Best Trick to Improve blog speed with W3 Total Cache

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W3 total cache is one of the best cache plugin to speed up page loading time. In my Previous article i wrote about the installation and W3 Total Cache settings for WordPress, you remember if you had an option called minify it does is gather all the JavaScript and CSS in a single file. Those who know me know that I love as clean as possible codes, reviewing my own I found a small bug in the plugin, by default all the JavaScript inserted at the beginning of the document. This causes the load a page the first thing users are downloading JavaScript, i.e., increase load times pretty , though depending on what the file.

Best Trick to Improve the speed with W3 Total Cache

1. Solution to improve the speed with W3 total Cache Plugin:

When I saw this problem I assumed it would have a difficult solution and the only way to change that part of the plugin was touching the source code of it, thankfully I was wrong. Seeking internet shy with me but defends English quite well I found a post in the help forum WordPress referring to the stated above.

The solution could not be easier, just add the following code where you want the external JavaScript file to appear.

<- W3TC-include-js-head ->

The best place to load the JavaScript is at the end of the document , ie, in the footer.php just before the </ body> and </ html> As you can see in the picture below:


2. Still another trick to improve your blog:

Finally we show you another trick that also has to do with the w3 Total cache, thanks to it you can reduce the text to code ratio thanks to browsers cache will also improve the loading time .

As well know in your blog usually add a lot of JavaScript, from Google Analytic, social media, etc … The fact is that normally what you do is you go to the footer and you enter it just before </body>, this is not all wrong but it can be improved.

From now you need to JavaScript as CSS so I include them in an external file, thanks to that the W3 Total Cache will collect it and reduce it , but best of all is that every time you load the web page does not have to load the JavaScript since this will be in the browser cache . The W3 Total Cache Clear Cache is very fast and helps to loading very fast.

Special plugins for your blogs:

This is very simple to do, instead of adding the files to the footer searches the folder on your JavaScript template file (usually all used) and you enter it here , in case you do not have one then upload your FTP and do a call to the.

An important point is that you consider that inserting JavaScript codes in an external file should not be used or the tag <javascript> </javascript>, only enter the content there of.

Finally, if you add JavaScript to a file in your theme make sure it is called by the page and is not a file management panel that will not help, you can check if you call the file loading the home of my blog with w3 off without being connected to the administration. The special features of W3 total cache are

  • W3 Total Cache Opcode
  • W3 Total Cache Database Caching
  • W3 Total Cache Memcached

You only have to look at the source code if the file, if it is called in the home, is also often interesting to see if it is also named in the articles.

Download W3 Total cache Plugin


This article helps you to speed up your website / blog to load within few seconds, tried it myself and it does not need a lot of time to get apply. Really W3 Total cache plugin is awesome cache plugin to improve blog loading time.

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