Top 13 Best Email Marketing Software for Effective Blogging in 2019

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Internet users are increasing day by day. Most of the users are surfing different websites, social sites and checking their emails. Email marketing software service providers are also increasing day by day. This is more helpful for all marketers to improve their business. You can create good email campaigns effectively.

The regular free email service providers are agreeing to send the emails to more people’s every day. It can be tedious if we do it for more than 1000 contacts. Moreover, if we send daily information or monthly newsletters, where we present the services offered by the company or information about new products that will be launched to the market, which obviously needs a marketing campaign email. Which email marketing software is best? There are thousands of email marketing tools are available. Here I listed a few of the best email marketing software of 2018.

Top 13 Best Email Marketing Software for Effective Blogging in 2016


Email marketing is a means of communication via e-mail whose main objectives usually help increase sales and remain in constant communication with customers to enhance loyalty.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing where e-mail is used as a tool for sending advertising messages to a specific target group of users. To send emails can attach files with active links, visual images, and multimedia.

Through this type of email marketing companies strive to maintain close contact with customers and reinforce their trust. According to the frequency of Campaigns are daily, weekly and monthly.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • It is less expensive than direct marketing is done with the paper material.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is usually very high if the work is done well.
  • It’s instant, especially when compared with paper mail: e-mail arrives in seconds or minutes.
  • Allows the advertiser “push” the message to the public, as opposed to a website that “waiting” that visitors reach you.
  • It is easy to trace. Advertising can track users with web bugs, bounce message, unsubscriptions, acknowledgements, click-through, etc. These can be used to trace the e-mail open rates, positive or negative feedback, sales derived from marketing.
  • Advertisers can gain large numbers of subscribers who want to receive e-mail on relevant topics
  • Over half of the Internet users are sending or read e-mail messages in a typical day.
  • It allows you to establish a relationship “one to one”, that is to customize the message for each recipient who will receive that specific communication.
  • Most of the providers are free bulk email marketing software, providers
  • It allows you to do tests to see what kind of message produces the best results for the targeted public.

Best Email Marketing software Providers



MailChimp is one of the most popular and top and free Email marketing software. Simply it is 100% free email marketing service, Provider. This version providing the option as free account for initial 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. The dashboard is very intuitive and friendly interface. The service also has iOS and Android apps. It is a good email marketing automation software tool.

MailChimp is another email marketing service that lets you create and manage contact lists your email easily, using its wide range of integration. What is MailChimp and how to use MailChimp? The MailChimp is offering integration feature with major social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Eventbrite, picnic and more. Also, you can use the MailChimp templates and integrated to Eye-catching emails by using HTML tools. This is one of the best free email marketing software with limitations.

The Mailchimp Pricing:

  • Starting Up (Free forever): Free up to 2000 subscribers + 12000 emails per month
  • Growing Business: $00 per month
  • Pro Marketer: $00 per month + $199.00 Pro subscription


Signup GetResponse and get 30 days free Trial and Free Ebook Now

It is an email marketing software service provider that lets you design and sends emails to your contacts. These emails can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent to your needs (known as a service Getresponse autoresponder). GetResponse helps you to create a marketing campaign with prospects, contacts, and customers, so you can develop relationships with them and build a profitable customer base.

For starters, GetResponse has many advanced customization features such as name, city, sex, and birthday. These allow you to accumulate more information about your contacts with custom fields in your message. While all this is that email marketing service should have, GetResponse really stands out in this area. The Getresponse landing page feature is very good and best option for every email marketer.

The GetResponse serves around 350,000+ customers worldwide with Email marketing services.

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GetResponse Pricing:

Getresponce Pricing and Plans

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Aweber Free trial

Aweber not only it gives you the ability to respond to emails and send email marketing campaigns automatically, but also will help to get attention and capture subscribers email in the first place. If you earn money online, you know the importance of having an efficient electronic mailing list. Aweber helps you get the list. An Aweber email autoresponder is a very effective feature. This is most popular and easy-to-use email marketing software service provider.

