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Genesis Framework Review: Most Popular Framework WordPress Theme

Why are we talking about the Genesis Framework Review today? It is, for now, a question to be answered. A person who starts blogging is necessary to make a custom design for his blog to make it good looking to his blog viewers. There is always no real time and knowledge to create a good theme for your blog, am I right. So now you decide to go for a theme for your blog. Now talking about the Genesis Framework Review, the themes of Genesis have got much more than all the other theme providers do have.

Genesis Framework review

The Genesis themes are out by the StudioPress. The StudioPress is also behind the studio press sites and also Rainmaker platform. The founder of studio press is Brian Gardner. Brian and his team took very long years to get a reputed position in the WordPress community. They have given many themes to its customers so that they can create their WordPress themes with ease.

Overview of Genesis themes

The Genesis themes have got some inbuilt capabilities that make your blog excel more than any other blogs. The Genesis themes have got Inbuilt SEO capabilities. Unlike any other themes, it has a good loading speed. And also coding requirement is also not needed to customize a Genesis theme. Customizing themes with Genesis for WordPress is Great and modest support is provided by the team on any issue. For every update, you can change your settings, and at any time you can come back to your custom settings. There are also many custom widgets inbuilt into the themes, and you can also add plugins to the themes to add some custom widgets to your themes.


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The Genesis Framework Review



Now it’s time to learn about the Genesis Framework child themes in this Genesis Framework Review. When you install the Genesis framework on your website, it means that you can access a large collection of high-quality themes.

When you install the framework on your website, you can select any of the themes in the Genesis themes and install to your blog. This can be explained like that, you can have a separate layout for your blog in the same Genesis Framework for a different type of Niches. For example, if you are running a food-related blog, then you can install a food-related child theme name Foodie Pro theme a the theme of Genesis Under Genesis Framework.

The Genesis team places high importance on quality design and code. Users expect safe and secure themes for their websites. They review your code to make sure it meets the values most have come to expect from WordPress Genesis child themes.


What does Studio press have for you?

The Genesis framework is what the studio press gives you. It is the WordPress theme with a basic design, and you can install any of the WordPress Genesis child themes on it to give your WordPress theme a complete look.

So here are some features and benefits you get using the Genesis themes.

  • Fast loading: this theme has an inbuilt feature of fast loading. The code is written in such a way that the website does not depend on any third party provider in loading. Hence the speed of loading is increased.
  • Security: The Security features are built in and give your site excellent protection with the best Genesis child themes.
  • Fully Responsive: The code is entirely written in HTML5 and is fully responsive. You can add these themes for any types of sites, even mobile optimized or any other device.
  • Excessive Built-in features: The Genesis themes have many built-in features. Even though it has that many built-in features, there will be no problem in loading or any other issues.
  • Clean Code: The code is written very clean such that it is mostly understood by the developers to develop child themes.
  • SEO optimized: Most of the SEO is done backend. You need not worry about your website SEO. Everything is done beforehand for you.

Many of the theme providers say that their themes are fast loaded, and any other theme cannot beat the speed of those themes. But many themes are written in long tests, which will take much time to load. But the Genesis themes are written very short with all the features included in them. Hence Genesis themes are fast loaded than any other themes.

The functionality of the Genesis Framework

The good point in this Genesis Framework Review is that in the Genesis Framework the following functionality is enabled.

  • All the themes are accessibility-ready
  • The layout may have
    • One column
    • Or Two columns
    • And even Three columns
  • You can have a Left sidebar for your site
  • Or even a right sidebar
  • The web layout may be kept as fixed-width
  • You can have a custom background
  • The custom header can be added
  • And also custom menu can be added
  • You also get full-width templates
  • Inbuilt theme options to customize
  • Layout options are also included

Best Alternatives to Genesis Framework

  • MyThemeShop: These are SEO optimized, beautiful and feature rich themes.
  • Theme-junkie:  Theme Junkie is the best theme store for WordPress themes. (Theme Junkie Review )

Last Words

There will always be good competition for the WordPress themes. Then why do these Genesis themes have this much demand, even though they are started very a few years back and why are we talking about Genesis framework Review.

The answer to it is that the Genesis theme is not just a front-end layout that indeed appears on the website. By that, you can edit your theme into a beautiful piece of art. For that, you don’t even need the knowledge of coding. You can get premium Genesis child themes in the studio press. The Genesis child themes for bloggers are also available.

For now, the popularity of the Genesis WordPress child themes is pretty high, and the service they provide is also excellent. The only problem is that your themes will be at a pretty high cost. Even though at a high price, that is very reasonable for the theme and support.

It is appreciated to have feedback from you for this Genesis framework Review.

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