Best Antivirus 2016 : How to protect your computer from viruses

Many times it is not needed for payment solutions have protected our system threats like viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, etc. This article providing free Best Antivirus Suites to secure your PC as How to protect your computer from viruses, Spywares, Malwares, and Trojans.

Although security issues it is the best precaution, talk about the steps to follow to avoid viruses, malware, as well as different programs, have good security on your PC with free programs (free best antivirus, free firewall, etc.) etc.

Against payment solutions that may be even less effective than other free solutions, we highlight several products.

Best Antivirus 2016 : How to protect your computer from viruses

How to protect your computer from viruses with Free best Antivirus 2016:

There are several free best antiviruses on the market; we will highlight those that offer better protection against viruses, spyware, malware, etc. Here I am listing few best Antivirus 2016. These are Best 2016 Antivirus Programs.

Avast Home Edition :

To use this free best antivirus download and then for further 60-day trial offered use, you need to register, once you have registered, you will receive in the mail with which we have been a key valid product to use Avast! For a year. Avast Home Edition is a great free best antivirus that provides real-time protection, anti-spyware protection (spyware), anti-rootkit scan email protection to open documents and files, IM and P2P protection programs, etc. This is Best Antivirus Software 2016.

AVG Free Edition :

Full Free best antivirus (there is also a paid version) incorporating resident and antivirus protection, anti-spyware and email scanning. Moreover, in its latest version incorporates the LinkScanner technology to warn us about dangerous sites. Antirootkit not incorporate or instant messaging protection, either real-time protection as their professional versions (Pro and AVG antivirus AVG Internet Security).

Antivir Personal (AVIRA) :

A powerful free best antivirus fast in their analysis and to consume fewer resources. In its latest version has been corrected in part the problem with false positives, improving the interface also incorporates a resident that scans files downloaded from Internet and has extensive virus database is updated every few minutes. No specific protection against spyware / adware, no special protection against email viruses (POP3 and SMTP), WebGuard module incorporates either to surf or download safely as the paid versions.

BitDefender Free Edition :

A free best antivirus is weakest regarding discussed above, has no real-time protection, and mail scanning, anti-spyware, etc. It is not recommended for everyday use.

How to protect your computer with Free Firewall:

Although many people think otherwise not enough to have the best antivirus to be protected, along with the most important precaution to be properly protected element it is to have a good firewall.

A firewall limits and controls connections certain ports, thus avoiding that a computer is vulnerable to attack from outside (quote from computer dictionary)

Windows Firewall is not effective enough in most cases but using a router and not opening too many ports can be effective. Anyway, we recommend using another firewall and deactivate the windows defender.

There are many payment firewalls offer very good result but we will protect our computer only with free products.

There are numerous firewalls on the market that fulfill their function perfectly. Let’s see the main and that from our point of view after testing them are the best and easiest to use.

Comodo Firewall :

If I had to choose a free firewall would definitely choose Comodo Firewall, a firewall that has nothing to envy to many payment solutions. With Comodo Firewall Pro will have full protection against hackers, spyware, Trojans and identity theft in recent versions incorporates the novelty of a Host prevention system to prevent malware installation incorporates an analyzer for malware, Trojans, viruses the system. Antivirus Software Trial is also available.

PC Tools Firewall :

This firewall free and in Spanish is certainly another of the best choices as firewalls thanks to its ease of use, making it easier than other firewall solutions seem extremely difficult. PC Tools Firewall Plus makes complete applications that are allowed to connect to the Internet and prevents Trojans, keyloggers, and malware from entering our system.

Zone Alarm Free :

One of the best known and reliable firewall free markets that offer great protection in and out. A very good option to consider.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free :

This is the free version of one of the best firewall on the market, Outpost Free is easily configured with its plugins and features good protection. Significantly, it is not compatible with Vista and although at the time was one of the best free solutions today is outweighed by products like Comodo (which are in continuous development).

How to protect your computer with Free Antispyware:

One of the biggest security problems there are the dreaded spyware or so-called spyware, to be safe from the spyware is not enough to have the best antivirus, many of this spyware are not detected even by the most prestigious paid antivirus solutions.

