What are the Effects of Google Medic Update on Blogs and Websites?

Google had released a major core algorithm update (Google Medic Update) this August that affected website ranking in SERP.

After the release of this update, many websites and blog that were ranking in the first page lost it’s position while the undermined blogs and websites gained positive ranking.

This article will be helpful for you to learn about this update and how to take actions if your website has been hit after the release of this update.

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About Google Medic update

google medic update
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Previously, Google update was rolled out and it is an unnamed update. This update has hit the sites related to medicine, health. So, it is named as the “Medic update” by Barry Schwartz.

Google Medic update also affected the sites from finance, auto, education, commerce industries.

It is reported that about 56% of websites lost 5% visibility in Google SERP.

Similarly, a lot of underestimated websites had gained top positions in SERP.


That’s great news those sites are given value by Google.

This is the nucleus update that changed major ranking factors and this is the time for the webmasters to awake to prevent chaos in the future getting hit by Google updates.


Impacts of Google Medic update

The update had definitely created a major impact in the SERP.

It is estimated that about 2/4th of the sites that were ranked on the first page was hit by this update.

Few websites lost their raking from top 10 search results, while many websites lost visibility completely even in the top 100 search results.

Brands and blogs of established companies had seen a positive movement in SERP.

This shows part-time writers will have a hard time ranking their websites.

Many Wikipedia pages and large portal reached number one position in Google.

Small and medium business was hit hard. Many companies were closed due to the loss of traffic.

This also affected the people who were doing digital marketing jobs since digital marketing agencies have lost their important clients after this update.


Reasons for rolling out Google Medic update release

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The main reason for the release of this Google update to improve the accuracy of search results by listing out the results according to the intent of the search.

Google wants to help the search users to find the websites with the exact information they are searching for.

So, this is an update mostly related to on-page optimization.

Google now focuses on content, design and user experience of the websites along with other ranking factors.

Websites with copycat content, scraped content, content without any value are going to face huge trouble in the upcoming months.

Bloggers who care their readers to provide only valuable content do not have to worry about this update.

Even if they are not hit by this update this is an alarm for them to review their property and improve the experience of user (UX) and other essential factors in their blog.

Though this update majorly affected the sites based on on-page factors, sites with spam links also got affected.

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How to recover your website hit by Google Medic update

Google stated that there is no specific fix available for the sites which are hit by the Medic update. When Google rolled out Panda update sites with thin, poor content was penalized.

Similarly, sites with spam links were hit by the Google Penguin update.

  • It was very easy to recover by fixing these issues. But, it remains a mystery for the medic update.
  • Google advises that the webmasters’ should concentrate on publishing good unique content on the website. However, we cannot stay just like updating new content on the website that doesn’t rank anymore.
  • The penalty recovery process for the Medic update is still in the starting process.
  • You’re advised to stay calm until experts reveal the solution for this or you can try to fix by applying some common solutions.
  • Here are the fixes you can apply to check if it works for you.
  • The first step you can do is check for thin content and update it.
  • Try to add more images, charts, tables to the content.
  • Check out the page speed, website errors, broken links, and mobile friendliness. You can use SEMrush web audit service to rectify the problems.
  • If possible try to upgrade the mobile website to Accelerated mobile pages technology.
  • In the case of off-page elements, try to find spam links and disavow those. And at last, Follow the white hat techniques to avoid backdrops in the future.

These are the first aid fixes a webmaster should apply for his website to test if the problem is with basic elements of the website. If it does not work, go for advanced troubleshooting.



Google Medic update V2(updated)

Google had rolled out an update last week. After this update release many sites which were hit by the previous update seen a positive impact in SERP. It is said that Google might soon release a new update that should help the sites that were hit by the previous update to recover.

Additional readings for you:

So, start working on the fixes listed above to see a positive outcome in the future.

effects of Google Medic Update
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