense. I analyzed few taking the help of some adsense experts. I rectified my mistakes in the using of Adsense. You don’t believe my Adsense revenue is increasing day to day. Today I am presenting adsense revenue optimization tips in this article. Ok Let us go in detail…

Major points to increase Adsense Revenue:

9 Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue Upto Ten Times

  1. Keyword selection for Web Pages
  2. Site Performance
  3. Ad types, size and Placing
  4. Ads position and Placing
  5. Block Certain ads
  6. Forget Internal Linking
  7. Domain PR increases Adsense revenue
  8. Google Analytics improves Adsense revenue
  9. Google Search bar positions
  1. Keyword selection for Web Pages:

    Keyword selection is the major aspect. Every blogger should know the Keyword research to make search engine friendly blogs. If you are expecting smart income from your adsense my suggestion is (For New bloggers only), you should register your blog with High CPC paying keywords.  For more details, search in Google with “Adsense high CPC paying keywords” then collect the keywords.
  2. Site Performance:

    Site performance is another factor in adsense revenue. I am maintaining blogs from few years, there is no revenue from adsense even if my blog gets thousands of visits. When I check my blogs webmaster tools account it shows Google Crawler errors. Few days back Adsense introduced “Score Card” in every account. Its rectifying this Crawler error problems. This scorecard shows solutions for the errors.   “Crawler is getting problems to crawl your site and it will affect your CPC and won’t give too much revenue”. After reading this message I changed my hosting immediately.  I observed my revenue change and the site loading time also changed after my hosting.          Read More: Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Successfully
  3. Ads Color, Type and Size:

    Adsense is providing three types of ads to your domains. They are Text ads, Image ads and Video ads.  You can also add both Text and image ads.  After selecting ad type you must specify the size of ads. Here most of the adsense users make a mistake. There are 20 different ad sizes present. But according to adsense experts suggestion, the best sizes are    336X280 (Large Rectangle), 300X250 (Medium Rectangle), 160 X 600 (Wide Skyscraper) and 728 X 90 (Leader Board).  Ads color also helps you to increase your revenue. Select the ad background color Black if your web page background is Block. This is called blending. The total changes can be made in “My ads” tab in your Adsense account.
  1. Ads Placement and Position:

    After generating your ad units it is very important to place your ads in a proper position. Ad placement also increases your adsense earnings. According to experts’ suggestion, you should follow the locations.
    • Leader board:  Ad should go at the top of the page (or) below the header
    • 336 X 280: Ad should be used below the title with (or) without wrapped with the text.
    • Squares and Rectangles: it should be embedded into itself
    • Vertical ads and Buttons: It should appear on the left (or) right sidebar of the page.
    • Horizontal Links: Units should go at the top of the page, between blog entries (or) above and below navigation links.
    • Image ads should  rarely be used
    • Other horizontal ads should be used between the content or at the end of the content.
  1. Block Certain Ads:

    Many times when you observe your site your ads will not be relevant to your content. For example if your posting your article on football models (or) car models your ads will be on “home design” iPhone 5 etc.  These are irrelevant and your CTR rating will be too low on account of this flaw.  Your site content should be in your view to block these type category ads. (Example: Block “Home Decor” category). This method is very helpful. But do not ignore all low CTR ads by this method. Google will remove high CTR ads from your blog. Be careful.
  2. Do not forget about Internal Linking:

    Every blogger expects his visitor to read at least 3 to 4 pages. Internal linking is very important for the visitor to navigate.  Based on the key points and the old links you can reduce the bounce rate of the blog.  Resulting you can get relevant ads from Google.  Because irrelevant ads are blocked. Every post should have internal linking.                                Read More: How to Reduce Bounce Rate in 10 steps?
  3. Your domain PR influences your Adsense earnings:

    PR means page rank.  Google decides your PR.  Google decides your PR based on some important tools.  The page ranks from 0 to 10.  The PR of your domain should be atleast 1.  If your rating is zero the adsense revenue will also come low.  See the example  ABC.com Read More: What is EMD? How to choose this EMD?
  4. Remember to use google analytics for your blog:

    Connect Google analytics to your account.  This increases your adsense revenue. SEO the details of the visitors and the keywords searched by the visitors. This will enhance your adsense revenue.     Read More: How to add Google Analytic Tracking Code to blogger
  5. Google search box:

    You need to have at least one search box in your blog.  According to Google limitations you can display up to two search boxes. Relevant ads will be displayed based on the keyword used by the visitor.  Revenue will be generated on this.


The above mentioned tips are killer tips.  You can increase your adsense revenue ten times.

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