Top 18 Google Plus Tools to improve your Online Marketing

Google Plus tools are very famous to improve online marketing. The visibility of your product on search engine is depends on the promotion. If your blog getting more traffic, you will get more reputation or product sales. Before going to the discussion first we need to know about the Google plus Social networking site.

Google+ is a social network operated by Google Inc. Google+ was launched in June 2011. Users must be at least 13 years age to create their own accounts. Google+ is already the second most popular social network in the world, linked with YouTube, earning about 343 million active users.

Google+ integrates different services: Circles, Hangouts, Interest and communities Google+ also be available as a desktop application and a mobile application (but only works in the operating systems Android and iOS). Sources such as The New York Times have declared more Google attempt to compete with the social network Facebook which had more than 750 million users in 2011. On 20 September 2011, Google enabled the creation of accounts users with more than 18 years, with improvements in their areas of videoconferencing.

Google Plus Tools

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New feature of Google+ : Collections

Google Plus is about to include a new feature called Collections. This functionality is under test for early implementation. Collections allow you to create collections of photos, links and videos in one place.

 Also collections can continue independently as we do now in Pinterest.

  • The Pinterest Effect From Pin to Purchase

At the beginning and after many “blunders” I realized that the strategy functional I well in other social networks I did not work here, and therefore had to devise a strategy for Google Plus that was different from the others.

Here I leave a good list of tools to Google+ hopefully help you squeeze this network.

18 Google Plus Tools to improve social reputation:

Here 18 Google+ tools are introducing one by one. These tools helps to Find Google Plus Users and also to increase google plus followers.

 1.  Steady Demand Pro :

A complete tool to squeeze this network and with which we can do among other things:

Steady demand pro tool for google plus users

  • Very advanced Google+ Statistics
  • Analyze up to five Google+ profiles
  • We can analyze our competitors.
  • Learn to when and how we should publish.

2. Integration with YouTube :

YouTube is fully integrated with Google+, so it is a very useful tool that we can use to build our social presence in both channels. For example, when you make a hang out once the event is a movie created in YouTube channel and appears in the video tab of your G + page.

3. Googomi :

An interesting tool that become part of your public Google+ account in an RSS feed. Googomi is a service that allows us to generate a RSS for all public issues of our profile. It is ideal for getting our post to all users who do not actively participate in this network. You just log in with the appropriate permissions and works very simply.

4. Google Plus Badge Widget :

This is one of the WordPress Plugin. It’s my favorite to insert a widget in any WordPress blog. We can Install and configure the plugin very easily. It is very simple and get many of your readers become Google plus followers.

5. Steady Demand: Google Plus Brand Audit Tool :

Steady Demand is a good tool for Google Plus to audit accounts and extract data like;

  • How has linked my Google searches
  • Fix common errors
  • To know the quality of our post
  • Analyze each post individually to improve their SEO

6. All My Plus :

All My Plus , is an application that after show our ID Google, it will show key metrics from your profile or page or the person you want to evaluate, based on detailed statistics on our last 250 publications  in this social network. It is free and displays the results immediately.

The Tool helps to analyzing statistics of your Google Plus profile page. You can also search statistics for a particular topic. It is very easy to use and quickly shows us things like:

  • Overview of all our posts.
  • If you’ve shared your location on Google+, will show a location map.
  • Graphics to analyze the behavior of each of our publications.
  • Popular Post.
  • People who have more share your posts.
  • Export data in excel format.

7. Timing+ :

Timing+ is an essential tool for Google+, and we will report the best time of publication, so that our posts have a greater impact. We all know that the best time publish stresses that we have a better engagement in social networks.

It shows you what is the best time to publish, on time and day of the week. By analyzing historical data of your post shows when you have had the greatest impact.

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8. Recommended Users :

Very useful for finding people by these tool. The tool will suggest you most important users of each subject and that would be very interesting to include in our circles.

9. Simply Measured  :

Simply measured is one of the biggest google analytics plus tool. It has a partnered with the biggest social networking sites and tools like Facebook Marketing partner, Twitter’s Official partner, and it is a YouTube Certified partner. This is premium service with $500 / month in social pack. It has a free social trial if you are running agency.

10. Engagor :

A powerful tool to manage all our activities on social networking tool. We can analyze and track all interactions.

