The 5 SEO Lessons I Learned in 2015 (Useful for Newbies)

Hello to Blogging Den readers. I am Namee Jani. I am a tech blogger for few years. This is my guest post on the SEO lessons I learned in 2015. In this article, i am discussing few SEO lessons I learned from my blogging journey in 2015.

5 SEO Lessons I Learned in 2015

What are the SEO lessons I learned in 2015 

1. Optimize Website for Mobile

This is my one of the SEO lessons. A responsive website is a baby step in today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mobile website traffic exceeds desktop traffic and it’s not surprising because mobile users are increasing day by day.

Smartphone users and penetration world wide

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From eMarketer report, we can say that worldwide smartphone users will exceed two billion in 2016.

Google already started to give more emphasis a website which is mobile friendly and also provides mobile-friendly test tool and with this test, you will know that your website is mobile friendly or not, this tool also gives you suggestions how you can make your website mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Test

2.Give important to Social Media

Social media is an awesome medium to connect and discuss. Each and everyone is using social media today, you can easily and directly promote your services or products with social media. I saw 20 years young age group as well as 50 years old age group has the same awareness of social media. Undoubtedly, social media is now an internet marketing medium as well as it is a customer-service channel, from where customers can ask their query and you can easily solve their issue.

Your social media followers are expecting from your brand to engage with them in a much more unique way. It is more effective to focus on 2 or 3 social-media websites and also be particularly effective and additionally helpful. This not only can help you earn much more leads, sales, and income, but it is also helpful to develop an extremely loyal following that will share your content. This can introduce new individuals to the company and even present opportunities to earn links.

Social Media Users Worldwide by Region from eMarketer

Social networks users worldwide

From above eMarketer chart, it’s clear that social media users are increasing day by day globally and by 2017, the worldwide social network users will probably 2.55 billion.

3. Earning Links Rather than Building Links

Give important to creating an excellent quality content, which is definitely highly relevant to your visitors and also inspires visitors to share an awesome content on a different medium. Forget regular link building like buying links from irrelevant websites and traditional SEO techniques but with an awesome content, publishers are inspired to create genuine relationships with prospective customers. Building links on irrelevant web pages and chasing large volumes of backlinks from an irrelevant website is a threat to your website, but an opposed to earning a single link from the outstanding relevant website is valuable.

4.Give Important to Long Tail keywords :

Long tail keywords are used by visitors when they are searching for a specific thing. Long tail keywords are a kind of keyword which includes a minimum of 3, as well as sometimes up to 5 phrases in the keyword. These types of search phrases are very particular. It’s possible that you will not get so many visitors to the web page through long tail keywords, but you will surely get more quality visitors, which leads in a lot more sales compared with normal key phrases.

longtail keywords

It’s really easy to find long tail keywords, I always use a tool (this is one of the Free Long Tail Keyword Generator ) & google keyword planner for my keyword research.

5.Use Schema for Your Website

It’s really surprising that lots of top companies, as well as websites which are not used any markup and there, are so many people in the SEO industry who don’t what is schema and how to utilize it for the website. According to your business, use a different type of schema markup. There are so many schema markups like reviews, apps, local and so many. It’s really easy to use & identify which schema is for your business and utilize it for your website because schema markup is really helpful to improve your website cost through rate.

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This is a Guest post of Namee Jani is a tech blogger and expertise in different IT domains. She is currently working with tailored solutions, an established Magento development company. You can follow Namee on twitter.
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Daniel Ndukwu

Schematic markup and the long tail will still be important in 2015. Thanks for the share and reminder


    You are welcome

Enstine Muki

Hi Jani,

Happy New Year and thanks for sharing with us SEO stuffs you learned last year. SEO keeps evolving and I’m sure this year, there will be new things to learn.

I look forward to reading more from you. Do have a wonderful weekend




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