Hosting services vs Cloud services : Which Services are Safe and Secure?

Most of the bloggers are familiar with hosting services like Hostgator, Godaddy, BigRock, etc. and few bloggers are unable to differentiate Cloud services against Hosting services. Both cloud and Hosting services provides space to host your content or deploy your code on the web but cloud services are far more powerful than typical hosting services. Presently popular cloud services in the markets are Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform, and IBM Cloud.

Hosting services vs Cloud services

The difference between Cloud services and hosting services:

In a nutshell, the difference is a local supermarket vs global multi-chain supermarket. Hosting services are limited to a certain region with a bunch of machines piled up in a location where cloud services are interlinked computer across the globe at different geographies.

Let me give you an example of these two services. If you purchase a gift card or points cards from your local supermarket store and due to some catastrophe the store is closed then the card in your pocket of that store is useless and can’t get value from it. The same card from the multi-store supermarket can be used anywhere in another of the same store regardless of the location with full value.

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Availability and Scalability:

Imagine all your computers are located at one place and storing all information on the same machine with backups but due to a tornado, Tsunami or a terrorist attack like 9/11 would make you panic of your own data because the live transactions can’t be retrieved back if damaged.

In cloud computing, the store is usually done parallel at different locations across the geographies which don’t get any impact of any serious catastrophes. Each and every file or transaction store in 3 different type of storage mechanisms as below:

  • LRS: Local redundant storage — Every file is stored in 3 copies on three different machines at same location
  • ZRS: Zone redundant storage — Every file is stored in 3 copies on three different machines at same location and Three different zones within one country
  • GRS: Geo-redundant storage — Every file is stored in 3 copies on three different machines at the same location and Three different geographies across the globe.

So the availability of a file or transaction is extremely high and it is considered 99.9999 as SLA and assurance provided by most of the cloud providers.

Scalability is another big feature in the cloud where all different computers are interconnected to provide the ultimate performance with very less distribution of the services.

Individual vs Enterprise:

Just to conclude when to use the hosting services and cloud services, Traditionally cloud has been used by Enterprise applications due to its cost and maintenance but hosting services are extremely used by the Individuals with the basic needs of content publishing due to its less price tag.

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