Top 10 Best Places of Free Stock Images for Bloggers

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An excellent and attractive image attracts more people to your blog. So bloggers check for new engaging content and relevant images like free stock images every minute.

In 2013, at the time of my initial blogging stage, I had used most of the images from the Google image search without giving any credits. Using these images in my blog is illegal without giving any credits. After one year, one of my friends suggested about this hot issue on my blog. Immediately I started my search for free royalty images on the web. I found many sites; they are providing thousands of free images. These are very safe and free stock images for commercial use list.

Top 10 best places for free stock images for bloggers

First, you need to search images with a Creative common license because these are the images you can use in blog posts without any problem.

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Creative Commons: free photos for bloggers

If you know about the Creative Common licenses, you can see the infographic on “Creative Commons: free photos for bloggers.” 

I bring you the definitive list of the best free image banks that exist on the Internet and that are (most) free for use, that means, no need to mention anything, include credit links or pay money for photos. They are beautiful, original photos like you’ve hired a professional photographer for you.

  • This big list will serve free royalty images for your online projects like blog, website, campaigns, social networks, headers, everything you’re preparing and more.
  • There are free pages, the new majority that is still not known for many.
  • There are projects of ordinary people like you, who have an interest in photography or are professional artists, designers, photographers, professionals in the world online.
  • Some of these projects are individual and other collaborative, where they invite other photographers and fans to include their pictures.
  • They have spontaneous approaches, an Instagram-style so you will find photos as real, nothing artificial and also beautiful.

There’s no excuse to include pictures in your projects, you have it easier than ever. There’s no excuse to do your visual projects and convert your blog content more attractive and easy to understand for your readers.

And you do not have to keep looking you are from Google images. With this list, I have reached the completely free stock images for my online projects.

The visual content generates engagement and captures the visual content.

10 Free Stock Images for Bloggers:

Here I am providing the list of Free Stock Images for Bloggers as the personal or commercial purpose for free of cost. You will see that the vast majorities are free to use or Creative Commons (CC) licenses, which means you can use them for commercial or personal goals. You can transform and retouch them or cut them. No need to include a link or reference to the author. They are free and open to everyone. You can use these Free Stock Images for Blogs or free images for websites.

1. Unsplash:

Unsplash is the top rated free image source, and it has free stock images for bloggers with high-resolution photos for free of cost. The site admin is uploading 10 new Stock Images for Free per week or every 10 days. This is my favorite image source. Here you can find amazing images with just a few clicks. You can subscribe and get 10 free images every week.

2. Pixabay :

pixabay free stock images

Pixabay has free, high-quality images and videos. You can use anywhere.  All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). It has More than 500,000 free photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them as royalty-free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required.

3. Morguefile:

Morguefile free stock images

Morguefile is a classic image and video for everyone. It has 26 million stock photos, Video, and vectors. It was created by Michael Connors as a college student in 1996. This is also one of my favorite stock image archive from my blogging desk. It is having perfect and quality images from different photographers.

4. Picjumbo :

PicJumbo free stock images for bloggers

Picjubmo is the completely free Stock Images for your commercial and personal works. It is free photo site, created by the designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013. After two years of the start, still, now 2,800,971+ image downloads completed. All images are categorized into various subgroups. Picjumbo is providing the Premium membership with a minimum fee for high-quality premium images.

5. PhotoPin :

Photopin royalty stock images for bloggers

This is one of my favorite free stock image galleries. Just enter the name or term in the search bar then choose the stock images with different sizes. Select one image for your blog. Most of the images are showing from Flickr. If you give credit to the author, you can give without any problem.

6. Gratisography :

Gratisography is one of the biggest and impressive free stock photo sites. The creator of this site is Ryan McGuire. All images are royalty free with high resolution. The images are sorted into different categories of animals, nature, objects, and people, urban and whimsical. Every week the author adds more images.

7. IM Free :

IM Free mainly offers free social media images. Along with this, they are providing free web design resources for all commercial use. The IM Free is also providing royalty free images by categorizing into Templates, icons, button makers. The Classical images are in technology, education, nature and some other categories.

8. StockVault :

Stockvault free images for bloggers

Stockvault hosted nearly 35,000 royalty free images from all over the world. Those images are collected from photographers, designers, and students. Bjorgvin Gudmundsson is the founder and administrator of this stock vault stock images site. He started the career in 2001 as a photographer and graphic designer in Iceland. In 2004, he started this site and worked with advertising industry in both Denmark and Iceland for his personal stock gallery. The site is having “ready to use” images for every blogger and web designers. This is most famous Royalty free images bank followed by most of the web designers. It has Stock Images Royalty Free for every web designer.

9. Pexels :

Pexels free images for bloggers

The Pexels having more than 4,500 high-resolution free stock images. All of the images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. You can use any image for personal or commercial use. Every week the site is updating with 70 new high-resolution stock photos.

10. Free digital photos:

Freedigitalphotos stock images

Free digital photos are excellent and providing royalty free images in different resolutions. This site is providing free images in various categories like Yellows and OrangesBrown and CreamsBlues and VioletsReds and PinksBlack and WhiteGreens, Textures and Multi colors. They offer royalty free images for business and personal use. You can use this images in your blogs, magazine preparations and for any advertising purpose. If you use the search option, you will get more premium quality images at free of cost.

Final Words:

Still, now hundreds of sites are providing royalty free stock images online at free of cost. The above given are the Best Places of Free Stock Images for Bloggers and are more popular.

If you are using Google search images for your blog, please stop that method and jump onto the above-listed sites and grab on free royalty images for your blog or business without adding any additional credit links.

If you are using any other free stock images sites for your personal or commercial purpose other than the above sites, then please share your site here in the below comment box.

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Tola Korede

Thanks for sharing this useful post on your facebook timeline.

As an upcoming blogger, I have not heard of about this, am still trying to make use of canvas.

I will surely try this out.

Thanks once again and am getting updates via your posts on your facebook timeline.

Robin Khokhar

Hi Satish,
Pixabay really provides some great images. I have been using it for years and have used many images for them for free.
Thanks for sharing.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    Hai Robin,
    Thank for landing on this page. Pixabay is very good site providing great images. few of the images used in my blogs. The interface is very user friendly. Thanks again for this valuable feedback.


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