Google Publisher plugin: How to Place Adsense codes with a Single Click?

In the middle of the January 2015, Google launched official Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress blogs. This is a special Google Google Adsense plugin from Google developers. This tool helps you to integrate Google products easily and enables Adsense and webmaster tool on your WordPress blog. Before adding Adsense code you must generate the code within the snippets, then it pastes into your situation or to manually edit PHP files. But it takes 5 to 7 minutes to finish this chore. But this plugin lets you put Adsense ads using a mere level and click UI. This is a basic Google publisher plugin review.

google publisher plugin for adsense users

Supporting Google Products:

Google Publisher Plugin is an supportive and friendly plugin for WordPress users in beta phase. This plugin supports two Google products – Adsense and Webmaster tools.

  • Google Adsense Support: It helps to gain money by putting ads on WordPress blogs. Automatically this plugin links with your Adsense account. It makes easier to place ads on WordPress sites without modifying any HTML code.
  • Google Webmaster Tool Support: Webmaster tools provide detailed reports about page visibility and suggests changes according to Search engine algorithm. This plugin helps to verify your site on webmaster tool with a single click.

The Google Publisher Plugin can download from the WordPress Plugin directory. If you require to know more info about this plugin simply check the Google’s Help Center.

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System Requirements to install the Google Publisher Plugin:

BeforE using this plugin you need to set up, make sure to check this following requirements.

  • PHP version: minimum 5.2.0
  • Wordpres version: 3.0
  • Ensure that you can be installed third-party WordPress plugins

How to install the Google Publisher Plugin:

WordPress plugin installation is very easy process. There are two methods are using WordPress bloggers.

1. Automatic installation from the Dashboard:

This is very intimate and easier method. Just follow the step to complete the wordpress plugin installation.

  • Login into WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins > Add New on the left side column
  • Type the name of the plugin in the search bar as “Google Publisher Plugin
  • Now click on Install Now to install plugin in your site / blog.
  • Then click on Activate the plugin. That’s it. Now your plugin is active.

2. Manual installation with FTP:

To execute this, you need to install Filezilla FTP software in your PC. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”, which helps to upload the files onto a WordPress blog. Just follow few steps to complete this manual uploading method.

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  • Install Filezilla Software.
  • Login into your WordPress blog with FTP details.
  • Instantly download the Google Publisher Plugin from WordPress Plugin directory. Now unzip the file on the desktop.
  • Drag and drop the unzipped file into the plugin directory of your WordPress site (WP-content/plugins).
  • Now Login into WordPress blog account, then activate the plugin. That’s it.

How to Configure Publisher Plugin:

Google Publisher plugin configuration is a very simple process. Simply move to Settings > Google Publisher Plugin.

  1. Open the Google Publisher Plugin.
  2. Now start the configuration by clicking on “Get StartedHow to Utilize the Google Publisher plugin in WordPress Blogs?
  3. Click the Manage ads button under your AdSense publisher information. This will open a preview of your site, showing your home page.How to Utilize the Google Publisher plugin in WordPress Blogs?
  4. Select the part of your site you wish to place ads on (home page, single page, or single post).How to Utilize the Google Publisher plugin in WordPress Blogs?
  5. Click on a marker in the preview to place an ad in that location.
    You can place up to three ads on each page.
  6. Once you’ve placed an ad, you can change its settings. Click the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the ad to open the settings panel.

There are four different ad formats available:

    • Automatic (use whichever size and shape is most appropriate)
    • Horizontal banner (a wide, thin ad such as 728×90)
    • Vertical banner (a narrow, tall ad such as 160×600)
    • Rectangle (an ad with similar width and height, such as 300×250).
  1. When you’ve finished placing ads on your site, click Save and activate to start showing ads on your site.

If you don’t click Save and activate, any changes that you’ve made will be lost when you close this screen.


Google officially launched a Google publisher plugin (Special WordPress Adsense plugin) is the new revolutionary plugin among the Adsense plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. It serves to integrate Adsense and webmaster tools in WordPress blog easily. Very useful plugin for WordPress and Adsense beginners.

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