To prevent and eliminate this spyware there are many free applications, which in some cases incorporate real-time protection against these threats if our best antivirus count on real-time protection is best to disable this in our anti-spyware (spyware) and perform manual system scans.

Here we will see some free antispyware solutions, there are many but we will see the best known and the best result they can offer.

Spybot Search & Destroy :

Certainly one of the best free anti-spyware, which detects thousands of spyware, in addition to immunize the system against these, including a resident to block malignant pages in the browser protector and a real-time protection called TeaTimer. As we discussed in the event that our antivirus incorporates real-time protection is best to disable Spybot TeaTimer since aside from being able to create conflict can slow down the system too. You have a manual of Spybot in our section of manuals.

Ad-Aware :

Other free anti-spyware which in this case does not offer real-time protection (included in the paid version). In addition to detecting spyware, trojans and hijackers also detect adware (Adware) as Alexa, Webhancer, and DSSAgent.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware :

One of the anti-spyware, anti-malware most pleasantly surprised me, Malwarebytes Anti malware is constantly updated to offer the best protection against the latest threats, also has the File as sassin utility with which you can delete any infected file Surely as unlock files and processes while ensuring elimination ends of the offending file. It does not include real-time protection as its paid version.

Malware Sweeper Free :

The free Altena Malware Sweeper Plus has fewer features than the paid version as real-time protection, etc. The main advantage of this is its antispyware scanning speed.

Spyware Terminator :

A free anti-spyware that provides real-time protection, besides being able to perform on-demand scans to find and remove spyware files on your computer. During installation I recommend not installing the Crawler bar, for not doing enough to uncheck the box during installation, if a best antivirus or antispyware with real-time protection enabled it is best to disable the real-time protection from Spyware Terminator either during installation and subsequently to this.

There are other free anti-spyware solutions as super antispyware, a-squared free, etc. We also noticed a program that although not an antispyware itself protects us against them, this program is essential SpywareBlaster.

SpywareBlaster :

This free program is the perfect companion to spyware, which makes SpywareBlaster is to prevent and immunize your system against malicious ActiveX used by all types of spyware. If you want to know more about this program you have a complete manual of SpywareBlaster in our section of the manual.

Recommended Configuration:

Then I am going to put security settings that I think is the best system to protect our free programs. These settings installed on many computers have achieved a satisfactory result.

  • Best Antivirus: Avast
  • Firewall: Comodo Firewall
  • Anti-spyware: SpyBot, Ad-Aware, malwarebytes – antimalware and SpywareBlaster

Having a good security configuration is not synonymous with that we can not be infected by viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, etc. The best way to avoid infection is caution:

  • Although security settings with these free antivirus programs are reliable, I recommend doing online sporadic with some antivirus scans online. For example ESET (NOD32) offers
  • When used P2P, never open a file without first with an updated best antivirus scanning, suspecting that the file is not what we wanted down the best is to eliminate
  • Even if a file has been previously scanned with your best antivirus and antivirus may not detect anything if the file seems suspicious it is best to scan this from here to make sure it is not infected
  • Do not open emails from people we do not know and neither suspicious mail, it is best to remove these mails. Wary of mailings, chains or claims (porno, naked women, videos, photos, etc)
  • Do not accept files via instant messaging unknown and if we do it in a known scan that file before opening
  • Use enabled browsers blocking pop-ups, in addition to installing accessories to avoid publicity. In IE (Ad-block IE, IE7Pro), Firefox (Ad-Block, No-Script). Never have browser settings in low security.
  • Be wary of strange places and try not please click on the advertising, you should have to do always close the windows from window to do so from some x appearing in popup
  • Avoid sites with pornographic content and gambling.
  • Some of the Security Settings Won’t Allow File Download from the web.
  • If we notice something strange like slow navigation system slowdown, development of advertising windows or we suspect of being infected recommend following this manual

Following these tips apply security settings with freeware and paid should not have any security problems on your computer.

Source: Security applications for Windows

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