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Google My Business: Importance and Usage for Bloggers

It is very close to year end and surely you’re thinking new strategies to have more traffic on your website. Google My Business is one of the most popular way. Promote your site to get more sales is the best we can do today, but how do you do?

We have a number of options, including paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO Services for Small Business), sure you’ve used any of them, as in every discipline there is always something new to try.  In this post we will give you an option to attract more visitors to your website.

The option is to talk like Google My Business, if not already know this tool and this can be considered good as an added value for your WordPress website, if your goal is to offer a product / service to your customers.

Google My Business Importance and Usage for Bloggers

If you have not yet realized the power of Google because we’ll tell you.

  • Thanks to Google people from all over the world can easily reach you if you’re well positioned.
  • You can add the area where your business and your brand’s details.
  • The market share that Google has is impressive compared to other search engines (Other than Google Search Engine), depending where you are; between 70% and 90%, this percentage we see no decrease in the short term.

Importance of Google My Business :

By using Google My Business will give you more ways to find your target audience.

Improve visibility :

Surely you’ve asked a panel of high visibility giving important information about the company when you search a business, it appears on the right side.

The first thing you thought was, the company will have paid Google to have that data panel, then you are wrong; It is the result of using Google My Business.  After being included in the service, you’ll take care of the data you want to give importance.

Put your business on the map :

To increase the credibility of your website, you have to put your content on the platform of Google Maps. By doing this your customers can verify the legitimacy that is your business. Also your customers can give through qualifications and can also make comments. Every SEO Company’s first preference is Google My Business.

Along with the map you can add a virtual tour of your business, you elaborate video is available in My Business.

Google+ an untapped opportunity :

We have a huge opportunity to attract customers to leverage this platform has the power to use the circles, you can access each circle to offer your products depending on the tastes and needs they have.

Also in SEO have certain advantages unlike Facebook or twitter, plus also sharing good quality content, they could receive the number +1, and Google took such content more relevance on competition.

Are you convinced it’s a great tool support? Well then now we just need to have a Gmail account, so you have access to them.

If you still have not wait, the platform offered by Google My Business is not complicated, just the opposite, very interactive and easy to use.

You only have to activate the options according to how you have decided to interact with your customers, such as whether you want to show the address of your business or service area where they, as well as the type of business you have, among other options.

Integration with WordPress :

WordPress developers take advantage of opportunities and this is one of them, have in internet plugins to integrate your Google profile.

Among the profiles that most caught our attention is the Plugin Google Places Reviews (Google Local Business Reviews), this plugin gives you the ability to display views that have left your users, automatically appear in your Google profile My business in the sidebar and in other areas your website.

This commercial version of Google Places Reviews, is available from $37, is optional if you want to enhance the current platform that offers Google My business.

As you will see gives you the facility to have credibility with your target audience in the form of customer feedback, you will have to try to acquire all possible criticism. Most of the marketers are using Free Google Websites for Small Business for their Online Marketing.

The best thing is that everything starts having a Gmail account and everything else is free, what more can you ask for?

Share us your experience with Google My business!

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