GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review: Best WordPress Hosting for Better Experience in Blogging

This is a GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review. GreenGeeks is a Web hosting service that got to be on the top list of best hosting services. For those who are searching for a web hosting for a reasonable and affordable price with maximum security, this web hosting is best website hosting service. Hop in for some GreenGeeks Coupon codes that you find on this web page.

History of GreenGeeks

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The GreenGeeks was founded back in 2008. The Person stood back of this company is Trey Gardner. This person worked on many web hosting services like iPage, HostPapa and 6 more. Then he established this in Los Angeles, California.  Even though it started late than any other webs hosting services, this stood in front line along with many other top rated web hosting services. Since beginning the GreenGeeks has to give hosting services to more than 300,000 websites. This service had data services in the U.S. and Canada. They are going to establish a new data centre in Amsterdam also.

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What is Green Hosting?

For many, it doesn’t matter how the servers run even if they give them good servers. The servers should continuously run in order to run the data and keep up 100% uptime.  To do this they should give power supply without interruption. So they provide diesel-run generators for that. But they cause-effect to air because of the greenhouse gasses emitted from the motors.

The GreenGeek web hosting puts a lot of effort in avoiding these greenhouse gasses. So that they included a power supply that runs on air. This made this web hosting a powerful green web hosting.

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What are the Features of GreenGeeks Hosting?


The features of GreenGeeks are as follows. Follow up for GreenGeeks Coupon codes on this web page below.


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Powered by renewable energy

As discussed above this GreenGeeks web hosting servers run on renewable energy. They use wind energy for this purpose. You may think how it is a special feature for us, but many opt green hosting service as a part of their courtesy.

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Free .Com Domain

On the first purchase, the GreenGeeks Hosting provide a website domain name for free. This will be most useful for newbie bloggers.

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30 days money back guarantee

For those customers who do not opt to continue the services can withdraw them. This can be done within 7 days. And the money will be back in 30 days from the date of withdrawal.

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Free Backups

In this service, you can get free backups without even your interference. You can set to back up for every night and the backups occur every night.

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WordPress installation

WordPress installations can be done by hand on the web hosting. It is very easy to install WordPress on the GreenGeeks hosting.

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Unlimited Traffic and database

There is no limit to the traffic for the websites placed in GreenGeeks hosting. You can have unlimited traffic as your website can earn. There are no restrictions.


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Greengeeks Customer feedback
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Plans and Pricing


The GreenGeeks hosting runs their servers on Linux and UNIX operating systems for its servers. The pricing and of the GreenGeeks is as listed below.

GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting:

greengeeks shared web hosting
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This Shared hosting is useful for small business purposes and any individual who is looking for a plan for websites with the little whole budget. GreenGeeks is the best service for the shared hosting service. This guarantees a 99.9% uptime for the websites.  The features of the hosting service are mentioned below.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage and data transfer
  • Free domain name registration
  • Secure Pop3/IMAP email service
  • Free marketing and SEO tools
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support
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GreenGeeks WordPress hosting:

greengeeks WordPress optimized hosting
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If you are looking for a fully loaded WordPress hosting service then the GreenGeeks is the best web hosting for WordPress sites. The service provides a good WordPress hosting service. The features of GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting are as follows. The GreenGeeks is a top web hosting for WordPress.

  • Unlimited web space and Data transfer
  • Free WordPress migration
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free one-click installation
  • 24/7 US-Based Support
  • Free Domain Name Registration
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Dedicated Hosting:

The dedicated hosting starts at a $169/mo. The shared hosting is good for many bloggers and industrial purposes. But many need a hosting pack for a website that has huge traffic or large content. Hence they opt for a dedicated hosting service. Get hosting with discounts by using GreenGeeks Coupon codes.

The GreenGeeks provide a dedicated hosting service for those who don’t like the shared hosting. The only thing to be remembered for having dedicated hosting is that we need to write a request for the company on the official website. This is because the company does not disclose the pricing and plans in the GreenGeeks dedicated hosting on its official website.

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Reseller Hosting:

Greengeeks Reseller hosting
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Here is a great opportunity for those who wanted to start a small hosting business. Here in this pack, we give you some disk space in which you can make others to host themselves. By this, you can make a business within your home premises.

Here there are plans for different projects if you want to host a small space with limited members you can opt-in for different GreenGeek reseller web hostingSEED’ Reseller web hosting. The seed reseller hosting is followed by Sprout Reseller hosting and then plant reseller hosting, Tree reseller hosting and Forest reseller hosting. Based on your business and number of clients you can choose you reseller hosting. Costs vary with each hosting.

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My Experience with GreenGeeks

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Recently I shifted my blog to GreenGeeks hosting. I am using their services from May 2017. I am very happy with my blog. Simply I observed a few points on this hosting.

  1. Support: It is simply superb. When I am facing technical issue with my blog, the support team rectifying my problems every time. their support is excellent. Really they are responding within a few seconds after entering into support room. They are responding and solving my technical problems from blog side and server side within a few hours of my request.
  2. Uptime: This is the major issue for every blogger. Most of the web hosting service providers assuring 99% to 100% uptime guarantee. I have an experience with more than 5 top web hosting companies servers. But I really shocked with Greengeeks uptime results. See my uptime results below. This is not a fake graphics. The snapshot was taken at the time of this GreenGeeks hosting review writing time. The snapshot was taken on 5th September 2017. If you see the latest Uptime notice (see the bottom of the below image), the last downtime was noted before 255 hours. Here I found the maximum downtime. It is not more than 4 minutes for every 10 to 12 days. Really awesome.
    bloggingden uptime record
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  3. Unlimited Email Accounts: The hosting package comes with unlimited features. The email accounts are very secured. Recently I created my professional email in GreenGeeks and connected with my Outlook account. It’s working great.  Email syncing feature is very good.

Simply it is 100% Worthy web hosting.



Even though there are some cons, those are mostly avoidable. We can make great things using this hosting service.  They have guaranteed many and every one of them is in service. Get hosting with discounts by using GreenGeeks Coupon codes.

The free domain which they have promised is compulsory. The only thing is it will be supported only until you continue their services. There is a very easy method to signup available for the CPanel. They accept Credit card and PayPal payment methods. Unless you use an additional memory of the hard disk provided for you, you will not be priced for an additional amount.

The Cpanel is very much easy to use and you can have a good experience with the installation procedures. No upsells in the GreenGeeks. One click installation makes it easier to do your work.

We personally recommend the GreenGeeks hosting because it is a fast hosting for WordPress. We recommend it because of its efforts to make its customers happy. They work all the time to keep the servers working so that we get a 99.99% uptime. There are GreenGeeks Coupon codes that will give you many discounts. When compared to other hosting sites this stood on in the top web hosting sites 2017 and is a secure WordPress hosting company.

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For all the above reasons you should give a look up at GreenGeeks. They provide you more than what you wanted.

Greengeeks hosting review
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Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

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