Aweber program is very easy to use and this will help you set up an email marketing campaign you can easily insert into your web page. This will make users subscribe to your campaign easily and give a professional look that only you can give Aweber.

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Aweber Pricing :

  • Free trial: $19/month – up to 500 subscribers & unlimited emails
  • Plan 2: $29/month – 501–2,500 Subscribers
  • Plan 3: $49/month – 2,501–5,000 Subscribers
  • Plan 4: $69/month – 5,001–10,000 Subscribers
  • Plan 5: $149/month – 10,001–25,000 Subscribers

Vertical Response

Vertical Response service provides email marketing, event marketing, social media, online surveys and direct mail marketing. These marketing campaigns can be created and managed by the same small businesses. With its email marketing and newsletter service that has more than 700 professional templates to choose from, along with statistical data.

Vertical Response Plans and Pricing:

Vertical Response Email Marketing Service Provider

Constant Contact


Constant Contact is one of the most popular and best email marketing service providers. It is giving the best known online survey and Event Marketing. This has nearly 50 ready-made email templates for their customers. This is very good for beginners by providing a personal coach for every customer. The major drawback is the pricing of constant contact services are $50/month for 2,501 to 5000 subscribers.

Constant Contact or Constant Contact allows you to create emails in HTML using the samples that are easy to use, you click, cut and paste. They have over 400 professional email templates to choose from and customize your approach, integrating photos, colours, and logo. In addition, this service Email Marketing gives you the option to track real-time performance statistics outgoing messages.


Campaigner is another service email marketing online offers a simple system to create emails with over 450 professional templates to choose from. It also includes a free introductory seminar that will help you get started with the system in a very short time. The online editor will help in creating email marketing campaigns easier so that you will not need to know HTML.

Campaigner Pricing Plans:

campigner pricing


Stream Send

Send Stream offers the solution email marketing, which has the ability to create, build and manage lists of high quality using their registration forms, the import list of tools, Subscriber / unsubscribe management and more. In addition, you can use your HTML editor to create your own emails. But the good thing is that you can track your emails in real time with the integration of Google Analytics.


PinPointe enables B2B marketers to customize and send their communications based on the behavior of perspectives, interests, and characteristics of its clients. This email marketing service offers several resources for users such as online seminars and research to help grow your contact list and increase your response rate. It also provides a system for designing emails and newsletters with WYSIWYG HTML editor and templates.


MadMimi is the email marketing service that can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals. No doubt this is one of the easiest services for creating personalized newsletters, attractive messages, and promotions. It also offers customizable themes, your emails, Google Analytics integration, compatibility with Outlook 2007, and more automatic responses.

Boomerang – Email Marketing Solutions

Boomerang is a service provider of email marketing tools that let you use self-service and full to create newsletters, surveys, and promotions. Further service, offers an HTML editor, a WYSIWYG editor and over 300 templates for you to choose. Have also incorporated a spam checker automatically checks each “work” that is created also helps ensure the delivery of emails.

Group Mail

Group Mail is a site that offers email marketing services, thanks to a software group email newsletters can send stylishly, promote products and strengthen important relationships. It also allows you to track real-time email, contact list management, among others.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tracking service for email marketing campaigns also provides tools to create and send specially designed for each of their clients. It is interested in making full monitoring and tracking your emails sent, this site is for you.


iContact is a service of email marketing software known for its ability to deliver messages of 98-99%. Although their services are of superior quality it presents a very simple interface, which makes it ideal for beginners.

This email marketing software features are two types. They are Basic advanced features and Plus advanced features.


As we have seen of the Email Marketing service Providers presented you only some may suit your business. This means that each Email marketing service providers provide special features and tools you should consider when choosing to work with any of them. Also, keep in mind that email marketing campaign does not mean you have to fall in shares of spam. Read the above email marketing tools and pick one best email marketing platforms for small businesses and interact with your customers and readers.

Personally, I recommend GetResponse, Constant Contact and MailChimp for better results.

I hope this article on best email marketing software service providers helps you to improve the business and sales by interacting with your customers.

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