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How to Improve Better Alexa Rank for your Blog? (10 Basic Steps) is one of the most popular sites that you should join if you have your own site. Simply is a “Web Information Company”. What Does Alexa Rank Mean? This helps you to check Website Popularity Rank. The Alexa site you can find information on traffic levels for websites.  Thus, you can increase your Alexa ranking websites easily.

But why you need to increase? Because of ad networks, advertisers and webmasters help himself with the Alexa ranking to see your blog or page ranking. Better than your blog or website ranks in Alexa ranking the more you get from the sale of advertisements or links to your blog or website using one of these products: ReviewMe, TLA, Sponsored Reviews.  It is simple to understand, more traffic and higher rankings for your blog, the more money you get from using one of the above products.

How to Get Better Alexa Rank with 10 Steps


How to Alexa measures rank for your blog?


How the Alexa measures rank for your blog?

Alexa is measuring your blog traffic and allotting rank. Less rank is better in Alexa ranking. That means your visitors either have to install the Alexa toolbar on their browser or you should put an Alexa widget / plugin installed on your blog. When compared to other blogs, under the niche Blogging and Technology will have a better Alex rank.

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Ten Basic steps to get better Alexa rank within short time


1. Install Alexa Toolbar:

Download and Install Alexa toolbar into your browser. Ask and encourage your friends to install your toolbar on their computers. Download Blogging Den Toolbar

2. Claim your site:

Full control on your blog is very important. To get full control Claim  your site in Alexa first. Then your visitors can be easily know who owns the blog then will help you in ranking better on Alexa. Just add your URL and complete the Site Claim.

3. Put the Alexa widget on your Blog:  

This is a very important step. Copy the Widget code from your Alexa account and put the code into your blog/site.  Alexa will count those hits under their system. Blogging Den Widget was placed right side column.

4. Get Traffic from Bloggers, Webmasters and techno visitors:

Bloggers and Technology related visits are very important because they are already working with Alexa on their blogs. So

5. Write a review about Alexa on your blog:

Write a review about Alexa ranking and post it in your blog with your Alexa link.

6. Ask your visitors to review your blog on Alexa:

Ask Your Readers and Visitors  to write a review  your blog on Alexa.

7. Commenting and Backlinking:

Backlinking is very important to your blog. Comment to other blogs which are under the Niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your blog. CommentLuv plugin enabled blogs commenting showing good results in now a day in SEO.

Note: Collect Do Follow and No follow Sites list and CommentLuv enabled blogs list. Write the comments with your URL every week.  Tip: To comment in other blogs you may use “Drop My Link Service

8. Updating your Blog Regularly:

The regular posting also influences your ranking. Post 3 to 4 Article per day (minimum 700 words) or Post one article per day (700 words to 1000 words article) or 3 to 4 articles per week (more than 1000 words). It shows the positive impact.

9. Write Quality posts:

Google and webmasters saying the common word about Quality post – “Content is King”. Yes, this is 100% correct. Without quality of content, we can not do anything. Write better and SEO friendly articles to overcome Plagiarism.


10. Share your posts on Social sites:

Share your posts on social networking sites. If you are using WordPress CMS for your blog, just install and configure “Yoast SEO” and Jetpack plugins. That will do everything. But you must have the accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Tumblr. Spend some time with social networking visitors to get huge traffic. It helps to get better Alexa ranking.


Update: There are some services available on the web either Free or Paid. Here I am suggesting few methods with my experience. Search with the Keyword “Alexa Auto surfs” in Google. There are a number of sites are ready to boost your Alexa ranking. These are very useful to reduce Alexa rank. It is suitable for Zero rank blogs but not for ages blogs. Every day the site updating Alexa Ranking List.

Final Words:

Here I recommended Upmyrank service (which comes first in the SERP of Google).  Upmyrank giving auto surfing software to get credit points, which is converted as visitors manually. It shows a positive impact on Alexa rank.

Another service is AlexaBoostup service, It is also one of the Auto surfing web tool. Specially designed to Improve Alexa Ranking. After signup, you need to install Alexa toolbar in your browser.

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  1. Thanks for such a nice information.

    In my opinion, Alexa rank has nothing to do with backlinks number. I have seen many blogs under 1 lakh Alexa rank with very few backlinks.

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