How to get good Keywords with Competitive Analysis?

What is a competitive analysis? Choosing the right keywords is crucial to your positioning strategy, analysis of keywords used by your competition is a must in your approach of choice. Where and how to find these keywords?

In my next article entitled “How to do Keyword Research for your Blog“.  We reviewed two methods to find keywords, Intuitive approach, and Generators. After these two steps, it is interesting to compare and complete their keyword list with competitive analysis.

How to get good Keywords with Competitive Analysis?
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Why do a competitive analysis?

Analysis of competition is one of the most critical steps in creating a website and by extension in the choice of keywords. It is important to thoroughly research the competitive sector on which you plan to compete. This analysis will provide you with relevant information in your process of choosing keywords; it will allow you to consolidate or not your intuitive approach. If one knows how to do it, this analysis can be very simple and quick to implement.

Where and How to find these Keywords?

Where to find them?

  • To determine the keywords highlighted by competitive analysis, it should at first to find sites to analyze, targeting preferences competitor sites rank well on Google in your field of activity and phrases you’ve learned.
  • Once spotted competing sites, we are just going to visualize areas with keywords in the source code, focusing on such occurrences recorded in the levels of titles and metadata.

How to find them?

  • Each of these data is accessed via the display of the source code of the pages in browsers. To view the source code of a page, make a simple right click and you will see the context menu  “View Page source” or “view source code”  depending on the browser used.
  • If you are using Firefox and Chrome browser use the shortcut “Ctrl + U“.  To find keywords in the source code, observe the words between the tags  <title>  and  </title> or the named tags <meta/>.
  • The first indicate the title of the page and therefore the keywords related to the general theme of the content while the metadata provide guidance to spam search engines.
  • Other areas of optimization can also be observed such as beacons internal title  <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4> to <h6>.
  • There is an excellent tool providing from Neil Patel about Keyword Competitive Analysis in his blog article.

Tools for Competitive Analysis of Keyword:

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis? There are tools for competitive analysis is available. Here I am listing the Tools according to Search, Link popularity and Visitor activity – traffic. Let us check the competitive analysis tools now.

According to Search Engine Performance :

These are very good Competitive analysis tools. But these services are providing Ten Results only in free version. If you want more results for your deep analysis you must upgrade to premium versions.

According to Link Popularity:

The given tools are very good to analyze the link popularity of any blog URL.

Link popularity means

Generally speaking, a site with more links (higher “domain authority”) than you is going to outrank you in Google, unless you target phrases that they aren’t.

  • Open Site Explorer : Most popular tools to check Domain Authority along with Competitive analysis.
  • Majestic SEO : This tool providing very good Competitor Analysis Report

According to Visitor and Traffic Activity:

Visitor activity and traffic is another important aspect in the Competitive analysis. Here these tools help you know this activity.


The competitive analysis is complementary to the Intuitive approach and the use of generators, for example, it can provide you with keywords that you had not thought of. We will address auto-completion in a future post to go further in our quest for good keywords.

This analysis is very useful for every Blogger, content writers and in Affiliate marketing.

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How to get good Keywords with Competitive Analysis?
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