11. Friends plus Me :

This is a web application that allows you to publish content from Google plus  and automate profiles, groups and pages on Facebook and Twitter profiles, profiles, groups, pages and blogs of Tumbrl LinkedIn. It is for those who are more active on Google Plus and want to automate in other social profiles. You have a free version with up to 40 publications per month and the rest is paid. What has not convinced me is that published a tweet with a link without text.

12. Circle Count :

circle count tools for google plus user

Circle count is one of the Google+ Tools, which is intended for us to better understand how this network works and where we can find the most popular in:

  • You need Google Account Sign in first
  • Attractive people posting content.
  • Personal profiles and most followed pages.
  • The best influencers of this network segmented by country, theme and the number of followers.

How does it work ? How to use Google Plus for Business ?

The circle count operation is very simple and we have to start the search for a name, a location or the URL of a profile for results. If you decide you do not hurry third because the results may take 10 to 15 minutes to appear depending on the size of your Google Plus account.

Regarding brand influencers:

  1. Find the most popular people in Google in your country, segmented by three categories:
  • With more comments.
  • With more +1.
  • More times shared.
  1. Find the most popular pages on Google for your country, segmented by three categories:
  • With more comments.
  • With more +1.
  • More times shared
  1. G + users with highly recommended content.
  • Total Engagement.
  • Percentage of spread of Engagement.
  • Percentage of depth of Engagement.

 Make this search is very simple and can be found in the People tab, as seen in the image below.

In addition, a simple search to find the best influencers in Google+ is filtered by country and by groups of followers, does the test with the following groups:

  • 1000-3000 Followers
  • 3000-6000 Followers
  • 6000-9000 Followers   and so gradually.

13. Notifications of Google+ :

This toolbar is very useful because we can see all notifications received on G + no need to go into the Social Network.

14.  Circloscope :

Very useful for the management of our circles in Google Plus tool. Here are some of its most important features:

  • Get the list of the people in their circles.
  • Get the list of his followers.
  • Get the list of inactive users in your G + circles (ie, inactive in the last X days).
  • Get the list of people in your circles that follow / no follow behind.
  • Get the list of duplicates (2 or more people in circles of their own).
  • Get the list of the relevant people in their circles.
  • Get the list of the members of any community.
  • Get the list of people who have returned to share a message.
  • Get the list of people who have given you +1 ‘.
  • Get the list of people who have commented on a post.
  • Get the list of people in a shared circle.

15.  Replies and More :

Chrome extension that adds G + us some buttons to facilitate our responses within any post comments. We can answer a comment or respond to the commenters. Another interesting feature is that it integrates a drop to share your post to Facebook, Twitter or email it.

16. Do Share :

Google Chrome extension that allows us to program our post, all integrated in our own browser.

  • Do Share  so far is the only tool that allows us to program content from our personal profiles. And yet many people do not know.
  • You get off to use the Chrome extension.
  • You can schedule the hours that you want to share publicly, or define which people or communities you do it. It is amazing because it saves a lot of time.
  • To upload photos from your computer, it will ask for authentication once.
  • It’s still experimental and is not without errors.
  • But yes, perhaps one of the most important drawbacks that has, is that you have the browser and open your Gmail for the post to be published. Nothing is perfect and is the only one there. On second thought, is not as complicated, because while you work, and you usually schedule tweets in Buffer or Hootsuite, you can perfectly do with Do Share for Google Plus and did you find out.

17. Easy Cover Maker :

Easy Cover Maker , Want to make the cover page of your business or personal profile? Use this tool and do it in minutes. As easy as selecting the Google + tab and upload the pictures, this tool allows you to modify, move, rotate, enlarge, turn it over so that your design fits snugly to how you want it. Before uploading a photo, I recommend to design with Canva.

18.  GPlusPlus :

Transform your Google Plus social environment a much more integrated with Twitter and Facebook, letting you publish your post on Facebook and twitter tweets without leaving G +.

Final Words:

Some people think that Google Plus is not very important, but the truth is that for me is one of my favorite social networks and where I find more quality information, and where I feel more comfortable to talk and network with other professionals. The above are best and useful google plus tools for business.

I understand that there are people that use their business only to improve search engine optimization or SEO to improve local, but delves deeper into this network can be found very post aspects for any business.

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